Ideas 0 – 1000

The Big List of ideas 0 – 1000

All ideas by @delahuntagram

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Ideas 0 – 1,000

  1. Solar car roof activates Air Con when a car reaches 95 degrees. Great way to save both human and animal lives.
  2. Smartwatch app that shows you how much time you have for catching your bus or train.
  3. An app where I can scan an item and it will tell me the material it’s made off, i.e scan a table and the app tells me it’s pinewood.
  4. A dishwasher setting for non-dishwasher safe items.
  5. A feature on Instagram that would allow us to rearrange our photos.
  6. A social networking type of app where all you upload is a voice note
  7. Facebook filter that removes posts from your timeline that include keywords of your choice.
  8. Cars should have built in sensors to let them aware that an ambulance or police car is approaching from a distance. Gives the driver time to slow down and pull over.
  9. A domestic electronic shoe lacing machine. Automatically laces your shoes while you wear them. Stick your foot in and the device will tie your shoes.
  10. LinkedIn should have a check in feature. Be great to see what your connections are up to i.e David checked in to Insomnia with Barry.
  11. To stop people using toilet paper to dry their hands thus wasting toilet paper. Design a roll dispenser that only dispenses toilet paper when you sit on the toilet seat.
  12. Time hop for Snapchat stories.
  13. Mirrors behind photographers for school portraits.
  14. A chrome extension that mutes any videos containing Donald Trump.
  15. An augmented reality exercise app where you’re being chased by zombies and have to run?
  16. An app called Twitter Politics where people can argue about their views.
  17. A site for compiling all live mentions of a topic from various sources.
  18. Solar panel beach umbrella. Charge your phone at the beach.
  19. A website that dumbs down research papers so everyone can understand.
  20. An app that helps you remember to drink, eat, and take a break from the internet.
  21. An app where you sing into it and tells you the chords.
  22. A ‘can’t be arsed’ option for events on Facebook
  23. LinkedIn feature to save posts so you can read later, similar to Facebook.
  24. Domain providers should take down harmful pages spreading viruses.
  25. A bar where you can specify your target blood-alcohol concentration %, and the bartender serves you drinks to maintain it.
  26. A ‘Back To The Future’ GTA style game where the map is complete over different timelines.
  27. A version of instagram without likes or follower numbers.
  28. An app where your kids gain followers or likes if they do their house chores.
  29. Social networks should have an “unfollow” pop up modal. When a user clicks ‘unfollow’ a pop up will ask “Why are you unfollowing?” Feature is optional to turn on/off.
  30. An app where people can collaborate and make short 8 second videos.
  31. A feature on Instagram where you can see who looks at your posts but doesn’t like them.
  32. An app that tells you where the bathrooms are in buildings you’re not familiar with.
  33. A personal indoor air quality monitor that identifies pollutants in your surroundings, and gives you real-time solutions to breathe cleaner air.
  34. CheeseCake factory should open up in Dublin.
  35. An app where u can find plugs near you
  36. A feature to unsend Snapchats
  37. A night mode on iMessage.
  38. Google Maps should let you choose a route based on the safest route, bypass black spots etc.
  39. A marketplace for investors or business owners to buy and sell businesses.
  40. A foam roller for your entire body. Similar to a tanning bed but with built in foam rollers that roll your entire body in one sitting.
  41. A change username option on SnapChat.
  42. That 70s Show should have a once off episode that tells where they are now.
  43. A browser plugin that recognises pictures of animal cruelty and swaps them with cute animal photos.
  44. WhatsApp or iMessage should have a ‘silent message’ feature where you can send a message that doesn’t cause the recipient’s phone to beep.
  45. Automatically separate bookmarks in the browser by topics
  46. Dating App that’s done through Facetime.
  47. A browser extension that, every week, randomly picks one of your least-visited bookmarks and asks you if you want to delete it.
  48. A pen that shows its “mileage”
  49. Every person convicted of animal abuse should be put on a list so they can never own another animal.
  50. Mobile phone companies should offer free credit to take their surveys. The more questions you answer the more credit you get.
  51. Dog sitter app, hire people to look after your dog.
  52. An app where you take photos of attractive people and it provides you with their social media accounts ONLY if the other person approves it.
  53. A notification if a specific person viewed your Snapchat story.
  54. A Facebook Chrome extension to block any posts that contain animal cruelty.
  55. An app where you can just take a picture of a gemstone and it’ll give you the name of it.
  56. An app where you can scan a math problem and it will give you the answer.
  57. An app where you can start and warm the shower so you don’t have to get out of bed.
  58. A “secretly follow” option on Instagram.
  59. An option to make a tweet private, so certain people that follow you can’t see it, but everyone else can.
  60. A search option on who viewed your Snapchat story.
  61. An eating popcorn emoji.
  62. A recently deleted folder for iMessages.
  63. Drone umbrella that follows you as you walk, the drone would be aware of its surroundings to dodge on coming people and other objects.
  64. An app where I could schedule for certain text messages to go to different people at different times of the day
  65. A website where you can book away day travel to games depending on your team.
  66. A button on your tv to make the remote buzz or make some sort of sound.
  67. A chrome extension which automatically scans fake news memes on Facebook and gives a rating.
  68. An app where you can scan your old gift cards to see how much money is left on them.
  69. An app where you can block one person from multiple social networks and calls/text all in one swoop.
  70. An app where you can set up walks for your dog by strangers. Like Uber for dog walking. You can rate each walker and dog.
  71. An app where you type a detailed description of your dream, press send, & get an immediate answer for what your dream means.
  72. An app where it reads the content of your email and produces a creative subject title.
  73. An app where u can warn people when their car is getting towed.
  74. A plain black t shirt for the gym that when you sweat the words “Currently killing it” appears.
  75. Facebook 2.0 that only allows user sign ups if they have an original Facebook account that is at least a few years old.
  76. An app where u take a picture of a leaf & it tells u what type of tree it’s from.
  77. An app like Tinder, but for book worms, where I can find people who are reading the books I’m reading and we discuss them.
  78. Disney should create a channel where they play throwback Disney tv shows and movies all day & night.
  79. Apple music should warn you if you try to add the same song to a playlist
  80. Thrift shop for apps. A place where you can buy vintage apps for next to nothing.
  81. Unsend option for WhatsApp.
  82. 24-hour movie theatre.
  83. VIP for iMessage. Get notifications from just one, or a couple of people.
  84. Fidget Spinner with an odometer built in.
  85. An app for the perfect selfie: Algorithm that detects the perfect lighting, frame etc and takes a photo for you. It will then apply the perfect filter to compliment your features.
  86. Buddy app. Tinder for finding a buddy. Choose what type of buddy you’re looking for. Buddy for drinking, a buddy for fishing, a buddy for going to concerts etc.
  87. An app where you would play a riff and it will tell you if it’s already a song.
  88. Autocomplete while typing for PCs. It helps on our phones. Why not build it into operating systems?
  89. Automatic two-factor identification on password reset emails.
  90. Walking or running app where the podcast only plays if you’re moving. If you want to finish that podcast you need to put the extra work in.
  91. Netflix should have an option where you can track your friends to see what they watch.
  92. An app where you can see a map of all the McDonald drive thru and see how busy they are. Also, an option to pre order and a separate lane for pick up only.
  93. An app where you could point at a restaurant and it would tell you average Yelp rating.
  94. Web Browsers should support tab hierarchies or tab groups.
  95. An app where I could message my fridge asking what’s inside it and it would reply back.
  96. A way where I could make a playlist with songs from Sound Cloud, Apple Music, and Spinrilla.
  97. An app called Siri-Mom, where new parents can ask random questions.
  98. Shazam for movies, so I could find out what I was watching without looking for the remote.
  99. Extension that automatically delays my twitter post until it knows when the best time to post.
  100. An app where friends pool in cash before an event so everything can be paid fairly i.e taxi fare.
  101. Timehop for Snapchat stories.
  102. Takeaway pub that delivered Sunday dinners.
  103. An AI Assistant health app that creates your diet menu from scratch based on disease, blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, symptoms, etc
  104. A commercial toilet paper holder that sends a message to the cleaner/ janitor when its running low.
  105. A fashion app that suggests you different outfits according to your personality, or preferred celebrity, or for a specific occasion that you are looking for, all based on current fashion trends.
  106. A safer way to post photos of your kids online. Any photos you post on Facebook of your kids are all hidden behind a security wall. The security password is something related to you that only your close friends and family would know, i.e where did I go to school?
  107. Dental assistants should actually watch clients brush and floss. Then they can correct bad techniques.
  108. The ability to search for text within YouTube videos.
  109. A mattress with built in sensors that checks your health thoroughly during the night and notifies you in case there is any issue.
  110. AR furniture construction tutorials to make home assembly easier to follow.
  111. Amazon Alexa and Google Home skills creation templates for non-programmers
  112. A toothbrush that tells you the health of the bristles and when you need to change them with the push of a button.
  113. Competitive photography shows like MasterChef, but for photographers instead of chefs.
  114. Tinder for couples. Find a couple to go on a date with based on interests etc.
  115. A work app that your fellow employees can vote where to go eat so you don’t waste your lunch deciding on where to go eat.
  116. An app where if a person harasses someone online that message/comment is sent to their friends & family.
  117. An app where you can rate the music at a bar.
  118. When calling friends who have 3 different phone numbers, have an option to call all of their numbers at the same time.
  119. Connect your house central heating with the weather forecast to start heating in advance before it gets cold.
  120. Monthly mystery parcels that will teach you how to cook a totally foreign dish!
  121. An app for traveling moms that maps the nearest public bathrooms with a changing table and private spaces
  122. An app that creates a life-like avatar of you, based on photos and measurements, which can virtually try on clothes while shopping online
  123. Location of pay and display machines should be more obvious.
  124. A website to help people with depression. The site will have tips and advice on how to cope with the illness from other sufferers.
