Ideas 2000 – 3000

The Big List of ideas 2000 – 3000

All ideas by @delahuntagram

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Ideas 2,000 – 3,000

  1. Ex deleter. An app that goes through all your photos and uses AI to identify your ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend and swaps their face with your best friend.
  2. An app where I  scan my grocery receipts and it will track the prices of the items I buy most frequently so I can know when something is on sale for a good price or not.
  3. Airbnb for venues (wedding, party, etc)
  4. App Store should have search filters – show me what’s popular, newest, no microtransactions.
  5. All libraries should have a coffee shop.
  6. Baby food scanner app. The app will help inform you what benefits the food will provide and if it’s safe to give to your baby.
  7. AR event planner app. Design your banners, balloon, etc and see how they would look in your venue through AR.
  8. Laptop Finder website. You tell the website what apps// tools you intend to use and it will tell you which laptop to buy based on your needs.
  9. GoHelpMe. A site similar to GoFundMe but you offer your help or volunteer depending on what they’re trying to accomplish.
  10. Jobs should come with a 5-7 day free trial to see if you like the people, atmosphere, etc.
  11. Snapchat should create a Stranger things ‘Upside down’ filter.
  12. Travel Ticker app. You will be able to see a map of the world with the countries left to visit. Each country you visit will be removed.
  13. E-commerce sites should offer the ability to have slower shipping.
  14. AI carbon monoxide detectors that  automatically open windows when activated,
  15. Airbnb for homeless people. Allow homeowners to post listings for homeless people.
  16. Friend app: Automate messages to your friends once a week.
  17. App Store feature that tells you very clearly where each app was made and also a bullet point summary of these Terms of Service. For example:
    – Very broad copyright license on your content
    – Instagram shares information with any third parties
    – You waive your right to a class action
  18. Augmented Reality  Ghostbusters game for Android/ iPhone
  19. An app that tells you where the closest building is to you that will allow you to use their plug socket.
  20. Recipe website that not only takes you straight to the recipe but fixes the seasoning levels to match your tastes.
  21. Augmented Reality Pokemon game for android/ apple watches. Train your Pokemon by walking with the watch.
  22. Once your Facebook post goes viral, your post should be locked in the state it was when you originally posted.
  23. Dating app where you can enter media you didn’t enjoy and it will match you up with potential love interests who also didn’t enjoy it.
  24. Mobile phone feature to block all calls from numbers that are not in your contacts.
  25. IMDB/ Rotten Tomatoes feature called ‘Give up now’ that tells me when I should stop watching a certain TV show because the quality drops considerably.
  26. Fireworks that when exploded make the sign language sign for “BOOM”
  27. Turn movie theatres that are empty into coworking spaces.
  28. A fire alarm that plays Nelly – “Hot In Herre” when triggered.
  29. A way to map out your company’s skills per employee, so you never have to ask around for help again. Kind of like knowing everyone’s superpowers.
  30. An app which allows me to take a picture of a business card, scan it and then save it in some spreadsheet or to some CRM.
  31. Netflix theater that plays all the exclusive Netflix movies.
  32. Twitter feature to search your DMs.
  33. Photography feedback site where you share your edits and get real-time feedback from the community.
  34. Alarm clock that is synced to your PayPal/ Stripe. You set your daily revenue target and if you achieve that target while you sleep then the alarm allows you a lie in otherwise it will wake you up.
  35. An oven that notes the last time your oven door was shut closed.
  36. Smoke detector in mobile phones.
  37. Separate buttons for opening selfie camera and forward camera.
  38. Similar to Medium highlight tool. A Netflix feature where you can highlight a section of a show/movie and share it across your Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook profile. For example “I love this scene in Step Brothers“ Maximum length set at 5mins. Great growth tool for
  39. An alarm clock that gives away spoilers to your favourite TV shows the longer you sleep.
  40. A heated mouse. Keep your hand warm while you work during the winter days in work.
  41. Tinder for single parents called PlayDate.
  42. QR code headstones and virtual tours featuring dead people talking about themselves.
  43. Pez dispenser style toothpaste that comes in pellet form.
  44. A circus where the audience wears AR goggles and the people perform with monsters.
  45. Pinata VR game for people who are stressed out.
  46. An iPhone feature where you could use your camera to highlight over passages from a book and then save them.
  47. Gyms should install elastic hair bands dispensing machines.
  48. A boxing bag made out of bubble wrap
  49. An app that informs you when your food is nearing its expiry date. The app will notify you when you have 2–3 days left or a set time along with creative recipe ideas to use up the food and stop wastage.
  50. An iMessage feature that notifies you when someone opens your message.
  51. An IOS app that imitates a Bluetooth mouse using the phone’s camera to track a surface.
  52. Create glitter tattoo ink.
  53. When you’re typing a message your phone should automatically replace the period key with a question mark when they detect you are typing a question.
  54. You can test drive a car, you should be able to test drive mobile carriers to see which one best suits you.
  55. There should be the option to send a “Whenever” text, so the message doesn’t disturb the recipient and they receive the message “Whenever” they next check their phone.
  56. Tinder-style app to connect young professionals with mentors.
  57. A perfume that adapts to the environment you are in. If in a closed space, it reduces the smell and otherwise increases it
  58. A smart microwave that automatically stops and stirs your food halfway through the power duration.
  59. iMessage/ Whats App should have a transcribe feature for when you get a voice message but are unable to listen.
  60. Pregnancy delivery service that provides a weekly meal plan along with supplements to help promote a healthy Pregnancy pregnancy .
  61. All bank apps should have the option to let them know your on holidays.
  62. A dishwasher for makeup brushes
  63. A device like Ring/NestCam that you can mount in your car when you get motion alerts.
  64. Horror audiobooks sound come with horror movie sound effects. Imagine listening to a book like Michael Myers with those sounds.
  65. The muting option on Twitter is a beautiful thing. I wish there was an IG equivalent.
  66. GTA feature where you could scan your face and insert your height and weight, so you can make yourself in GTA
  67. All restaurant/ cafes/ businesses, in general, should have buttons you can kick to open the door for people in wheelchairs.
  68. An alarm clock that slaps you awake if you hit snooze more than once
  69. Uber for Healthcare. health app where patients can communicate with healthcare professionals in real time, hail ambulances in case of emergencies, order drugs from registered pharmacies and many other features.
  70. An app or a website where you can exchange gift cards for other gift cards.
  71. An app where you can take a picture of a list of names and numbers and it automatically saves them in your contacts
  72. YouTube should make an update where I can still listen to music when the app is closed.
  73. A “Remove Song for X amount of hours” button for music apps with playlists so you can modify a playlist for a specific occasion without having to permanently remove from a playlist
  74. A “real news” authority that fact checks articles and appends a badge for certified real articles.
  75. An app where people share their ideas and investors can read them and reach out to potentially do business if they see the concept going anywhere.
