Ideas visualised

The following is a selection of ideas visualised by myself or other awesome folks. I love seeing my ideas being brought to life so if you ever decide to give it a go then please let me know and I will add you to the list.

#ideas 2741

An app where you post 3 selfies and people tell you which of them is the best.

#ideas 523

An app where you follow someone on all forms of social media at the same time.

#ideas 1925

Sports bottle mouthwash.

#ideas 3379

A better way for deaf people to access Podcasts.

#ideas 3447

Shazam for flower smells.

#ideas 3347

App where you hover over a plant and find out about the optimal conditions and care for it. Similar to Translation apps where you hover over an image or text and it translates.

#ideas 2893

An app where you could type in how your feeling and it would bring up songs to listen to.