  125. Blood donor app where you register with your blood type and get notifications whenever donations are needed.
  126. An app like yelp except it tells you where that amazing smell is coming from as ur walking down a street in a strange city
  127. MusicGram. An app like Instagram where I can post music and write little captions underneath, where you can also share and send music.
  128. An app connecting houses to housemates with a swipe to match.
  129. Drive through market place where busy people can buy stuff like meat and poultry, vegetables and goods while just being in your car.
  130. A CRM but for friendship that makes it easier to keep in touch with the people you care about the most.
  131. Personal Project Management Services for overwhelming situations, (death of a loved one, etc.)
  132. Coffee shop where you can watch the football and chill with your mates.
  133. When you flush your toilet a shield should pop up to protect you from any spray.
  134. An AI powered trash can for your home that will recognise what you trash and will automate the online ordering replacement
  135. Soap that smells like coffee
  136. A freelance marketplace that connects purpose-driven professionals to nonprofits in need of services like marketing, fundraising, web design/development, IT, and PR.
  137. Coffee shop & library hybrid.
  138. Censored speedboat motors that if in 5 feet of an object (person or marine mammals) it automatically shuts off.
  139. An app that keeps you posted on air quality where you’re at?? Like for us asthmatics?
  140. Pizza delivery services had an app like Uber, so I could see where they are.
  141. An app that tells you what items of food are about to go out of date. Stop food wastage.
  142. Require student loan applicants to show they have an idea of how to pay the loan off, like we currently do with business loans.
  143. LinkedIn should have polls as a feature
  144. FaceTime should have filters like SnapChat
  145. Railroad crossings should have large timers that countdown how long a train will take to pass.
  146. An app where you can turn off your lights by using the clap emoji.
  147. An anonymous tweet option where only your followers would see the tweet but they had no idea who tweeted it
  148. Movie theaters get an app where people who are going to the restroom/to get food can watch the movie while they’re out.
  149. A site to build your own smartphone, pick screen size, RAM, internal storage, etc.
  150. Google should implement a “no spoilers” function.
  151. An app where you take a photo of a girls face and it tells you what foundation and shade.
  152. A way to tell retailers you’ve already purchased the item you were checking out online & no longer need the ad reminders.
  153. Amber alert for dogs. An app where your shown lost dogs based on your GPS coordinates.
  154. A platform where you can post an item for sale and it automatically posts to eBay, Amazon, DoneDeal and other seller sites in one go.
  155. An app where you can lend a helping hand to someone who doesn’t understand technology. Share your screen and help them find what they’re looking for.
  156. An app where friends can share their work schedules so you can skip the “I’m at work” texts.
  157. An app like tinder where you make playlists of songs or artists and you can meet people based only on music choices.
  158. An option to turn off the “tweets liked by others”
  159. An easier way to add images to an email on iPhone.
  160. A precursor to self-driving cars, a car that knows the current speed limit and helps you avoid breaking it.
  161. A day to remember scientists who died to further science.
  162. Duck Hunt style gun for computers where you could shoot unwanted web pop ups.
  163. Russian Roulette button on Instagram where you click on the button and it randomly picks a photo from your camera roll.
  164. An app where guys can post pictures of clothes for their girlfriends and ask girl users if they should buy or not.
  165. An app where I could keep track of all the movies I’ve seen and also rate them. Ability to follow my friends and view what they watched and also what they thought of the movies they had seen.
  166. An app where it calculates your alcohol intake and blocks you from texting/ tweeting/ Instagram storying etc.
  167. A “disable like button” on Instagram so I can stalk without having to worry about liking a photo from 2 years ago.
  168. An app that connects you to someone in the world who is interested in learning your language and vice versa.
  169. Electronic doormat, no need to remove your dirty shoes, just step on it and the rest will be taken care of!!
  170. Develop a book/ app to teach kids, teens and young adults about financial literacy, what taxes are, how to invest and to deal with all the problems in between.
  171. An app where you find your doppelgänger and call it Twinder
  172. A microwave version of a freezer
  173. Give leftovers from restaurants to farmers, so they can feed animals & grow more good food locally.
  174. Apple Air pods should be turned into dangling earrings when not in use.
  175. An app where you set goals of all kinds and your friends cheer you on.
  176. “Uber Classic”, where someone could come pick you up in a classic or historical car.
  177. Fingerprint gun safe/lock box.
  178. They should play music in bathrooms so that you can’t hear other people do their business.
  179. An app where you can save Twitter & Instagram videos.
  180. An app where you can take one video and upload it to all your social media stories.
  181. A feature on SnapChat where you could add a sticker that showed what song you were listening to.
  182. A way to turn down the brightness of my phone just a tad bit more.. it still seems so bright on the lowest setting.
  183. An app that knows every piece of clothing that I own and generates outfits for me.
  184. A way to block automatic messages on Twitter & Instagram
  185. A “notify me when it’s on sale” option next to add to my cart when online shopping.
  186. A way to block women’s grunting/ screaming when watching tennis on the TV.
  187. A drone service designed to give you a hands-free personal night light when walking in darkened locations such as night time walks where street lights are not present.
  188. Netflix should have a category called ‘bloopers’ where you can search bloopers from your favourite shows.
  189. An app where u take a pic of your physical calendar and it imports all the info into your phone calendar.
  190. An app where you scan items to see if they’re recyclable
  191. Facebook has poke, Twitter should have a bird whistle.
  192. A ring that anyone who was single would wear so people could approach in a bar.
  193. A nut and bolt for toilet seat that won’t break
  194. Tinder but for finding workout partners.
  195. Dating app or program add-on that allows users to find matches using facial feature recognition software based on your ideal type of date.
  196. A crowdfunding app for your kid’s college fees. Tell granny to skip the birthday money and text it to the app instead.
  197. A lost and found platform.
  198. Tattoos where you can set how long you want them to last. I want a tattoo where it fades when I get into my 50s
  199. Donut boxes should come with complimentary hand/face wipe
  200. A website that tells you the hottest issue of any country on a given day.
  201. A music app where you can see playlists of your favourite athletes.
  202. An app that scans a book cover and tells you the ratings/reviews. You can also tell the app some of your favourite authors so the next time you scan the bookshelf it will highlight the books it recommends
  203. Changing magazines with built in tablets on airplanes. Update content/ prices in real time.
  204. Card readers built into tables at restaurants so you can pay quickly and leave without waiting ages
  205. Spring loaded Pringles cans that push them up as you eat them so they are always at the top
  206. An app that helps backpackers connect with each other.
  207. A search engine for movie and video game critics.
  208. Tinder for adopting animals. An app where it lists animals in your area that are up for adoption.
  209. An iced coffee truck.
  210. A feature on Instagram where you could see every photo you commented on
  211. A website where you input all your skills and hobbies it recommends you a job.
  212. A veterinary app to speak directly to a vet for any issue with your animal.
  213. Shopping trolleys should come with a foot pedal to raise the bottom. No more bending down to the bottom of the trolley.
  214. Twitter should have a feature to swipe left to right for multiple images.
  215. Nike and Adidas need an app where you can take a pic of a shoe and they give you the model name
  216. An app that changed your search history to interesting news articles if your laptop is stolen.
  217. A tab on people’s Twitter profiles so that you could see only the tweets they personally tweeted
  218. An app that lets you know when and where every happy hour in your city is happening
  219. Ability to ‘like’ peoples private messages on Twitter.
  220. An app where you can have digital copies of your passport and license that counts as valid.
  221. An app where you can create a shopping list which also includes pictures.
  222. Chrome extension to block any mention of potential tv/ movie spoilers.
  223. A charity to fund a mobile clinic that goes around every weekend helping homeless people’s pets for free. Checks their body condition, offer vaccinations, booster shots etc
  224. Every car owner manuals should come with a downloadable app for your phone.
  225. Night mode feature on Snapchat
  226. A platform for writers to collaborate on movie scripts, songs, articles plays etc. Real-time updates, revisions, and contributions.
  227. Dribbble needs to add category filters.
  228. Create surfboard fins out of recycled plastic bottles and donate some profits to ocean charities.
  229. AppleWatch should have a feature where it would pulse faster or slower depending on if you’re closer or farther from the phone.
  230. A Snapchat feature where the sender gets a notification on how fast you skipped passed their snap.
  231. A like button for when someone blocks you.
  232. A drive thru Wok Stop, fresh and healthy fast food!
  233. An app that tells me where the nearest water fountain is.
  234. An app where I can pick a movie and they deliver it with some popcorn and sweets.
  235. Two-person Bluetooth Headphones.
  236. Websites donate to charity in exchange for social media shares.
  237. A bracelet I could wear that would tell Netflix when I fall asleep so I don’t miss any episodes.
  238. An augmented reality app that shows you where (exactly) on the wall to drill the hole.
  239. An app where you find random people to play board games with.
  240. Blacklist feature on Twitter & Facebook. Enter in keywords such as ‘Donald Trump, Bieber, Babies…’ and anything related to that won’t show on your feed.
  241. A ‘recently deleted messages’ folder in iMessages/ WhatsApp
  242. An app that young entrepreneurs can go on and talk about business while getting each other’s help & feedback.
  243. IP tracking with notifications for content creators. DMCA takedowns, email templates etc.
  244. An app that’s capable of scanning fur and be able to tell if it is real or not.
  245. Healthy moms healthy babies. Support and guidance to pregnant women to help them physically and mentally prepare for motherhood.
  246. Tinder for creatives. Find local designers/artists for the work you need to be done based off of proximity/category. View profiles/portfolios & swipe to contact.
  247. A platform for landowners who want to rent out their land instead of their home for outdoor family reunions, seminars, corporate functions, weddings, camping etc.