  76. Option on FaceTime to leave a voicemail.
  77. Socks that come in 3, so you have a spare for when the washing/ dryer machine decides to eat one.
  78. Netflix should offer a theatrical trailer option on every movie, to help you decide what to watch.
  79. A tap with a small LCD screen that measures how much water has come out since the last reset.
  80. Highlighting text and pressing left/right shift to increase/decrease the font size.
  81. For April 1st every social network should make their default font Comic Sans for the day.
  82. Save me app. Is your date going poorly? Hit up Save Me and get some stranger to kill the date.
  83. A service that will contact all of the businesses/ services that I’m moving and need to end/transfer/ change my address.
  84. A website similar to, but instead of lyrics, transcribes and explains the jokes in every movie and television show.
  85. An app where I can scan a menu at a fancy restaurant and it tells me what all the words mean.
  86. An app where it harasses people who owe you money until they pay you back.
  87. Couches at the front of every store for boyfriends that got dragged along.
  88. A self-heating butter dish that keeps the butter at a perfect softness for bread.
  89. Undo delete button on iPhone Mail app.
  90. A VR Pacific Rim where you play as a Kaiju.
  91. Drive-thru wood-fired pizza.
  92. An app where you tap a button to indicate you’re hungry, your other friends open the app and know which of their other friends are also hungry.
  93. Youtube should have a “full tab” button in addition to “full screen” mode.
  94. A chrome extension for google image search that automatically shows you the highest resolution image that’s available.
  95. An app where you draft a tweet & app suggests more constructive wording.
  96. Netflix should have a ‘show me a random episode’ where you could get a random selection of any episode from a series.
  97. An app where you can design a house exterior and interior.
  98. Scream app. An app where you can vent your anger and frustration into the app. View a map of the world and listen to others screams.
  99. YouTube should adjust its algorithm so that the later at night you are watching, the weirder the recommended videos become.
  100. An app where you scan your plate and it tells you how many calories it is.
  101. A hybrid shopping cart/ ambulance gurney so that you can just push the cart into your car boot.
  102. An app where I can turn my heated blanket on from my phone so my bed is warm when I get home.
  103. Pay to enter public bathrooms, your money will be returned to you when you wash your hands.
  104. A delivery service that allows local people to pool items to meet the minimum order for delivery
  105. A truck that picks up your bike and brings it home for you when you can’t bike home due to bad weather.
  106. A Gmail feature that automatically sends you to BCC after you’ve made an email intro.
  107. Airbnb filter to select haunted houses.
  108. An app where you could type in how your feeling and it would bring up songs to listen to.
  109. A setting on my phone where I could choose to never, ever be asked to rate an app.
  110. Twitter feature to disable quote retweet
  111. An app where gig-goers can share hotels, transport etc.
  112. An app to block your social network apps when you’re in proximity to other people with the same app. Help to promote conversations.
  113. An AR social fitness app where you build a character that increases strength/ superpowers the more you work out. Then you battle other players in your gym. Increase certain stats by doing certain exercises eg. Squats give you higher leg power.
  114. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter should hide the amount of like a post has to reduce the hive mentality.
  115. Tinder-style app where people post their resumés and swipe on companies they would like to work and if you get a match you get an interview until you interact with them to eliminate the hive mind
  116. A Cartoon Network VR game where you have the ability to jump into any show and play mini-games.
  117. Tinder-style app but only for memes.
  118. An app where your alarm goes off once your battery is fully charged.
  119. Car headlight ‘brights’ that automatically switch to normal when other cars approach at night and then switch back the ‘bright’ mode.
  120. A wiki page per group conversation in Whatsapp. Makes it easier to organize.
  121. A chrome extension that automatically clicks the ‘skip this ad’ button on Youtube.
  122. An app where you scan the grocery receipt that puts the items in a digital pantry and tells you what you can make with what you have
  123. An app where people share their daily routines. Be amazing to find the daily routines of anyone that you admire.
  124. App called SkateSpot where you can take pictures of good skating spots in your area and see spots other people have found.
  125. An option to schedule Facebook messages
  126. An algorithm that could scan my business email for bullshit. Keywords to alert would be “influencer, ambassador, innovators, limited, exclusive, VIP package, curate, platform, collaborator
  127. The car headlights brightness that automatically reduces to normal when other cars approach at night and then increase the brightness when it passes.
  128. An IMDB for startups. The ability to search for a startup idea and see if it’s been done before and if it was a success or a failure. Features such as team size, sales, insights are included etc.
  129. WhatsApp feature where you can appear offline to certain people so they can’t message you during certain hours.
  130. The ability to let people know you don’t mind sharing gym equipment by adding coloured bands. Green means ‘you can jump in’ red means ‘wait till I’m done’
  131. We all know social media can cause depression. Insurance companies should start paying you for not using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks so often.
  132. Playgrounds should block WIFI/ 3G on mobile phones so that parents spend more time playing with their kids instead of on their phones.
  133. Dark Mode for every single webpage and every single app.
  134. A Duolingo type of app that taught you how to speak in different accents.
  135. Free bus journeys with the requirement that you must watch ads for the entirety of your bus journey.
  136. An app where men can report which places lack baby changing tables in the men’s room.
  137. VR on Pinterest so that you could walk through different color schemes, interactive houses, kitchens etc.
  138. An app where a random song would play that matches the amount of time it will take for me to get home.
  139. A cookbook loaded with recipes for meals that you and your pets can eat together.
  140. A browser extension that replaces pictures of Trump’s face when you’re browsing Facebook with a picture of a kitten.
  141. An app that tells you where the nearest mailbox is.
  142. A way to save a perfectly shuffled Spotify playlist in that order.
  143. A time-delay capsule that contains 400mg of caffeine. Take it before you go to bed. 8 hours later it begins releasing the dosage.
  144. A dating app that doesn’t have ghost accounts or spam you can only contact someone new once per day.
  145. An astrology dating app, where you can match people compatible with your natal charts
  146. Uber service where the driver & a passenger could drive you and your car home.
  147. A dating app where your profile is automatically be labeled as “Unavailable” if you have an unread message. People can still send you messages but they will know that you probably won’t answer because of the label.
  148. In google maps, they should also show the speed limit of each street on the maps, so when you’re unsure there’s nothing to worry about.
  149. Socks that generate electricity every time you take a step inside your house.
  150. There should be a breathalyzer to show how sick you are. This would be fair to employers/employees alike. Measure amount of bile, pathogens in breath/blood
  151. WhatsApp feature where you can preview a photo someone sent you by holding down your finger from your locked screen
  152. Facebook “bookmark” feature where if you get halfway through your feed and have to get off or accidentally hit refresh then you can go back to where you left.