  248. Yelp for Dogs. Find dog-friendly places and services (cafes, dog parks, grooming etc.),
  249. Go Compare for wedding planning. Find the cheapest photographer, wedding cake maker etc in your area.
  250. A central repository for the world’s unpublished media. Books, music, art, scripts, inventions, even business plans… share it, hype it, make it happen…
  251. Uber for photographers. On demand marketplace for photographers.
  252. An app where you can upload a photo of a spider and it tells you if it’s poisonous or not.
  253. Airlines should partner with Netflix and offer the entire international catalog.
  254. an app where you type in the name of a food and it tells you whether or not it’s safe for dogs.
  255. An app where users contribute to a searchable database of public restroom door codes.
  256. A way to save tweets on Twitter like I can save links on Facebook
  257. Spray tan with sunscreen added.
  258. A button on Instagram to delete all messages at once or read all messages.
  259. LinkedIn comments should be ranked in order of how many likes they received.
  260. An app where you can scan cosmetics and it will tell you whether or not it is tested on animals or not.
  261. An app where you can describe the kind of mood you’re in and it suggests a good movie to watch based off that
  262. A “view later” option for tweets with links or videos.
  263. An app where you can input “sold out” items from any retailer and get an alert if they come back in stock
  264. An audiobook app where it senses when I fall asleep and automatically pauses
  265. An app where it will take a picture of you and draw you as a Disney character
  266. An app where you stream live footage of a coffee shop to see how crowded it is before deciding if you should go.
  267. Concept for a tv show about Batman that air at the same time, with the same story, but one is from Batman’s perspective, and the other is from Jokers perspective.
  268. A way to take a picture of a business card with an iPhone and it automatically adds it as a contact.
  269. A “go to beginning of conversation” button on the WhatsApp
  270. An app where your washing/drying machine tells you when it’s done so you don’t have to check it all the time
  271. Twitter should have a feature where it would recommend people to tag based on what you’re tweeting about.
  272. A button on snap that said “Mark all stories as read”
  273. Fake tattoos for kids to wear but the only way they stick is if they hydrate their skin. Sneaky way to get them to drink more water.
  274. If someone uploads a newer version of a video on YouTube, YouTube should have a “there is a newer video available” link.
  275. An app where a person without a right foot and a person without a left foot can split the cost of a single pair of shoes.
  276. A website where you can rate hotel showers
  277. Mario Kart game for the iPhone
  278. Drive-thru should allow you to save your order so then they could have 2 lanes. One for people who just scan their credit card and it automatically knows their last order and then the people who don’t know what they want.
  279. Option on Netflix to share a tv/ movie with your friend who is also on Netflix. Can have a Recommended by your friend section.
  280. Fast lane for walking.
  281. Option to fast forward and rewind Instagram videos.
  282. An option to filter out clean versions of songs/albums on streaming sites.
  283. iPhone alarm should allow you to type in the time instead of scrolling.
  284. A fridge that has a sensor that would automatically cut off the flow when the glass is full!
  285. Politicians should create and sign a contract between them and the public about what they will and will not do. If they break the contract then kick them out of office.
  286. An app where people/bookworms can find & exchange books any & everywhere for free/cheap.
  287. An app like Tinder where, instead of hookups, you find people to get ice cream with
  288. Netflix should have a button so you can thumbs up your favourite parts of shows
  289. Option to browse Netflix by actor/ actress. See a list of all the films of your favourite actor/ actress
  290. An app where creatives can complain about their clients anonymously
  291. An app to tell you if you left the tap running. Synced up to your home alarm.
  292. Apple EarPods that double up as a USB.
  293. Cereal Milk Flavoured Milk. A variety of milk flavoured with your favourite cereal.
  294. When you set your alarm to go asleep your phone should also turn itself on silent/ airplane mode and then when you turn your alarm off it should also turn silent/ airplane mode off.
  295. Self-cleaning hairbrush, a hairbrush that sucks hair from the brush into its handle for easy removal.
  296. Kickstarter but for independent video game developers.
  297. An app called fresh finds that tracks and notifies you of where the cheapest organic produce is in your area.Go Compare for clothes shopping
  298. An app that blocks emails/calls from work on certain days so you can enjoy your days off.
  299. Youtube removed videos should provide at least the title, so I could fix my music playlist when a video is removed or automatically suggest the closest match.
  300. A button for when you hang up that makes it sound like your hanging up a phone really hard.
  301. A website where you can upload a design and then they mail you a temporary tattoo version of it so you can wear it for a few days before a lifetime commitment
  302. A duvet that adjusts its thread weight depending on the room temperature.
  303. A playlist feature for Netflix. A feature to add several shows to a playlist and have a button to play a random episode from that list.
  304. A social media app where all you post is music lyrics.
  305. An app where you can post your Instagram photo variations and strangers help you choose what pic to post.
  306. A mini washing machine for your whites.
  307. Make special gyms for depressed and anxious people. Prescribe gym cards to people when diagnosed.
  308. An app that tells you where you can find the cheapest/nearest drinks at any time of the day.
  309. iMessage/ WhatsApp should have polls for decision making.
  310. Newsletter subscription website. Search by niche and browse all the popular newsletters to subscribe to.
  311. Phones should have the option to “Add Temporary Contact” for when you’re buying something off Gumtree
  312. Assign different message tones for different WhatsApp groups.
  313. A GPS tracker that is built into cardboard shipping boxes so parcel companies have more accountability for “lost packages.”
  314. Pettr. An app where you just upload your pets and then swipe left or right if you want to pet someone’s pet.
  315. An app that tells me where the nearest beer garden is.
  316. An app where friends can send you some of their mobile data when you’re running low.
  317. An app where I can scan my old VHS and DVD barcodes and the movie shows up to stream.
  318. Emergency netting that surrounds apartment blocks in case of a fire.
  319. An emergency drone that could carry people from burning high rise buildings.
  320. Apartments should have fire safety levels. So when renting you know that the apartment you’re viewing is hazardous or not.
  321. An option to “follow” someone but don’t send them a notification so they don’t realise you never followed them in the first place.
  322. A shopping cart that adds up your total as you add items. No more being embarrassed at the till.
  323. An app where it scans products and highlights the harmful ingredients.
  324. Loyalty card app. An app where you can just scan your unique barcode within the coffee shop, take away etc. 10 scans and you get a freebie.
  325. Pedal to raise and lower a toilet bowl.
  326. Tolf. Golf but with a tennis racket and ball.
  327. Instagram should let you follow a hashtag or a location.
  328. A website where you can search for a song and see what movies/ tv shows that song was featured in.
  329. Startup follow app. An app where you can follow start-ups, watch their daily vlogs, get an insight into what it’s like to research, design and launch an app from scratch.
  330. Phone camera with an adjustable camera lens that you can extend and move around.Kind of like a built-in selfie stick.
  331. Twitter should let you follow a hashtag or a location.
  332. An app where you record phone calls and it just auto transcribes everything that was said
  333. Twitter should make an app where u tap on a colour on ur icon and it’ll pull up a bunch of headers that match the colour
  334. An AR app where your iPhone overlays the logos of a politician’s sponsors on their outfits.
  335. An app where you can take a picture of your plate and it calculates the calories
  336. Twitter should include Reddit down vote features. So you can have the ability to up vote and down vote tweets.
  337. Socks that generate electricity every time you take a step inside your house.
  338. Make the ground & curbs outside pubs out of rubber mats.
  339. An app where you request people in your area who show up and accompany you on a walk.
  340. An app for Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram where every time I want to upload a post, I have to do a session of Duolingo first.
  341. An app called “It’s App To You”. An app for indecisive people (where should I eat, what should I watch, etc.)
  342. A meme search engine where you could describe a reaction picture you saw and it would pull it up for you
  343. Night football, glow in the dark tees/ shorts/ runners/ football/Nets and pitch markings.
  344. Pay it forward app. A bot to scroll and find out all the posts on your Facebook feed with no likes and then like them.
  345. A pill you could take to get drunk so you didn’t have to drink all the calories and waste your money.
  346. Krispy Kreme should open up a shop in Dublin
  347. A site where you can input classical work and it will tell you where you can find orchestras playing it soon.
  348. Instagram need to sort out the stacked tagged users UI. If there is a tag behind a tag then your not able to click it…
  349. An app where you can listen to what athletes say on the court/field
  350. A way to click on a tweet and read all the quote tweets of it.
  351. 24hr pizza delivery service.
  352. Simon Cowell alarm clock app. An alarm clock where Simon Cowell insults you until you get up.
  353. Twitter should auto suggest hashtags based on what you’re tweeting about.
  354. Elevators should know when it’s full so it doesn’t make unnecessary stops at other floors.
  355. An Online marketplace where you can connect with people who can offer mate rates and staff discounts for a small listing fee.
  356. A second car horn specifically for when people don’t use their indicators.
  357. An app where people can view/rank where the cleanest public bathrooms are around them.
  358. Website to show you where your local neighbourhood watch scheme? is.
  359. An app where u secretly send pics of your date or men who approach u etc, just in case u go missing?
  360. An ebook where you read entire novels in Star Wars opening text crawl format.
  361. An app where you can combine SoundCloud, YouTube & Spotify playlists.
  362. Deliveroo for Pick ’n’ Mix.
  363. An outdoor sports/running app, on which you can point the camera to another and see their pace, distance etc for their current run
  364. There should be a “show me posts since I was online last” option for browsing Facebook.
  365. Cookie pizza delivery service. The cookies come in small/ medium/ large and you can get different toppings. Same concept as pizzas but with cookies.
  366. Youtube creator awards. YouTube give awards to their biggest influencers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should start following suit.
  367. An app like Tinder where you can find people in the Deaf community and socialise.
  368. iPhone should include Gaeilge as a keyboard option
  369. An app where it notifies you throughout the day not to eat crap and when to cook
  370. Facebook should have a selection of gifs to choose from.
  371. 24hr movie theatres in Ireland
  372. Mobiles with front and back displays. The generic screen on the front and a kindle screen on the back, for reading ebooks.