  153. An app where you can view the seats available in coffee shops
  154. An app for travelers, where you could click a city and a community would recommend you things to try, such as restaurants, places to visit and any secret spots.
  155. App that turn off all sounds and alarms when you “shhh” at them.
  156. Social media profanity crawler. The crawler will examine all your social posts and delete anything that contains any profanity. Good for when you’re going for a job interview.
  157. A website where you can track all of your packages at once.
  158. A meme search engine where you could describe a reaction picture you saw and it would pull it up for you.
  159. Elevators should know when it’s full so it doesn’t make unnecessary stops on other floors.
  160. Water bottles with built-in alarms which start beeping if you haven’t opened them after X amount of time.
  161. Netflix feature where you can talk to your friends who are currently watching the same movie as you.
  162. An app where people who are alone at restaurants can identify others who’d like someone to eat with?
  163. A “hide tweet from ____” option on Twitter.
  164. Twitter feature to allow you 120 seconds to edit your tweet.
  165. An app where you can use your GPS location to find a local cleanup, or you can make your own by drawing on a map of the location you’re looking to clean up. Store the info where cleanups are completed and have different colors representing when the area was cleaned last.
  166. An App where you enter your mental problem on your profile and it looks for similar and people in your location to chat with?
  167. Aircraft toilets should be designed in the same style of plane seats
  168. A browser add-on/extension that sources and replaces the low-quality images of the cast list on IMDB.
  169. Anyone who wants to buy a gun should have to get approval from a Psychologist before purchasing.
  170. Tinder should alert you when people you super like swipe left on you.
  171. Air Guitar app. Record, view and rate users air guitars. Choose from a list of songs to shred.
  172. Google noise map for streets — can be helpful when booking a hotel.
  173. Netflix should introduce ads on their platform but make it optional. If the viewer accepts they should get a cut of the profit.
  174. Drunk tracker. An app where you and your friends can connect your GPS locations so later on in the night if your drunken friends go missing you can see where they are and if their safe or not.
  175. An app that analyzes text messages or conversations and tells you the most effective way to respond or interact based on context.
  176. Toilet paper rolls should be made out of flushable materials.
  177. AR app for smart glasses that turns a really big crowd into a small group of very encouraging friends for public speaking.
  178. A Netflix setting to permanently skip all show intro.
  179. Snapchat should show your last set of messages when someone responds so you don’t forget all the time.
  180. Phone app that regularly asks if you’re alive. In the result of your death, it will delete your browser history and hard drive.
  181. A Chrome Plugin that removes Pinterest links out of all Google searches.
  182. An app just like Waze where we could check the influx of people in a place or event.
  183. A mobile phone feature that converts sound/ text into emoji
  184. A gym/ networking app. Find workout partners with similar interests so you can train and network at the same time.
  185. Every time someone is shot in the US, Twitter should remove 1,000 of Trump’s followers until he actually does something.
  186. An app that you can scan your food receipts from a picture and it will tell you how often you buy certain items and then make an automated grocery list of the items you buy often enough.
  187. An app that scans your music library, and tracks those artists upcoming gigs.
  188. A way to turn off YouTube Red Originals in my suggestions.
  189. Pop tart wrappers should have the flavor of pop tart on the wrapper.
  190. A smart shirt that changes color when you sweat.
  191. AudioBooks that play a particular song or track during a scene. For example, playing action music during a fight scene
  192. A ‘do not disturb’ mode in the UBER app that you can turn on to let the driver know that you’re not in the mood for trivial small-talk.
  193. Detachable soles that can be swapped out for varying terrains and replaced when they deteriorate.
  194. Plastic spoons that you peel a cover off of and they are full of peanut butter or Nutella.
  195. Rosetta Stone should offer job-specific options.
  196. A restaurant that you can subscribe to (just like a gym membership) where you can go to eat with your subscription card every day.
  197. A way to let retailers know you’ve already purchased their item you were checking out online & no longer need the ad reminders.
  198. A flying subscription where you pay a certain amount of money a month and then you can fly anywhere in the world.
  199. Instagram should auto suggest hashtags based on what you’re posting about.
  200. Hoodie strings that are earphones. Traffic lights should have a pedestrian crossing foot button so you don’t have to touch it with your hands.
  201. A pedal on the side of the toilet that you can press with your foot.
  202. A “local businesses only” search filter for Yelp, Google, etc. so I can support the interesting places in cities I’m otherwise unfamiliar with.
  203. The tear strip on the Amazon book packaging should double as a tear-off bookmark.
  204. A colour picker for fonts.
  205. A meal planning app where you can input budget criteria, and have an exclusions list of things I don’t want it to suggest I cook.
  206. A pet microchip that works with an app, so that if your pet is lost, you can initiate it, and see where the dog or cat is located.
  207. An app where I can paste recipe links and it outputs a grocery list.
  208. An app that had protests listed in your area, what they’re for, and where and when they’re meeting.
  209. Netflix filter “don’t show me suggestions with X person in them”.
  210. A solar panel blanket that during the day the sun charges to keep the homeless warm at night.
  211. Winter Gloves that vibrate when you get a message or a phone call.
  212. A feature on Spotify to sort a playlist by tempo so as the party gets started the tempo can gradually pick up the vibe as the night progresses.
  213. All supermarkets should allow you to round up your total and give the remainder to charity.
  214. A “stalking mode” on Instagram that lets you browse with the like button removed.
  215. AirBNB for swimming pools.
  216. A web crawler that finds copied images/text on a site, to help find copyright violations.
  217. A Netflix for online newspapers, which is a universal paywall remover.
  218. Transparent toothpaste tubes so we can squeeze the remaining toothpaste more efficiently.
  219. Roomba, but to clear snow on your driveway.
  220. An amber alert system app for dogs.
  221. A weather app feature where every day you record whether you personally think that day is cold or not and then over time, it predicts whether you’ll find that day cold.
  222. Apple should have a feature that lets you, group, alarms for people who need ten each time they want to wake up.
  223. A “secretly follow” option on Twitter.
  224. Skateboards with built-in GPS.
  225. An app that alerts you when your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is around so you can avoid them.
  226. Plant pots that change colour when they need water.
  227. A scented candle that smelled like when you blow out a candle.
  228. A heated bike saddle for the night it’s been freezing and your saddle is all cold and hard.
  229. Baby bottle with Temperature Indicator.
  230. A baby bottle that changes colour when it’s at the perfect temperature for feeding.
  231. Virtual pet app that you keep alive with exercise and healthy eating.
  232. Apple music search function where you can find local music artists based on your location.
  233. iPhone plug that unplugs itself from the socket after your phone is charged
  234. Instagram should allow voice comments.
  235. Cars should have a U-Turn light.
  236. Clothes should have a section where the material is the same as the material you clean your glasses.
  237. Apple Music charts should be based on how much you press next after the song comes on.
  238. An upcoming concert site with song samples next to each artist
  239. An app where you can pay people to write subtitles for YouTube videos in foreign languages.
  240. Tiny windshield wipers for your glasses to help you see when it’s raining.
  241. Children’s TV programmes should have subtitles to help children learn to read.
  242. Soda companies should sell assorted ‘party packs’
  243. Aroma alarm clock that releases a smell that starts off gentle but gets more pungent the longer you ignore it.
  244. Iced coffee delivery service.
  245. An app that tells you where the nearest cup of coffee is during a power outage.
  246. The ability to save Instagram story links for later use.
  247. All cars should have built-in trash cans in front and back.
  248. A gym that reduces your monthly fee based on how frequent you go.
  249. An app similar to Tinder, where you get matched with lonely elderly people to keep company.
  250. Adobe should have a cloud feature where people can work in Illustrator or Photoshop together.
  251. A standard on all smartphones so when you dial 911, it goes into an emergency black box mode. It kills non-essential processes to extend battery, starts recording video from front & rear cams, and locks phone into this mode until the biometric + special passcode is entered.
  252. Smartphone App to see inside Greeting Cards by simply scanning the card.
  253. A database of scanned diaries with the ability to name swap all of the first and last names to keep it anonymous if you wish.
  254. A taxi & a psychiatrist service.
  255. Restaurants/ Cafes that blocks your phones wifi so you can only receive phone calls.
  256. Toothpaste should come in aerosol cans similar to shaving cream.
  257. A Gmail folder that if you add any emails it will automatically unsubscribe for you.
  258. Netflix should add a feature when you hover over the time left in a show it also displays the clock time it will be finished at
  259. Netflix feature to disable the goddamned auto-play trailers.
  260. An app where you post 3 selfies and people tell you which of them is the best.
  261. ShazHum. An app where if you know the Melody of a song but not the lyrics you could just hum the melody. The app matches it up with the song you’re humming about.
  262. Two types of alarms on your phone, a standard alarm, then a ‘wake up’ alarm that starts off quiet and gradually gets louder.
  263. A drunk mode on your phone that you set before drinking, it will not let you send a text to certain people before asking you and double checking with you in order to send it.
  264. Amazon should pick-up your old boxes when you get a new package.
  265. Amazon should prompt you to give follow-up reviews a year after purchasing to assess durability and usefulness.
  266. An alarm clock that switches your lights on so you can’t fall back asleep.
  267. An iPhone app that gets rid of in-app ads?
  268. Microwaves should have a mute button for when you do not want to hear the loud beep.
  269. GPS tracker that tells jokes in between directions.
  270. Umbrella Drone. A hands-free umbrella that follows you
  271. Protein scooper that sticks to the top of the inside bag, no more digging for the scooper.
  272. Supermarkets should have a policy where you can put in your email so they can inform you of a recall on an item that you bought.
  273. A smart fridge that turns down the light when you open it at 2 am.
  274. Google Glasses that can subtitle everything for those who have trouble hearing.
  275. A smart microwave knows to beep quietly when you use it at 2 am.
  276. Bluetooth oven so you can preheat it before you get home.
  277. Glasses that convert sound into light. Imagine you’re hearing-impaired and you can’t hear the doorbell ringing or the baby crying, but what if you could see those sounds?
  278. A dating app where people can leave reviews of a person similar to an Amazon product.
  279. Spotify but for movies. An app where people can make lists of movies for each genre that they like, also the ability to search a friend’s page & see their list of their favourite movies.
  280. Shazam for math equations.
  281. Smart Bookmarks. If you open a bookmark then move away, it replaces the bookmark with the new page.
  282. Bikes should have small brake lights so cars know if they’re slowing down.
  283. Automatically share your contact details when you place your phone on top of another phone.
  284. A text search function for things spoken in youtube videos
  285. An app for people in long-distance relationships where they can watch movies together.
  286. A second car horn specifically when people don’t use their indicators.
  287. A site like WhoSampled that was basically a catalog of every song with its instrumental, acapella & original reference tracks.
  288. Give elderly people discounts to elderly pets at Pet Stores to encourage people to adopt older animals.
  289. A microwave that scans the barcode of your food and automatically cooks it at the proper temperature and time.
  290. An app where you upload a reference picture & it tells you what colour the paints you need are.
  291. An app called ‘Dinder’ where couples find other couples nearby to have dinner with.
  292. A wine glass with a mechanism to instantly chill a wine and keep it cold (liquid nitrogen in the stem).
  293. A light switch that delays the switching off of lights until you can comfortably climb the stairs away from the monsters.
  294. Also, a light switch that automatically turns off after 10 minutes so people will stop leaving the fucking hallway light on at night.
  295. A website/app that will summarize massive amounts of text.
  296. An app like Tinder but for Instagram photography buddies. Where you could swipe left or right on their content and then if there was a match you could meet up and go take photos together.
  297. Restaurant just for dogs!
  298. An app where you upload pictures of your face to your profile and it analyzes your face and filters it to match with other profiles faces that are similar to help you find your doppelgänger!
  299. A food processor that plays the music of your choice to block out the noise.
  300. Bedroom light switches that glow in the dark
  301. Netflix option to remove the irritating laughing track on sitcoms.
  302. Automatic twisting fork for when you’re eating spaghetti
  303. A food gift card for the homeless.
  304. iPhones should require a passcode before they turn off.
  305. Standalone printers that print out the news for those who don’t do well with modern technology, such as the elderly.
  306. Apple should design AirPods that look like mostly concealed in-ear hearing aids.
  307. iPhone should swap Siri’s voice for Stephen Hawkings as a tribute for the month of April.
  308. A Cooking app where each recipe has its own music playlist that you can listen to while cooking.
  309. Instead of awful lounge music why not learn a language while on hold with customer support.
  310. An app where you can paste a list of ingredients and it flags anything possibly not vegan.
  311. Facebook should allow voice comments.
  312. Three-way FaceTime.
  313. Feed App. Alike other social networks, the more your content is liked (fed) the longer it survives. When users stop feeding your content then it will eventually be deleted (starve).
  314. Instagram should have a night mode.
  315. A wearable light, with a phone symbol, that flashes red when you’re talking on your phone via earbuds.
  316. Waterproof books.
  317. Email clients should have an autosuggestion of the current holiday when you type the first few letters in the email’s header and body
  318. Create an app which does random Google/Facebook searches and randomly clicks ads to make data mining worthless.
  319. Hate when airport security confiscates my things. A service where I can mail it to myself.
  320. A large digital picture frame that simulates paper and displays a different movie, music or art posters.
  321. Laptops should have a privacy switch that physically disables the microphone and camera.
  322. A place like a gym that charges a monthly membership fee, but instead of workout equipment they have specialized tools for you to use, like bandsaws, 3D Printers, CNC machines, etc.