  373. A bed that vibrates when it’s time to wake up.
  374. StartupBox. GoggleBox version of people viewing new startup websites.
  375. Autocorrect swear words into funny alternatives.
  376. Ikea food should deliver.
  377. An app to meet up with Gaeilgeoirs in your area.
  378. Tag people in your snapchats
  379. An app where all your friends put in their location and it tells you what’s a close fun place for everyone to meet at
  380. A browser extension that tells you if a link is dead before you click on it
  381. An easier way to add iMessage stickers.
  382. LinkedIn should allow you to upload videos.
  383. A subscription service where you buy ideas. For a dollar or month, you get sent 10 ideas every month.
  384. A search engine that finds products sold by shops in your area.
  385. Every takeaway/ coffee shop etc should have two lines for people who already know what they want and the undecideds.
  386. Hologram fitness instructor. Get to see every exercise from a 360-degree view.
  387. Netflix feature to spread a season over 1 episode a week. Rather than binging on all episodes in 2 days why not savour them over the course of 10–12 weeks, depending on how many episodes there are.
  388. An app where you rate other drivers, and if their ratings get too low their license is revoked.
  389. An app where you order your groceries and set a pickup time and they go get all your groceries and bring it out to your car.
  390. A way to communicate with a coffee shop when you’re on a train, so at the next stop they bring you a coffee on board for you.
  391. An app where you can pick a conversation topic, and it’ll list the nearest person who would meet up to chat about it.
  392. Sponsor a child digital bracelet. Track anonymously a child that you sponsor in third world country. Track their health, education etc. Actually, see the benefit of your donations.
  393. A news network that focuses on the good things happening around the world.
  394. Flavoured whipped cream.
  395. A foot pedal on the side of the toilet that you can press with your foot to open and close
  396. An e-reader that is waterproof & solar-powered.
  397. An app where you can take a picture of furniture you see in real life, upload it and it tells you exactly where to buy it?
  398. An app where you take a picture of a spider or a snake and it tells you what it is and if it’s poisonous.
  399. Colour coded emails dependant on how important they are.
  400. Tinder for projects. An app where it brings people that are close to work on projects together.
  401. A Dating app for gamers. Get matched with users who like the same games. If matched then you plan an online game together and chat live either with audio or text.
  402. Temporarily injured parking spots.
  403. D.E.I.S schools with left over food should donate it to homeless charities at 3pm every day in order to avoid the huge waste that occurs in schools all over the country.
  404. A pedal on each side of the toilet that you can press with your foot. One to raise up the seat and one to lower it.
  405. iPhone needs to have an app where the screen is a scale.
  406. An app where it crash my phone whenever i spend too much time here and not studying
  407. Auto translate all words on LinkedIn posts to your chosen language.
  408. Chrome extension to replace the Words ‘Donald Trump’ With ‘GobShite’
  409. Snapchat should have a feature to preview peoples snaps. Holding down the snap should load a quick 6-second preview.
  410. A creep mode on Instagram that made it impossible for you to accidentally like any pictures by accident.
  411. Facebook should scan uploading photos for missing children using facial recognition algorithms.
  412. All plane rides should come with complimentary sweets for take off and landing.
  413. A car that is able to detect if the car is overheating and something is moving or sitting inside the car and if the temperature reaches some critical level, then the car would kick on the air con, to keep the car at a sensible temperature or honk the horn to get attention.
  414. Babysitting service in the cinema so people won’t take their young kids to rated R movies.
  415. An app where you can downgrade a social media app to the version you liked the most.
  416. An app where you can share 6-second comedic videos that loop.
  417. An inter-car communication service so that I can tell the person at the stoplight that it turned green.
  418. A website that tells you where you should move to and live based off of your preferences.
  419. WhatsApp option to be able to accept a group invitation request rather than being added automatically.
  420. A toilet that measures your wee & poo to determine your dietary deficiencies.
  421. A website where users could upload raw footage they shot and editors could download and edit it into movies.
  422. An app that takes my grocery list and tells me where to shop to save money?
  423. An app where when you don’t remember lyrics or the name you can describe the storyline of a song and then it pops up
  424. An app that shows me where the nearest vending machine is
  425. An app where I can hire a person with my exact measurements to go shoe/ clothes shopping for me.
  426. Shazam for birds. An app where you record a bird call and it’ll tell you what bird it is.
  427. Suncream that changes colour when the protection wears off
  428. WhatsApp that allows you to login so you can use your account on other peoples phones.
  429. Website where you can view all online design competitions
  430. An option to sort tweets by the number of comments
  431. Kindle should let you select any outside cover so you can choose what people think you are reading.
  432. Microwave that always makes sure the handle is facing you.
  433. A charity bin where you can leave unwanted clothes, toys, books etc. The bin would be picked up on a monthly basis
  434. Get rid of microwaves that still beep after you open them
  435. An app for the YouTube community. Where vloggers can find people to collaborate with.
  436. An app where you can show ur ID on your phone on a night out
  437. An app where you can order condoms through your phone to be delivered
  438. An app where poor people submit their wishes and the wealthy grant them when they want to feel good about themselves
  439. An app where you can check how busy your library is or if there are empty tables available.
  440. A reality show following a start-up from the very beginning, it’s important for people to see what REALLY happens in start-ups. It’s not all nerf guns and ping pong.
  441. A feature that shows all the tweets I’ve deleted over the years.
  442. A “cat mode” for your computer where all buttons would just temporarily shut off while they walk across the keyboard.
  443. A filter on YouTube for you to not see Reaction videos after each search.
  444. Dry shampoo for your body
  445. Bring back Vine.
  446. Drop the mic emoji
  447. A washing machine that dries your clothes after washing them.
  448. Coffee mug with a ‘do not disturb’ door hanger as the handle.
  449. Drone ball collector. A drone built to retrieve footballs, golf balls, tennis balls etc.
  450. Disposable protein shakers, buy from a vending machine, fill with water and then bin when finished. On the go protein.
  451. Screen sharing app for your phone.
  452. An app where you can check how busy any ATM is.
  453. An app where you can check whether an ATM is out of service or not.
  454. A mug that automatically whisks your tea/ coffee with the click of a button, no spoon needed.
  455. Credit app. Drag a photo that you want to use on your website into credit app and it will find the original owner. You can then email them to ask if you could use their image.
  456. Ban all sweet vending machines from gyms (yes this does exist)
  457. Shops should email a copy of all your purchase receipts to your credit card company so you can track them online.
  458. A way to return all spam post you’ve received in the Mail, to the sending company, preferably at the sender’s expense.
  459. Declutter service.
  460. A dating app that only allows five-word messages
  461. A vicious dog barking house alarm, imagine a burglar breaking into your home and hearing the sounds of an angry dog barking starting up. He wouldn’t be hanging around.
  462. Polaroid app. Photos don’t show til 10 minutes later. The allure of not knowing what you look like til the photo goes live. Shaking your phone speeds up the process of developing the photo.
  463. Teach kids that failure is ok
  464. QR jobs that you can print and put on your shop window. Job seekers can scan the QR and get the details on their phone
  465. Guest shoe soles for your house. Soles click onto guests shoes so they don’t bring in the dirt on their shoes.
  466. Milk cartons that turn a different color the older that your milk is getting.
  467. Subscription service that delivers you little single serving boxes of cereal
  468. Protein scooper that sticks to the top of the inside bag, no more digging for the scooper.
  469. A running buggy that tracks your heart rate, distance etc. A buggy with built in FitBit. By grabbing the handlebar the buggy tracks your heart rate. You can also see a leaderboard of other mummies and how well there doing.
  470. An app where you can check how busy a coffee shop is or if there are seats available.
  471. A bin specifically for glass.
  472. Option to fast forward and rewind Instagram stories.
  473. Digital house key that tells you whether you locked your house or not. No more second guessing yourself.
  474. A website that listed all the nearby concerts.
  475. Option to record WhatsApp calls
  476. “Recently Deleted” folder for WhatsApp messages
  477. Fidget spinner with a small display showing spin count.
  478. End of year Apple Music statistics should show how much money you made each artist
  479. An app where you follow someone on all forms of social media at the same time
  480. An app where you take someone’s photo and it shows you their Instagram
  481. An app where you can list your fav bands and it alerts you when they release new music
  482. Unwanted printer ink. People throw away printers with sometimes ink cartridges that are full. The unwanted ink could be sent to schools, colleges, charities etc
  483. Jeans with socks sewn in
  484. Control all lighting in your house with your iWatch.
  485. Control your children’s phones from your own. Power to lock it when you want or turn it off altogether to get them off to bed.
  486. Swing ball app. Play online swing ball against your mates.
  487. Find my pen. Pen tracker for your digital pen.
  488. Hairband with a magnetic clasp. Easy to close and open. Stops hair getting caught in generic rubber band
  489. Underarm sweat deodorant. Make them think you pushed it hard in the gym
  490. Radiators that change color with heat. Easily find the radiators that need to be bled.
  491. Grab a coffee app. A networking app for entrepreneurs, visionaries, creative thinkers etc. Tinder-style matching. Filter based on location, industry, interests etc. Once matched you choose a location to grab a coffee.
  492. Inhaler with an alarm and the only way to turn it off is by taking your inhaler.
  493. Digital inhaler where parents could download and app to track their child’s usage.
  494. An app where you match with people who wanna eat the same kinda food as you for lunch
  495. A way to see who visits your Facebook profile
  496. A dating app similar to Tinder but instead of photos you upload a 15-second video introducing yourself.
  497. Snapchat should sell the loading animation as advertising space to brands.
  498. Uber for motorbikes.
  499. An app to let you know where the closest baby changing tables are
  500. They have football golf but what about golf bowling.
  501. iPhones should come with screen protectors.