  323. Hazard lights should have a different frequency or ‘blink rate’ to indicators, in case you can only see one from behind.
  324. A mattress with a face hole for people sleeping on their stomach.
  325. Tinder-style ‘find new friends’ app for older folks or any ages.
  326. Facebook daily statistics. At the end of each day, you get a notification telling you how long you’ve spent on Facebook.
  327. Learning how to play an instrument should be like martial arts were you’re awarded colored belts as you progress. A good way to keep kids motivated.
  328. A YouTube app for kids that only shows and plays videos from subscribed channels.
  329. An app that would notify you when you’re near something of historical significance.
  330. An app where you build a profile, write down your hobbies, favorites bands and so on, and when you’re near someone with similar interests, it sets an alert and then gives you the option to contact them right away, in order to chat or exchange contact information right there.
  331. Productivity app that tracks your social media usage. At the end of the day it sends you daily statistics of how much time you spent and a little motivator to help you be more productive for the next day. “Hey Dave, you wasted 106 minutes today and you also missed your daily steps”
  332. The Facebook desktop should send you a notification when your phone battery is low.
  333. Emails should have a 5-minute waiting window for canceling prior to being delivered for those instant regret moments after hitting the “send” button.
  334. A horror movie app where movies are rated by users heart rates. The app is synced to a wearable watch. Find out where peoples heart rates spiked the most on specific movies.
  335. Instagram should recommend popular users based on how much engagement they have and not how many followers.
  336. An oven that flips the contents inside.
  337. Cars should have brake lights on the front of the cars so that pedestrians know whether or not a car is breaking.
  338. An app where all your friends can post their schedules for the week so that you know who can hang out.
  339. A dating app where you set a date idea, and then you’re only shown people who would want to do that date idea as well.
  340. A social network that hides your likes and follower count.
  341. A school shoe for teenage kids that expands 1 size per month for 4 years until they reach 18.
  342. An option to choose what music you would like to listen when your put on hold.
  343. an app that lets people on the same flight swap seats to sit with pals for free
  344. Create surfboard fins out of recycled plastic bottles and donate profits to ocean charities.
  345. A wallet that has a companion app that would timestamp when your wallet was opened and on the app.
  346. In case of a mugging scenario, ATMs should have a feature that if you enter 911 at the end of your PIN it alerts the police.
  347. An app where you can put together outfits from different websites to see if it looks right rather than wasting time ordering and sending back.
  348. An app where I could scan the cover of a book I own, and it automatically emails me an electronic .pdf of the book.
  349. When clearing your browser history, there should be an option to fill the history up with “normal” websites.
  350. A TV that turns itself when my Fitbit recognises that I’ve fallen asleep
  351. Make an AR app where you use your hand as a puppet.
  352. A fan that replicates the randomness and wind patterns of a breeze and also outputs beach sounds — waves, seagulls etc.
  353. Fifa, but with corruption. You can bribe the referee to miss stuff, or even bribe members of the other team to throw the game, and you’d get a chance of being caught.
  354. A filter to remove stock photos from google images
  355. Different colored tissues at the end of the tissue box to let you know there will soon be none left.
  356. Roulette feature on Netflix where you click on a show & it outputs a random episode for you to watch.
  357. A debate app that pairs two total strangers with opposite opinions about a topic they both like.
  358. Clothes should have QR codes for reordering.
  359. Animal shelters should promote dog share programs.
  360. Death countdown for shelter animals, it would unquestionably influence more people to adopt.
  361. iPhone plug that unplugs itself from the socket after your phone is fully charged.
  362. An electrified wristband that activates every time it recognizes too many calories in any meal your hand touches.
  363. Amazon should create a Christmas toy catalog.
  364. A service that sends you a postcard every week made with pictures from your online album.
  365. An option to turn off Instagram’s auto refresh
  366. A lock toggle for when you want to show someone a picture on your phone but don’t want them to swipe to other pictures.
  367. A way to save your email on your keyboard so you can quickly enter it with one click.
  368. Personalized dryer sheets scented of your favorite cologne or perfume.
  369. An app where you could rate your mental health daily/hourly/by-the-minute from 1–10.
  370. An explore tab on Twitter that showed you tweets you might be interested in or from people that are followed by your mutuals.
  371. A way to post your Instagram story, Snapchat story, and Facebook story all in one click.
  372. Teach the elderly about the dangers of internet scams and being targeted by scammers.
  373. WhatsApp group polls.
  374. McDonald’s should sell hard packs of ice cream.
  375. A chrome extension that overloads Facebook with useless data, essentially making the data it collects inaccurate and useless.
  376. An app where you take a picture of your baking ingredients and it outputs a dessert recipe.
  377. Furniture that vibrates every hour to remind you of how long you’ve been sitting for.
  378. Doctor offices should have exercise equipment in their waiting rooms, instead of only chairs, to encourage being healthy.
  379. A smart scale that helps you lose weight named Wade but spelled Weighed.
  380. Doctor offices should have vinyl chairs so you can wipe them down with antiseptic wipes.
  381. Uber for barbers. A service that connects you with certified stylists that will cut hair at your home.
  382. A cast replica of significant other’s hand, but its a walking stick for the elderly.
  383. An option to choose to listen to an audiobook or jokes while on hold.
  384. Cars should have lasers that project an outline on the road in front of you of where your tires will go so you can move easily.
  385. Smartphone image folders should have an option of locking on a single image and unlocking with a PIN. So that if you show a picture to a friend they can’t start scrolling through all your pictures if you don’t want them to.
  386. Google should have an option to remove all search suggestions that may contain spoilers.
  387. Bluetooth device list should show if the device is already connected somewhere else so you don’t have to waste time trying to connect.
  388. Snapchat should add a “decibel meter” filter like the one that shows speed so that your friends can see how loud that party you’re at is.
  389. Social networks should have an “unfollow” pop up modal. When a user clicks ‘unfollow’ a pop up will ask “Why are you unfollowing?” Would you like to know the reason you’re being unfollowed?
  390. An app that tells you where the bathrooms are in buildings you’re not familiar with.
  391. A button on your tv to make the remote buzz or make some sort of sound.
  392. An app where you can scan your old gift cards to see how much money is left on them.
  393. Marvel should release a home assistant like Alexa or Google Home, but it’s JARVIS.
  394. Spotify should offer the option to tip artists
  395. An emergency room app so you know where you are in the queue.
  396. Instead of offering 100% refund for online purchase returns, offer ~110% refund of in-store credit to keep the customer’s money on the site
  397. An app where you can transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music and vise versa.
  398. Cinemas should show all previous movies in a franchise a few days before the release of the sequels for the people that didn’t watch them.
  399. Phones should have a pattern vibrate system for each different person you get a text from. Same with sound.
  400. An app where you can find like-minded folks who wanna see the same movies or go to the same events as you.
  401. A smart mirror that would allow you to try on clothes without actually wearing it.
  402. An app where you can scan someone’s picture to see what filter they used.
  403. An app where you could put your address in and it would automatically set a walking track up for you at a certain amount of km.
  404. Apple needs to make an update where when you take a picture using the camera app, the picture doesn’t flip.
  405. An app like Pokémon go but a where’s Waldo version.
  406. Facebook should have a little timer at the top of my feed to remind me how much time I waste.
  407. An app that tells you where the nearest cafe with a plug socket is and how long you can make a coffee last there without a member of staff asking you to move.
  408. A game mode in online multiplayer games that require a successful mic test before you can join. Ensuring everyone in your party has a mic.
  409. A website where you can rate landlords.
  410. A night mode for iMessage.
  411. iMessage should autocorrect swear words into funny alternatives.
  412. A bed synced with your Fitbit that vibrates when it’s time to wake up.
  413. Tv remotes should have a headphone socket for quiet viewing.
  414. Drones should come equipped with a backup little parachute system to be deployed in case of mid-air mishap or shutdown
  415. An app that suggests the best activity/ task to do based on your weekly activity.
  416. A candle that smells of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
  417. A FaceTime voicemail.
  418. Uber should offer a service to jump your car.
  419. Airports should have thrift stores where they sell items that were confiscated by the TSA.
  420. AI Rubbish bin on wheels that brings your bin to the curb on collection day.
  421. Airports should have lockers you could store stuff in until you get back from your destination rather than it being confiscated by the TSA.
  422. Phone companies should start making it easier for us to replace the battery in our own phones.
  423. An app like Shazam for dogs where you could take a picture and it pops up exactly what kind of breed it is.
  424. A website where you upload top and side photos of an object, and it creates the 3d printer file.
  425. Automatically load YouTube videos in ViewPure instead
  426. Dyson hand-dryer but for your dishes.
  427. A website where u can swap art with other artists.
  428. A website where you can check alcohol prices at restaurants.
  429. They should make a randomiser button on Rubik’s cube so that when you press it the cube auto rotates and you get a new challenge to complete.
  430. A service which provides professional private car buyers to amateur car buyers who would go with them to inspect, value and haggle the price of the car professionally and with respect to the seller. The service could take 5% of every sale, the seller gets an honest sale and the buyer is left with the best deal and with the best knowledge of the car.
  431. An app that will look for higher resolution versions of pictures stored on your devices
  432. An app where you can send in a picture & then it gives you a clever caption back.
  433. Netflix for movies that are still in theatres
  434. Netflix for bloopers, watch bloopers from your favourite TV shows/ movies.
  435. An augmented reality battle royale game where players run around a city in real-life and shoot each other by pointing their mobile phone at other players and tapping.
  436. An app like Shazam but for film and TV where you can film the screen on your phone and it tells you who the actor and other things they’ve been in.
  437. There should be an MMO for the Gameboy or Gameboy Color that runs on actual hardware and the WiFi chip is inside the cartridge.
  438. A social community centre for lonely people.
  439. Create a transparent toaster.
  440. An app where you can put in what TV shows you watch and it will show you a calendar displaying showtimes and when new seasons will be released.
  441. A widget app on phones that constantly monitors gas prices of gas stations in a given radius so you can always get the cheapest gas in the area
  442. Touchscreens & keyboards that sense liquids and shut down devices. Sensor toggle-on-off for fast activation around coffee and drinks.
  443. An app where you take a picture of your houseplant and it tells you what it is, how much light/water it needs etc
  444. An app that comes with a pair of electronic arms that you can connect via Bluetooth to your phone. Your friends can then send you an e-hug via the app.
  445. A way to block certain bands from appearing in Spotify mixes/shuffles.
  446. Design beer six-pack rings that when they come in contact with salt water they turn into edible fish food.
  447. European travel card for old age pensioners so that they have free travel in all EU cities.
  448. 911 should have video chat capabilities so that they can see what’s going on.
  449. Elevators should have a “Clear” button for when you accidentally select the wrong floor or to foil the pranksters who press all the buttons
  450. An app that sends you the tl;dr of TOS from new apps you download that reads something like:
    – App X owns and can use anything you upload in advertisements
    – App X will read your text messages to deliver relevant ads to you
    – App X knows where you are at all times
  451. WhatsApp feature to like other peoples messages.
  452. A recipe app where it can “overlay” other apps, similar to Facebook Messenger’s chat heads feature
  453. App called ‘No Money Network’ where you offer services and products and have a separate ask list.
  454. GMAIL feature that stops you sending an email if you’ve incorrectly spelt someone’s name, using the recipient’s email address or their signature as reference.
  455. A shopping cart that shows the items you got and the total cost
  456. Automatic watering device for houseplants that syncs with your phone and reminds you to refill it. Programmed by an actual horticulturist who knows how much water each species needs. Premium version adjusts flow based on humidity, soil type, etc…
  457. Fast food places that are as geographically prominent as McDonald’s and only carry vegan food that is healthy and affordable
  458. A solar-powered air conditioner.
  459. Integrated fact checker ratings in all social media.
  460. Blockchain protected video story validation system guaranteeing that any alteration, or even a single pixel, would reveal tampering.
  461. A low carb beer that contains an additive which prevents hangovers.
  462. A cinema where you could get takeaway food while you watch the film — Dominos, McDonald’s, Burger King, Sushi etc.
  463. An app where you can screenshot people’s food and it tells you where it’s from.
  464. Makeup adverts should use unattractive people looking attractive instead of attractive people looking more atractive to prove how well their product works.
  465. Touch/FaceID to unlock/start your car
  466. iPhone should have a feature where you could kill your phone by pressing the power button 3 times in the event of someone trying to rob your phone or if you don’t want someone to look at your phone.
  467. Cars should have confetti in the airbags. It will help to lighten the ordeal.
  468. An app where you can request an ice cream truck to drive down your street.
  469. Kids lilos with built-in GPS, in case your child ever got blown out to sea.
  470. Phones that displays what your camera sees as a faint overlay as you are using your phone apps. Walk, view, tap or swipe, and still see the world that’s in front of you.
  471. An organic edible barcode on fruits to replace the stupid paper stickers.
  472. Heated and cooled cup holders in vehicles.
  473. Tinder for finding new friends. The app will help lonely people connect with finding new friends.
  474. An app called ‘sell it to me’ where you can enter a product and it will present you with the reasons why you should have it, top reviews, best product demos etc.
  475. A joke cryptocurrency called Exposure. Creatives would pass it around when someone tries to pay them little to no money for their work.
  476. An app where people will get notifications of state & federal laws straight to their mobile devices with a brief explanation(broken down) of how this law could affect them.
  477. An app that helps you find the same clothes but in different sizes. When you wear out or outgrow an article of clothing, you scan a code that takes you to a page where you can order another one just like it.