  502. A version of Snapchat that doesn’t drain your battery.
  503. An app where anonymous people can help you respond to texts?
  504. iPhone plug that unplugs itself from the socket after your phone is charged
  505. LinkedIn allows you to share an article, photo or an update but why not share a book your reading option. Would love to know what books my connections are reading.
  506. LinkedIn option to create folders for your messages.
  507. Surfboards with built in GPS.
  508. An eggshell magnet removes the little bits of eggs from your scrambled egg mixture.
  509. A “hide post from _ “ option on Instagram.
  510. ”This should be on Facebook” report button on LinkedIn
  511. A Chrome extension for Netflix that links you to the social accounts from the tv show that you’re watching.
  512. An app where you type in what is going on in your life and a song pops up that relates to everything about your life.
  513. A browser extension that censors any curse words in videos on Youtube, Vimeo etc
  514. Twitter should recommend popular users based on how much engagement they have and not how many followers.
  515. MyFitnessPal for drinking. Tell the app your weight, height etc. You then scan what your drinking and the app will tell you how many units you have left before your going to vomit/ blackout.
  516. Death countdown for shelter animals, it would definitely influence more people to adopt.
  517. A “hide post from _” option on Facebook.
  518. Hoodie strings that are earphones.
  519. A meeting app that if someone cancels on you more than 3 times they have to donate to a charity of your choice.
  520. Idea coffee morning. Once a week a group of like-minded individuals grab a coffee and chat about ideas that they have thought about during the week. Same concept as creative mornings but for ideas
  521. Garage sale app. An app where you can look up all the garage sales going on around you
  522. A “skip ten seconds forward” button on Netflix
  523. A browser extension to hide spoilers from all social networks
  524. Golf tee with a retractable string that is attached to your golf bag. Never lose another tee again.
  525. Google maps should have a least stressful route and maybe a Scenic Route option
  526. Kitchen knife holders that, when removing knives, make the metallic unsheathing sound made by swords in movies.
  527. Phone battery charger that has an LCD screen which shows your battery percent. Saves you having to click your phone to check the %
  528. Facebook should have a night mode.
  529. Browser extension that removes the likes/ comments from everything. It’s amazing how influenced we are to click on something because of how many likes it has.
  530. Scheduler for stories, post one story to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat with one click.
  531. Every photo/ art/ design etc that is shared on social networks should have mandatory source link attached.
  532. An app for people who are on their own at a gig where they can connect and meet others.
  533. The volume in your car increases when you lower the windows. Counter balances the outside noise.
  534. Positive NewsLetter, a newsletter that only shares positive, uplifting news.
  535. Interactive art. A digital painting where you can move the items around. Imagine a digital painting of a bowl of fruit that you could move the items around.
  536. A welcome mat that also acts as a weighing scales.
  537. Tinder-like app for serious musicians who want to be in a band.
  538. A fridge as your browser homepage where you can add photos, shopping lists, to-do lists, funky magnets etc.
  539. Elon Musk should release an aftershave called ‘Elon’s Musk’
  540. Dublin Bus realtime information should also show if the bus is full or not.
  541. Travel tracker app. An app that shows you where you’ve been, how much you spent in different countries amongst other features.An app that locates where people are giving out free samples.
  542. An app where you pay someone to go and buy you snacks and deliver them.
  543. An option to leave audio recordings on your photos.
  544. A spitting water out emoji.
  545. An app that told me how busy a supermarket is.
  546. “Undo” button on the keyboard.
  547. Automatically share contacts when you place your phone on top of another phone.
  548. Block someone across all social networks with one click.
  549. QR codes on your shopping receipt so you can reorder online.
  550. A dating website where you post your most recently played songs on Spotify or Apple Music.
  551. An app where you can paste a list of ingredients and it points out anything potentially not vegan.
  552. An option to schedule text messages.
  553. Family chore app. Designate chores for your kids straight to their phone.
  554. FaceTime voicemail.
  555. Digital Stress ball that can track how hard you squeezed the ball. Sync to your phone so you can track how often you get stressed. Also, see how stressed your friends are who also have the ball.
  556. Youtube video preview on hover (why isn’t this a thing?)
  557. A website telling you where taxpayers money is spent, including politicians’ expenses etc
  558. The option to save and like Instagram stories
  559. Option to add sound effects to your Facebook posts (When you hover over the comment). Effects you can add range from laughter, crying, screaming etc.
  560. Start over button on Facebook. Delete all your content, friends, comments, likes etc and start fresh.
  561. A chatbot for families to find resources that can help them understand the illness of a loved one (Cancer, AIDS/HIV, Diabetes etc) and how to best support. Get insights from others with similar illnesses and what helped them get through it etc.
  562. Facebook should allow voice comments.
  563. An app where you can schedule to take someone’s parking spot.
  564. An app to show you where the clampers are in the city!
  565. A website where it will give your total followers over all social networks in real time.
  566. An app where two chatting parties can listening to same music while chatting.
  567. A like button for when people block you.
  568. Reset content button for your Instagram explore page.
  569. Holy communion dispenser at mass, so people don’t have to eat from people’s hands.
  570. Stairs should be split down the middle with a line. One side for walking down and the other for walking up. 9 times out of 10 there’s room for both parties
  571. Smartphones should record in landscape when held vertically.
  572. All sweet vending machines in gyms should have an ‘out of order’ sign on them
  573. Browsers should open up a new tab when you click twice on a link.
  574. An app for how and where to get quality avocados.
  575. Back scratching chair.
  576. On April 1st, the Shazam app identifies all songs as Rick Astley ‘never gonna give you up’
  577. Skype analytics for companies. Track how active your employees are during your meetings, also view word clouds, transcripts etc.
  578. An app where you can upload multiple email subject titles and other users rate them from best to worst, so you know which one to use.
  579. Designer tools website. Find out what tools your favourite designer uses to get the job done.
  580. Self-cleaning house windows.
  581. An app where you can set your phone to permit you on social media only certain times of the day?
  582. An app that will track all your automatically paid bills like Apple Music, utilities, cable, etc. It will notify you when money gets taken from your account and the option to cancel.
  583. Genetically modify grass so it only grows to the perfect size.
  584. Allow Doctors to fly for free provided that they would be willing to help in a medical emergency.
  585. Clothes should have QR codes for reorder
  586. Search button for your likes on SoundCloud
  587. MTV should drop the ‘M’ and just call themselves ‘TV’
  588. 24hr drive thru for healthy juices/ shakes.
  589. Walking stick for visually impaired that is synced to traffic lights. So when the walking stick makes contact with the traffic light pole it automatically presses the button for the green man.
  590. Walking stick for visually impaired with built in google maps. The visually impaired person would tell the walking aid where it needs to go. Wireless earphone pod (Use in one ear) would guide the person to their destination.
  591. Youtube thumbnails should show how many likes/ dislikes a video has.
  592. Online book rental website (subscribe every month, rent up to 3 books).
  593. Social alarm clock app. An app that allows your friends to choose what songs or noises you wake up to.
  594. Soda companies slowly lower the amount of sugar by 30% or 40%.
  595. VR rental for children’s parties.
  596. All phones should come with sign language emojis.
  597. An app where u could follow people but instead of tweeting or posting pictures, u only share songs
  598. Boarding Cards should be the same shape as passports
  599. There should be TL;DRs on Terms and Conditions
  600. Google should make a Star Wars themed Doodle on May 25th 2017 to celebrate the 40th anniversary
  601. The ability to type in bold or italics in iMessage.
  602. ”Find my headphones” app
  603. Automatically add a kiss (x) at the end of each message to your partner. Assign your partner in your contacts so your phone knows.
  604. A debate app that matches two total strangers with opposite opinions about a topic they both like.
  605. ”Book routes” an app linked with Google Earth, that I can follow the route of a protagonist took in my favourite book.
  606. SnapChat filter that showed what song you’re listening to.
  607. Roulette feature on Netflix where you click on a show & it spits out a random episode for you to watch.
  608. An app that detects when I fall asleep and logs where I left off in whatever I was watching on Netflix.
  609. Let users filter film services like Netflix by rating (G, PG, etc.)
  610. A tattoo website where you upload pictures of your body where you want a tattoo, and then lets you upload your own designs and place it where you want it. You can then print out a template to take to the tattoo artist!
  611. Screenshots automatically delete themselves off your computer after 24 hours, saved to the cloud just incase you need any of them back
  612. A WhatsApp feature to add emojis to messages.
  613. Rubbish truck with an infrared scanner, that scans green bin for rubbish that’s not recyclable and declines if detected.
  614. If someone tries to break into your house all external handles give out a mild electric shock to deter robbers.
  615. Turn dog pounds into dog petting stores. Charge people €2–3 for admission. The money that they make can pay for staff to feed, walk and care for the dogs until they get housed. It can also create a bond between the customer and the animal while giving the animal some much-needed love and affection.
  616. If someone enters your pin in three times incorrectly then your phone takes a photo of them and emails you.
  617. Three way FaceTime.
  618. Spotify radio station feature, where I could listen to someone else pick the music. Randomly pick other users with similar music tastes and listen into what they play.
  619. Browser extension that would fact check what you’re typing, and then would automatically add references if what you’re saying is correct
  620. Disney Land VR for kids.
  621. If you were ever forced to enter your PIN it would be great to have a second PIN on your phone to remove your all data on your phone.
  622. GPS voice navigation for a shopping app. Add your shopping list, plug your headphones in and the app will guide you around the shop in the quickest and most practical way.
  623. Feed App. Similar to other social networks, the more your content is liked (fed) the longer it survives. When users stop feeding your content then it will eventually be deleted (starve).
  624. An app to tell me who has deleted my contact from there phone.
  625. Watching Netflix with my parent’s feature. When you click this feature it will skip any awkward sex scenes.
  626. An online scheduler for SnapChat
  627. Plugs that unplug themselves from the socket when your not using them
  628. Google analytics for all your social networks.
  629. If some ones social account gets reported for trolling a certain amount of times then there should be a puzzle that pops up every time he posts. The more times he gets reported then the harder the puzzle gets.adjustable lunch boxes.