  478. A “hide pyramid scheme” option on Facebook posts.
  479. A site that allows you to add shows, movies, games, books maybe even comics you’ve read/watched and rate them
  480. A way to block images based on what’s in them, similar to how you can mute words. Block ‘animal cruelty’ for example.
  481. Voice-activated emoji. A way to add emojis by voice when writing messages.
  482. Bus real-time app that lets you know if the bus is full or not.
  483. A hat with a removable peak or a swivel so you can shift from normal hat to snapback without having to remove the actual hat.
  484. EXIT signs should be at floor level so you can see them crawling through a smoke-filled corridor.
  485. Airplane windows should automatically raise the window blinds on take off and landing.
  486. An app where you could write birthday texts in advance and schedule them to send.
  487. Siri should be programmed to call out to you if it’s in close proximity. Imagine you can’t find your phone at home but yell “HEY SIRI” Siri could respond “I’M UNDER THE COUCH”.
  488. An app which maps where in cities there will still be sun at the end of the day (after work).
  489. A FitBit ball that counts how many steps your dog takes when fetching.
  490. Acoustic guitars with a built-in tuner that automatically tunes your guitar.
  491. Ice cream with low sugar, chamomile, and other sleep flavors. Would be perfect for that pre-bedtime treat.
  492. Organic coconut oil that comes in a squeezable tube.
  493. Crayola should have the HEX version of their colors printed on their coloring pencils.
  494. A TV where I can scan my old VHS and DVD barcodes and the movie displays on my screen.
  495. An app that connects people driving long distances with people willing to pay for petrol to ride along.
  496. Carzam. Shazam for weird car noises. Something wrong with your car? Making a weird noise? Carzam that sucka.
  497. An app that monitors your stress levels and then suggests ideas to reduce, such as walking, meditation, or yoga.
  498. Animals shelters should have an app where you can see the dogs and book them to take them out for a walk.
  499. A map that shows when you’re nearby documented cases of recorded potential hauntings, and the stories behind those hauntings. As well as any publicly recorded murder locations.
  500. A mouse that form fits your hand and helps with carpal tunnel.
  501. A running app that allows you, with the help of augmented reality and Google glasses to run with a buddy who is in another place. So you never run alone.
  502. A mix of uber and Airbnb for parking spots. People who live in crowded cities or near events could rent out their driveway spot when they’re not home.
  503. Twitter, but with a 100% chronological feed.
  504. A sports challenge game app. Scheduling people to challenge in your chosen sport in your area, tinder style.
  505. A version of google maps that actually shows the street names when you zoom in on them
  506. Stalkr app. An app where you can follow someone on all forms of social media at the same time.
  507. A hang-up app. Because I miss being able to slam the phone down on people, so this will make the same slamming noise for both the person and for you.
  508. Rent my garden website. A site where you could rent your garden space to people to host parties or events. Be great for families who have no gardens.
  509. eBay and Amazon should allow sellers to upload videos to the gallery
  510. An alarm app that automatically goes off if your phone reaches 1% battery before the scheduled alarm time.
  511. Apartment laundry room app. Tells you if any washing machines and dryer are available and let’s you reserve them.
  512. An app where you put the URL link to someone’s picture & it shows what the picture looks like without a filter.
  513. A simple app that points a compass towards another user that you’re trying to find in a crowd.
  514. A chrome extension that unsubscribes you automatically from emails after your purchase, create an account and do possibly anything on the internet with your email address.
  515. A website where you input your height, weight, and goals along with the foods you like and don’t like. The website would output a detailed list of recipes that match your nutritional needs and goals along with shopping list and any relevant coupons available.
  516. AR Graffiti. Using AR you can “tag” any location in the world and paint on it. It can only be seen holding a phone up to it.
  517. An app that knew what clothes and shoes I had and every day it created an outfit for me to wear depending on the weather and what occasion I chose.
  518. Delivery drivers should have an app that syncs with the recipient’s phone and if they’re within a 2–3 mile radius the app notifies them. Would be useful if you are returning home and the driver was in the area.
  519. An app like tinder where you can find local playgroups for tabletop games.
  520. Biking app that alerts other bikers that you are out, so people don’t have to ride alone. Permissions required of course bc no one wants a creep biking with them, knowing their route.
  521. A cloud storage app that backups and deletes files that haven’t been for opened for ‘X amount of time’.
  522. A washer & dryer that can notify my by phone that the clothes need to be changed.
  523. An app where you can take a picture of a color or a pattern and it can search for clothing that fit that. Haven’t you ever randomly seen something and been, “That’s a really cool color, I would love a shirt like that!” Well, with this app, you can find a shirt that matches the color of the sky that one day at like 5:23 pm or that tablecloth at that one restaurant that would make a cool plaid shirt.
  524. Friend Compass. Add your friends and request their location. It would show a compass pointing in their direction, along with a map. The idea is that in large crowds or outdoor events, a compass would be more useful in finding a friend than a map.
  525. An app where you can just hit a button to say you are up for coffee and other people you know can do the same?
  526. Gumshield teeth monitor app. An app that syncs to a censored gumshield that lets you know your teeth health and what teeth to focus on when brushing/ flossing.
  527. Neighbourhood watch app. An app that notifies all neighbors when one home security system on the street has been set off.
  528. Apple needs to add two new alarm options: an “ease in” option that would start at low volume and increase the volume over time + ability to edit snooze length.
  529. An app that shows you a floor plan of the closest Starbucks & where the open seats are & if they’re near outlets.
  530. Tinder for motivational quotes.
  531. An app for travelers where when you enter into a high crime area, you get a warning notification.
  532. A chat/date app that randomly connects you to someone within 100 meters and remains anonymous unless you both agree.
  533. AppleWatch should have a feature where it would pulse faster or slower depending on if you’re closer or farther from the phone.
  534. Augmented reality hopscotch game.
  535. Paint houses black in colder regions to preserve energy.
  536. Create movie cinema seats where, if you kick the seat in front of you, the force is replicated on your own chair.
  537. Cheetos flavored Doritos.
  538. A laundromat/ coffee shop hybrid.
  539. An app where you don’t get to read the comments and replies until you’ve commented your own opinion. Force you to formulate your own thought before being swayed in either way by the other responses.
  540. An app where you put together a playlist of your favorite music & the app matches you with people that have similar tastes.
  541. Twitter chrome extension that notifies you which annoying trend/news item is about to blow up and allows you to mute all related words with one tap.
  542. An alarm clock that wakes you up with inspiring TED talks.
  543. An app where you could type in how your feeling and the app would suggest songs to listen to.
  544. A setting on my phone where I could choose to never, ever be asked to rate an app.
  545. AR Bonsai. Take your Bonsai anywhere with you.
  546. Vehicles should have a thank you light located at the rear that lights up with the press of a button that you press whenever someone allows you to merge into their lane.