  630. A lunchbox that shapes to its contents
  631. A flexible soap that shapes to your body. No more rigid bars of soap.
  632. MyFitnessPal for your mental health. Track your mental health. Chat and motivate other users. See how your pals are feeling etc
  633. A clean my mac for your iPhone.An option on your iPhone to free up storage space with the click of the button.
  634. Facebook should have polls.
  635. Double tap your iPhone lock screen button to turn on the flashlight.
  636. Food gift cards for the homeless.
  637. An app to where you get in a car, your phone locks itself and doesn’t let you unlock it until you’re fully parked.
  638. Tinder for phone contacts where you match with people but can’t message and it’s just for validation. Contacts you don’t match get deleted off both parties phones.
  639. Shuffle option for Netflix so if I’ve already seen all the episodes of a show I could just watch random ones.
  640. A privacy button for your phone that will disconnect the mic and camera.
  641. Night mode on LinkedIn app.
  642. An Uber for lawn care.
  643. An app that lets you talk to your dogs or tell their emotions by the way they are barking.
  644. An app that deletes your whole digital presence online after you die.
  645. Toothpaste that compliments orange juice.
  646. MacBook screen that has the same anti-glare screen as a kindle.
  647. ‘Sent with sarcasm’ option for iMessage texts
  648. Option to sort Instagram posts in chronological order
  649. Bless you app. An app where if you sneeze it sends the sneeze emoji to everyone in your contacts so someone can say “bless you”
  650. LinkedIn should remove those automated ‘anniversary’ messages.
  651. Automatic twisting fork for when your eating spaghetti.
  652. Fingerprint activated glass that keeps your glass covered when you’re away from it.
  653. A highlighter that scans text and gives you the definition on an LCD screen
  654. Hanging toilet cleaner that turns your water glow in the dark.
  655. Plant pots that send you a phone notification telling you that they need water.
  656. Taxis that allow pets to travel.
  657. Instagram should have a night mode.
  658. Yelp for landlords.
  659. Button on my remote that will flick through the channels.
  660. Jacket with built in hook that you can stick to any wall.
  661. An app where I can just watch the group/player I want to see play Golf.
  662. The ability to save photos from Instagram to my iPhone.
  663. Option to remove the annoying laughing track on sitcoms.
  664. I’m watching a Lewis Howes YouTube interview with Tony Robbins and he recommends some books that inspired him. It would be great if there was someway that YouTube pulled all the books he mentioned and where to buy them in a sidebar.
  665. An Instagram feature to block certain locations from showing up on my feed.
  666. Some surveys should have a “Meh” option.
  667. Set different background wallpapers depending on the time. When I’m with my partner I would like a nice nature photo and when I’m not with my partner I would like a photo of her.
  668. National Be Sound Day. A day where everyone is just sound to each other.
  669. Julius Caesar social network. A social network where if your content gets a certain amount of thumbs down then it gets deleted.
  670. Way to add family members on Social networks but hide your content from them.
  671. Light switches that glow in the dark.
  672. Tinder for wanderlust. An app where you can meet people on your travels. Connecting people who love to travel.
  673. “Human filter” on Twitter. No brands or tweets with just links.
  674. Clear certain stories on Snapchat without having to watch them.
  675. An app for finding tennis partners.
  676. A bath that when it reaches a certain level it turns off and sends you a notification on your phone.
  677. Create a sarcasm font.
  678. GoFundMe for artists. a funding website where artists can showcase their work and try get funding to open their own show.
  679. The Waterford Whisperer should post a serious article every April 1st
  680. Blood donation app that notifies you when your blood was used and who it helped.
  681. An app to pay for shopping trolleys. It’s 2017 and I can’t get a trolley without a goddamn €2 coin… come on now.
  682. An app where u can shop on your phone and then pull up to the shop and they load it in your trunk for you.
  683. Option to word search your iMessages.
  684. All buses should have hand sanitiser gel
  685. A travel app that you tell where you need to go and what time. It will then tell you when you should leave depending on how heavy or light the traffic is.
  686. Option to preview a picture on Snapchat without it saying you opened it.
  687. Buses that set peoples music to a certain level and also turned all phones to silent.
  688. Teach secondary school students about mental illness so they know what to do if they have or get one.
  689. Instagram option to turn off automatically adding me to Group Messages.
  690. CV inspiration. Search for anyone’s CV to see how it’s designed and what information it contains.
  691. Messaging app that tells you if the person you’re about to text is driving or not. If they are driving then your are unable to message them.
  692. Teeth whitening coffee.
  693. A taxi app that tells you what kind of music your taxi man likes to listen to or is currently listening to.
  694. Option to remove Snapchat articles.
  695. Tinder for finding study partners.
  696. E-Cigs should come with an app to tell you how much you’ve saved by switching to vape, also information about how much you smoke etc to try encourage you to quit.
  697. Design a protein coffee
  698. Double press an elevator button to cancel button pressed.
  699. A button on your iPhone charger that makes your iPhone beep.
  700. A Pen Pal service for old people. They could be matched to people their own age who would have similar interests, and they can send paper mail if that’s what they’re used to.
  701. A display strip across the back window of your car with a light that expands out as the brakes are applied harder.
  702. An option to specify the number of ice cubes from a Fridge ice dispenser.
  703. Your phone notifies you when you have a certain amount of battery life.
  704. Parrot to-do app. An app where you record your daily to-dos by voice and then a Parrot will repeat them to you every time you open the app. Sync it across all devices. You could even have a physical parrot that could sit on your laptop and repeat them every hour or so.
  705. An app where you can point your phone’s camera at an URL on another screen and then have it appear on your phone.
  706. A way to find out your Netflix stats so you could see how much of your life you’ve wasted.
  707. An app that would allow you to plan a vacation/trip and let you know if the weather will be poor during any of the days you are going on vacation.
  708. An app that would know when is the best time to go on screensaver mode based on your previous actions.
  709. An app to warn you if making a purchase would result in your bills not being paid for that month.
  710. A text message sound that changes depending on how long the message is.
  711. Bank give users two pins: one for normal use, the other for pretending you have insufficient funds in case you’re forced to withdraw money.
  712. An app that shows me where charity huggers are so I can avoid them.
  713. An app where you upload a picture of clothing you fancy and it finds where it’s from for you to buy.
  714. An option to remove Facebook messenger stories.
  715. An app that could tell what song you are listening to via Shazam, and send it to
  716. Soundcloud should have a “play next” button, or “queue” on each track.
  717. Search inspirational people’s book library. Imagine being able to search people you admire and then view their book library on an app.
  718. Wikipedia-type recipe website where people can sign up and edit recipes of all kinds of dishes.
  719. Make a simple entertaining guide that teaches Americans the metric system.
  720. Chrome extension to hide negative posts on twitter, Facebook etc. An algorithm that would scroll your feed and hide anything with that thinks maybe might be negative.
  721. An app that allowed you to easily link SkyScanner flights with Airbnb to help prioritise trips.
  722. Carbon monoxide detector add-on device for laptop, phone or on a table
  723. Undo option for streaming video sites. Reverse mid-clicks on the progress bar.
  724. Option to charge your phone in public toilets
  725. SMAA — Social Media Addicts Anonymous. SMAA is a Twelve Step Fellowship dedicated to helping anyone suffering because of their Social Media Addiction.
  726. Online swear jar. Every time you swear online you will be greeted with a popup asking would you like to donate €0.10 to a charity of your choice
  727. Sushi delivery service.
  728. Anti-online tout idea. Stop people bulk buying tickets to your favourite artists and later selling at a huge increase — why not put in place a questionnaire around the artist. Ask questions that only die-hard fans will know. Once they answer correctly then they get the option to purchase. This way only the true fans will get tickets.
  729. An app where you can type in what gym you go to and all the people who also go there pop up and you can choose your partner.
  730. Uber for Doctors. An app where you can rate doctors after you’ve been treated by them.
  731. Teeth Checker app. An app where a dentist could check your teeth health via a wireless thin small camera via Bluetooth. The dentist would be able to direct you around the inside of your mouth. After reviewing he might recommend getting a clean/ certain teeth checked etc.
  732. Stick on pockets for when you want to be naked but also want to carry your iPhone around the house.
  733. Treat a nurse to a free coffee. A coffee delivery service that will deliver coffees to nurses during the long hours.
  734. A donut delivery service
  735. Restart button on your social accounts. Press the button and your Facebook/ Instagram/ twitter etc will delete everything and you just start fresh.
  736. Apple needs an update where you can have youtube as a background app and multitask.
  737. Queue app. An app to let you know how many people are in the line for your favourite takeaway.
  738. Un send option in iMessage. Every iMessage you send to a person you have a 60-second window to delete.
  739. Tinder for babysitters.
  740. Plagiarise extension. It scans what you’re about to post and if you’re ripping off someone else’s tweet/ Facebook post etc it will delete it.
  741. An app that tracks all of my online orders and shows me where they are all in one convenient place.
  742. VR tour of Mars.
  743. An office chair that shocks you every 90 mins to get up and walk/ stretch.
  744. Make it mandatory for office workers to not eat their lunch at their desk. Go out and get some air.
  745. Allow companies on LinkedIn to share video stories about their company. It would help potential employees get a great insight into the companies culture.
  746. An app where you type in all the random food items you have left and it brings up recipes you can make with just those ingredients.
  747. Automatic window management, where it automatically hides any app that isn’t part of the last 5 apps being used.
  748. An app where I can make a walking route that spells a word?
  749. PT app, record your exercises at the gym and have a PT review your video and give you feedback on improving form etc
  750. Rain sensor car windows. Windows will roll themselves up when it starts raining.
  751. Option to record FaceTime calls.
  752. “Recently Deleted” folder for messages
  753. VR tour of AIRBNB houses.
  754. A rubber ring protector for when you’re in the gym lifting weights.
  755. Supplement recommendation. You tell the website what your problems are, you enter “I feel tired” the website would recommend a combination of supplements such as — Zinc & Iron. You can then purchase through the website.
  756. Street Parking App, Find available street parking wherever you are.
  757. Referee VR. Imagine being able to put yourself in the referee’s shoes in a live game.
  758. Soy sauce should come in squirt bottles.
  759. Synopsis chrome extension. The synopsis extension would summarise anything on a website- Terms of service for example.
  760. Youtube best bits. A youtube clone that condensed all the best bits from a persons video. People always post comments like “scroll to 1:23 for the best bit” so why not automatically edit a video based on the user’s comments.
  761. Credit card that shows your balance with fingerprint touch
  762. Pet toy that you can control with your iPhone.
  763. A fork that shocks you if it feels you’re eating too quickly.
  764. Anti-drink drive idea. Anyone who parks in a bar/ pub car park HAS to put their keys into a locked box. To unlock the box you have to breathe into a breathalyser. If you pass the breathalyser then you get your keys and if you don’t you get the option to ring a taxi.
  765. Office earphones. Next time your colleague is listening to music you can now talk to them without having to wave your hands or shouting. With office earphones, you can simply talk to them through your computer.
  766. iPhone should have ‘car mode’. Car mode turns off all distractions when your driving (Calls, texts etc)
  767. Force drivers to buckle their seat belts. If the seat belt isn’t buckled, the car won’t turn on.
  768. A browser extension that replaces “Emojis” with plaintext.
  769. Heated handle bars during the cold months.
  770. Tinder but for canceling plans. You only see the other person wants to if they swipe right too.
  771. iScream — An app that tracks the ice cream vans in your area.
  772. “I’m on a diet” app, filter out all the videos and photos of tasty food from your social networks.
  773. Should be a list you can add yourself to that will stop any junk mail, cold callers, religious groups etc.
  774. When you delete an app all your apps that you use everyday stay where they are. I hate when i delete an app and everything moves and I keep clicking on where my other apps used to be.
  775. Magic 8 ball version of Tinder. Shake the ball to reject and press the screen to accept. The ball would vibrate when you were near a match.
  776. Glasses that translate text from one language to another.
  777. Uno for iMessage games.
  778. Idea marketplace. Post your ideas.Developers, designers, sales and other skilled members view all ideas and ask to work on your idea. Once your happy with a team you then build the idea as a side project. Each member has equal ownership.
  779. An option on Instagram to filter out NSFW photo. Now when your in public places you can view your feed without the worry of a fitness model showing up.
  780. Glasses that will highlight dog poo when walking.
  781. A dating website where you put in your favourite foods and get matched with people who like the same foods
  782. An app where you can just rant to some stranger that relates to you, and you don’t feel as if you’re bothering anyone.
  783. An app where your phone can set fake battery life info on an iPad so your kids will close it when you want them to.
  784. An app where you can boil the kettle from your phone
  785. Disable phones in the cinema.
  786. Anyone who is named Patrick gets free transport on St.Patricks Day.
  787. Countdown clock on your mug telling you how long you have left before your tea/ coffee goes cold.
  788. Spend time being left on hold when calling a company? Why not have the option to leave your number and have them ring you back when there free.
  789. A backup ring pull on tins JUST in case the first ring pull breaks off.
  790. A running app that will show you safe routes to run at night.
  791. iPhone app that turns your iPhone into a flashing bicycle light. Comes with bike attachment and ear pods so you can still accept calls.
  792. Airport social app where you can find people who showed up embarrassingly early as well and wanna kill time.
  793. Delete all messages at once option on LinkedIn.
  794. 24hr drive thru for pizza.
  795. I wish there was a LinkedIn extension that automatically disconnects with anyone pushing clickbait, pyramid schemes or self-praise content
  796. Forgot my key drone service.
  797. One place to view my Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook chat stories.
  798. Mate status. An app where you can see whats the status of your mate when you’re out. Are they gone to the toilet or have they gone home? Mate status will let you know.
  799. iPhone message features that allow scheduled messages.
  800. Auto-scroll feature for iPhone.
  801. USB attachment for your iPhone. Turn your iPhone into a USB to quickly save files
  802. A weather app that tells you what clothes you need to wear instead of the actual weather.
  803. a cheaper version of
  804. Clap two times to put iPhone to sleep feature.
  805. App icon sizes are scaled depending on usage. For example WhatsApp icon is 200% a typical icon size and Stocks app 70% typical icon size. Max size is 200% and minimum is 70%.
  806. A camera app that finds the meaning of words when you hover over them.
  807. An adjustable protein shaker. The size adjusts by how much you fill it.
  808. Email copy marketplace. Find the best copy to use for your email by filtering your niche. Hundreds of templates to choose from.
  809. Social influencer kit, a website which showcases tools from experienced social influencers to help other influencers grow ….”Growth Kit”
  810. Did I leave my lights on app. Syncs up with your car or house. When the app recognises that your away from either you will get a notification if you left a light on.
  811. Block certain people from ringing you. The people who try ring you go straight to voicemail without your phone even ringing.
  812. Shuffle for Instagram, an option to shuffle ALL your Instagram photos with the click of a button OR an option to filter photos by popularity. Show me the photos with the most likes.
  813. Movie review site where all the reviews are done by kids.
  814. An app where your phone locks itself after 10 pm so you don’t get distracted. You can still make and receive calls.
  815. An app that shows me where the cheapest petrol is near me.
  816. Credit Card app that syncs to all your online subscriptions. In one click you can update your card details across all websites rather than individually updating.
  817. An app where you have to guess if Donald Trump quotes are real or fake.
  818. An app to turn on your heated blankets.
  819. Notification hub, connect all your social accounts and have one place where you can see all your new notifications.
  820. A children’s book about the sock that got lost in the washing machine.
  821. 1 on 1 chat app to discuss topics that interest you with another user.
  822. Present — A website where you can show and tell for your presentations.
  823. Tattoo artist marketplace.
  824. Should I buy this? Put an end to impulsive buying.Next time your about to buy something online a button will pop up on the checkout page “Do you need this” When you click the button you save the details/ cart. The next day you will be given a reminder “Hey do you still want to buy….”
  825. An option to hide LinkedIn messaging from my home feed.
  826. An app where you can check how busy a bar is or if there are seats available.
  827. Bullshit meter, a chrome extension rates how much bullshit every article is.
  828. Name & shame website for people who don’t pick up there dog poo.
  829. Option on Netflix to add your friends so they can recommend shows for you to watch and vice versa
  830. To do list app that donates to charity if you don’t hit your tasks.
  831. An option on Twitter that you could just scroll through random tweeted polls and vote on them.
  832. Earphones that rewind at the push of a button, the same way a Dyson plug does. Never have tangled earplugs again.
  833. 4 handled mug, now you don’t have to go looking for the handle.
  834. Chrome extension that blocks anything related to Trump.
  835. Mute button on Instagram
  836. Sensor umbrellas. An umbrella that would move according to its surroundings. If you see another umbrella coming towards on you on a tight path then the umbrella would close a certain distance so you could bypass easily.
  837. Twitter stories.
  838. An app where u get paired up with someone who gets up before you and they let you know how the weather really is outside
  839. A site dedicated to polls, filter polls by interests etc. I love polls.
  840. An option to re-follow someone without alerting them to the fact that you unfollowed them in the first place
  841. An option to edit your comments on LinkedIn
  842. Replay button on Soundcloud
  843. Lend the visually impaired a helping hand. An app where if a visually impaired person was in trouble it would alert a user who is close by to come and help. Could be as simple as a helping hand across the road.
  844. An easy to open Microwave, why do microwaves require so much force to open?
  845. Facebook option so save a status as a draft.
  846. Website where I can enter text that gets converted down to a 140 character version that is still understandable
  847. Nonprofit Organisation that fact-checks and can mark influential posts on social media
  848. An option to turn off “Are you still watching?” on Netflix
  849. Thunderstorm background for my iPhone.
  850. Marketplace for reviewers.
  851. Smoke free parks.
  852. A website where you can take a picture of a plant and it gives you care instructions.
  853. An option in your YouTube sub feed which hides all the videos you have already watched.
  854. Obama should have his own Reality show.. “Obama, what he did next”
  855. An app where women could alert other nearby women when a creepy guy was near… It could be called “Creep alert”
  856. A yo-yo iPhone case.
  857. Coffee cup sleeves with the day’s news printed on them…in bullet points of course.
  858. A digital water bottle where the colour will change depending on how close you are to hitting your daily requirements. Red being 0% and blue being 100%.
  859. Digital awareness bracelets. Charities should release wearable awareness bracelets where you get updates on how your monthly donations are being used.
  860. Golf ball drone. GPS tracked gold balls, never lose your ball again. Did your ball fall in the lake? No problem the drones claw will retrieve your ball effortlessly.
  861. A website that just gives bullet points of “who did what today and why was it good/bad/indifferent”
  862. Facebook graffiti. The ability to leave graffiti on your friend’s walls, the graffiti is tagged by you to stop inappropriate content and lasts up to an hour.
  863. Adjustable coffee cup lid hole.
  864. A digital toothpick where it is able to tell how healthy your gums are.
  865. Frisbee drone. Now you can play frisbee on your own. Simply throw the frisbee and it will return to your GPS coordinates every time.
  866. An app where you type in where you’re going and the occasion and it tells you what to wear
  867. An 8 ball app to help decide where you should go eat.
  868. A website where you could post photos of stray dogs.
  869. Instead of “America’s next top model”, why not have “Americas next top role model” for our children.
  870. An app where it tells you how much sugar is in products. Imagine scanning a can of coke and seeing 20 sugar cubes stacked, you then scan Lucozade and see 25 sugar cubes stacked.
  871. FLYE fit swipe machine that works (Any FLYE fit members will understand)
  872. Wearable hat technology. A hat where people could tell how your feeling by the colour.
  873. A simulator game where you become a famous social influencer.
  874. Flash drive with an e-ink display, so you can tell whats on your drive
  875. A toaster that rotates and ejects the toast horizontally right onto your plate.
  876. An app where men can learn whether or not a woman’s shop has a seat for partners. If no seat then we wait outside.
  877. Low battery mode option to always have on my iPhone. Turning off when “sufficiently charged” really grinds my gears. I want it on ALL the time.
  878. Music version of IMDb
  879. Touch ID handles to unlock the car.
  880. An iPhone feature that makes your phone vibrate just before it runs out of battery to remind you to charge it.
  881. Browser tabs to be different colours depending on how long I spent on them. Red > 0–1 Hour, Orange > 1–2, Green > 2+
  882. Netflix should have a “Soon to be removed” section for content they will be removing.
  883. “Swear Jar” bot on Facebook/ Twitter etc that automatically donates an allotted amount to a charity every time someone swears in a post.
  884. Flash Mob cleaners, a site where people post photos of polluted areas. Each Sunday the mob will pick a place and go clean it up. Before and after photos will be posted when completed.
  885. They should start putting pictures of alcoholics on alcohol packaging, they put tar lungs on cigarettes then why not alcohol. Pictures of obese people on junk food…
  886. Unlock those time wasting apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by going for a jog. The app would connect to RunKeeper and you would only have access to your fav apps once you did the predetermined amounts of steps.
  887. Rent a controller, an online store where you can rent console controllers.
  888. Alarm clock App that would tell you how many other people have set their alarm at the same time. It could show you the percentage of people who snoozed too. And maybe what time they went to bed?
  889. Option to choose what music you would like to listen when put on hold.
  890. A social network that hides your likes and follower count.
  891. An app that prompts you to call your loved ones. The app would send you a notification to call your kids/ parents/ grandparents/ etc.
  892. A LinkedIn feature which looks at your current job role/company and lets you see the typical career paths for other people that had a similar job role/company five years ago. LinkedIn should really give you tools like this to build your career rather than just another networking site
  893. A dating app where you set a date idea, and then you’re only shown people who want to do that date idea as well.
  894. “Google this number” A button that pops up on your phone while its ringing.
  895. Online book store where you can chat to other users viewing the same book. Be great to talk to other people about the author or previous books you read etc.
  896. Where are they now? website for people used in Memes.
  897. Netflix should have a shuffle button
  898. Mute button option on my Microwave. People are sleeping!
  899. When you receive a friend request on Facebook, your options should be “Accept,” “Delete” or “Hide Request”
  900. A silent game controller.
  901. Programmable safe word upon hearing that automatically silently calls emergency response, read out your GPS coordinates to the operator and then keep the call alive so the victims voice is recorded.
  902. A “hide open programs” button before you log back into your laptop
  903. Online stores removing out of stock items from their shop. If it’s out of stock then remove it. Simples.
  904. An “Add to Queue” option on YouTube.
  905. Chrome extension to hide a topic on every social media channel to avoid spoiling of your favourite TV show or live sports event.
  906. Netflix group chat — option to talk to your friends while watching your favourite tv shows.
  907. An app where you can share battery % with your friends when they’re in need.
  908. An app which decides who pays for the bill, no more … “NO I’LL PAY”, “WOULD YA STOP…I’M PAYING” “NO, NO, NO”.
  909. Gym for the over 60’s
  910. A dating app for non-drinkers/ smokers.
  911. Shazam for perfume…Where you could figure out what kind of perfume or cologne someone’s wearing.
  912. An App where you take a picture of the food you’re about to eat and it tells you how many calories are in it.
  913. Chewing Gum that when exposed to air for more then 30 minutes turns to dust.
  914. An app where you scan the barcode of books you own and get a free digital copy.
  915. An App where every jog raises funds for social causes of your choice.
  916. Chrome extension to block baby photos on Facebook.
  917. Find my iPhone app clone for my wallet.
  918. Chrome extension for Netflix to auto-skip the intro & credits.
  919. An option on Netflix to make a playlist of episodes from your favorite shows
  920. Shazam for people…Where do I know this person from?
  921. Venues that disable your phone from recording or taking photos. Let’s just enjoy the moment.
  922. DoggySitter — doggy sitting app.
  923. SnapChat for messages. Send a message to people’s phones that automatically deletes after 30 seconds.
  924. 24hr drive thru for sushi.
  925. App that you take a picture of somebody’s shoes or clothes and it tells you exactly where to get it
  926. An app where you have to take an IQ test before you post political/intellectual opinions
  927. Night mode for IMessage
  928. Packets of Starburst containing only your favourite flavour (Orange)
  929. An app where you can try on glasses. Like snapchat filters! 
  930. An app to save videos to your phone from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc
  931. Ad revenue from tweets like you can on YouTube for videos.
  932. Option to mute people’s snapchat stories
  933. Dislike photos on Instagram
  934. An app where all your friends can post their schedules for the day or week so that you know who can hang out at any time.
  935. Option to turn off Instagram live notifications
  936. Member berry emoji
  937. Save and view others bookmarks based on interests.
  938. An app to let you know how many people are in the gym before you get there. Rob Bye designed how the app may look > (
  939. Nintendo dogs/ cats App, someone build this you will make serious $$$
  940. Property rental website that is pet friendly
  941. Donate my schoolbooks, a site where you can give your old schoolbooks and also get free schoolbooks or ANY books for that matter. Sharing is caring and everyone should have access to books regardless of your situation.
  942. Public toilets, an app to tell you where the closest public toilet is.
  943. An app where you take a pic of a dog and it identifies the dogs breed and gives you info on the breed.
  944. An app where you can post a screenshot of a conversation and users will help you decide what to reply with.
  945. Drunk text App, an app where you can select contacts who NOT to message/ ring until the next day.
  946. 24hr drive thru for healthy food.
  947. An app where you type in a company & it tells you if they are tied to anyone in the Trump administration.
  948. Twitter should remove messages, I NEVER get a message from a human. 99% of my messages are from bots and it’s frustrating as hell.
  949. An app where you enter food, but instead of counting calories, it’s measured in steps.
  950. An app that tells me where the closest shop that sells protein bars is.
  951. A fishing website called ‘ClickBait’
  952. Online streaming service strictly for 90’s shows
  953. An app to remove filters from anyones photos.
  954. An app where you could just FaceTime puppies
  955. An app where you can take a picture or recording of a movie/tv show and it tells you what it is.
  956. An app where we have celebs voices as siri, imagine Morgan Freeman talking to you every day.
  957. SnackChat, people post pics of their snack selection ahead of a party.
  958. “find my iPhone” app for my Fitbit…”Find my Fitbit”
  959. Select all button when viewing SnapChat stories
  960. Dislike button for twitter
  961. VR for selling homes, imagine being able to take a tour of a house from the comfort of your own home.
  962. Out of Office auto reply for phone calls.
  963. A way to tell strangers their lights were burned out while driving
  964. Instagram notifications option to flick between comments/ likes/ mentions. I hate scrolling my notifications trying to find the comments on my posts.
  965. Yelp for people.
  966. Search engine just for kids
  967. Tinder for making friends in your area
  968. Unsubscribe button for physical mail
  969. A machine learning video site that will tailor movies to how long you have. So if you choose 1 hour and pick Titanic then it will cut the movie down into 60 minutes from 3,000 minutes.
  970. Block my employer — block your current employer from having access or connecting with your social accounts.
  971. Dog chip scanner app, scan a dog and quickly find the contact details of the owner. I remember finding a stray dog at night and then looking for a veterinarian that was open to scan the dog. They were all closed and we had to wait till the next day. Fortunately she did have a chip and the owners were contacted. Imagine I could have skipped all that hassle with an app….someone build it NOW!!
  972. Delete all my social networks at once button.
  973. Trampolines at every bus stop… bus stops are boring.
  974. Blackout — if you block someone on one social network then they’re auto blocked on every other website even if there your friend or not.
  975. An option to edit your tweet.
  976. A park in every city that is lit up 24/7
  977. If you delete an email without opening it more than 5 times then you automatically unsubscribe.
  978. A Bookmark that you can sync with your Ipad/Kindle.
  979. If you’re reading a hardback version of the book and then download a digital version then the bookmark will open the page you left off on the hardback copy.
  980. Feel good App, an app that only posts jokes or
  981. positive material…release those feel good endorphins.
  982. Chrome extension that would block anything Kardashian relatedLike/ Dislike buttons on Netflix
  983. Crowdfund site for TV programmes
  984. 24 hour coffee shop…a quality one
  985. Whack a mole alarm clock
  986. Speed signs that adjust speed depending on the weather
  987. App to delete someone’s number off your phone, that also made your number get deleted off theirs too
  988. Donald Trump Emojis
  989. RPG Middle-Earth video game
  990. Tinder for animals. So instead of looking for hook ups, you can look for puppies that you can take on walks and pet.
  991. Chrome extension that blocks any mention of politics on twitter
  992. Unsplash for Video
  993. Website that has a live feed of all Donald Trumps decisions.
  994. A website where you can download protest sign art.
  995. Thunder & lightening effect for iMessages for when your arguing w/ someone
  996. An online store that sells everything Will Smith wore on every episode of Fresh Prince.
  997. Drop me a line — Fisherman social network (Find local fishermen in your area)
  998. Fitbit dogs collars — track your pets activities.
  999. Witter — Twitter clone for comedians to share jokes.
  1000. Spotter App — Find someone to spot you in the gym.
  1001. Should I buy this? — Tinder style App that you send your friends products and ask ‘Should I buy this?’
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