  547. A Twitter equivalent of the Instagram explore page.
  548. An app where people write nice things about their friends/acquaintances and then on a bad day you can access one at a time.
  549. A car audio system that senses when your car slows down and turns the music down accordingly.
  550. An app made where everyone can share what kind of dreams they experience.
  551. When inputting credit card info online they should require the card owner’s birth year.
  552. A smoke alarm with a “Cooking” mode that’s synced to your cooking appliances.
  553. A bookmark option on Instagram. If I don’t feel like looking through my entire feed I want to save my spot, come back to it, then start looking at new stuff.
  554. An undo button for Spotify when I accidentally click on a song and ruin my shuffle.
  555. Children’s book about a group of fairies that sneak into your room every night and mess up your hair.
  556. Instead of horrible lounge music why not learn a language while on hold with customer support.
  557. A weather app that tells me “Wear a sweater today.” “Bring an umbrella.” “Today is short sleeve weather.” Then, at the end of the day, you tell it whether you were dressed too warmly, too coldly, or just right, so it can adapt to your specific preferences.
  558. An app where you can find local people to give you directions and ideas for places to eat.
  559. Google should rent out ad space overlayed on to billboards on Google Maps.
  560. An additional blinker that signals that you are going to make a U-turn.
  561. A betting website where the public place bets relating to the failings and false promises of politicians and the government.
  562. An app that uses the facial recognition on phones to find gifs or photos that match your reaction.
  563. Shopping trolleys with turn signals.
  564. Tinder for musicians, the app for musicians who want to start/ join a band.
  565. An app that automatically cycles through free streaming services whenever you hit an ad.
  566. Email software that takes long emails and paraphrased them into bullet points.
  567. An app to request a food truck to come to a certain location, the truck’s location would be based on how many people requested that area.
  568. WhatsApp should have a feature where it reminds you to respond to texts that you have read but didn’t reply to.
  569. Tinder for creatives — artist, writers, photographers, bloggers etc. Ability to swipe right for possible collaborations with each other.
  570. A meta subscription service that gives access in one shot to: Economist, WSJ, NYT, and Financial Times.
  571. Find my credit card app. An app that you could sync to your credit card via Bluetooth.
  572. A service that transfers stickers from an old laptop to a new one.
  573. Animal pounds should partner up with offices who want an office cat/ dog. Increase more people engaging with the animal which leads to increased chance of someone adopting, at the very least the animal gets a bit of company for the day.
  574. Apple photos feature that prompts you when you save a duplicate image with the option to delete.
  575. Skype should add filters to their video calls.
  576. I wish there was a night mode for notes app.
  577. Interactive headphones that allow other people listen to your music with the same make via Bluetooth.
  578. An LED display for displaying digital stickers/logos that you can add to your laptop. For people in the startup community who don’t want to ruin their laptop with actual stickers.
  579. A website like Netflix or Hulu that had only old 90’s cartoons from Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, & Nickelodeon
  580. Software that allows you to preview contents of a zip before downloading.
  581. An app like tinder but for pairing you with new shows to binge watch and you swipe yes or no to their trailers and synopses.
  582. Headphones that shift to mono audio when you remove one side from your ear.
  583. Spoiler blackout. A chrome extension where you enter in the Movie/ TV show you want to blackout spoilers and ability to choose which social networks to filter.
  584. Healthy food/ sweet options at the cinema.
  585. An iPhone feature where you can undo the action of moving/ deleting an app by accident. Nothing worse than when you accidentally move/ delete an app on your home screen.
  586. An AI fridge that monitors your grocery items and tells you what you need to reorder.
  587. A WIFI router that around your child’s “bedtime” changes the wifi password so only the parents can access.
  588. An app where you get ‘X amount of’ unlocks of your phone per day and after your limit, each time you unlock your phone you donate $2 to a savings account
  589. A 24-hour wine delivery service.
  590. An app that lets kids do programming or math tasks in order to unlock the games/ social networks on the device.
  591. Uber eats but instead, Uber drinks. An alcohol delivery service.
  592. An app that reminds you to buy a card and mail it in time for it to arrive for birthdays/holidays?
  593. Bath bomb delivery service.
  594. Metal detectors rental service at the beach.
  595. An app for beer gardens on sunny days where every beer garden in a city inputs their capacity and how many seats they have left.
  596. An app the tells you how busy skateparks are.
  597. A screenshot app that automatically blurs personal data.
  598. Auto translate Instagram messages/ comments into your default language selection.
  599. An iPhone setting to make your app icons transparent so you can see your wallpaper.
  600. Weightlifting/ gym shoes with a Kevlar tip, to save your toes when you drop a weight on them.
  601. iPhone feature to lock your phone and a set time and unlock at another. Great way to force you to go asleep. You can still answer calls.
  602. An app which recognized when you copied text from a website, then took that website’s URL, runs it through easybib, then when you paste the quote in your Word document, it inserts the in-text citation and then the full citation at the end of your paper
  603. Tinder but for people trying to find workout buddies.
  604. A pinky emoji so that you could send pinky promises over messages.
  605. Apple should have a time mute function for app notifications.
  606. An App to find missing people/ animals. The app updates in real time of missing people/ animals in your area.
  607. Delivery service just for snacks.
  608. An app where you can scan a page of handwriting and it types it up for you.
  609. A car feature where if it reaches a certain temperature and it senses movement within the car it will automatically roll down the window a certain %. This will save both children & dogs left in the car on hot days.
  610. An app to tell me what the estimated wait time is at my local post office.
  611. An anonymous or incognito feature on Instagram to view a person story.
  612. A car feature that tells you if you’ve been spotted by a speed camera.
  613. Netflix should have an option to add a black background to the subtitles. A lot of the time the white text gets lost.
  614. As an April fools joke, Shazam should identify every song as Rick Astley — Never Gonna Give You Up.
  615. 24-hour library.
  616. Emoji update where you can choose different colors/fur types for animal emojis.
  617. An app where you can request childcare come to you immediately. An example — I really need a nap, they come over for an hour and I pay $100.
  618. A dating website where post your top five fictional character crushes.
  619. Scale parking fines according to the person’s income.
  620. A browser extension that automatically fixes grammar mistakes. I’m sick of seeing the wrong use of ‘your’ when they should be using ‘you’re’
  621. Tinder for finding a barber. Get matched with barbers who have similar interests to yourself so you can talk about stuff you like.
  622. An app where I input my eyeglass prescription and the screen will adjust so that I don’t need to wear my glasses when using my phone.
  623. I wish there was a text tone for the sound iPhones make when you download an app ?
  624. A parking ticket that is mint flavored so when you put the ticket in your mouth when you’re looking for parking you get fresh breath.
  625. A livestock tracking app for farmers.
  626. An app similar to find my iPhone but for your earphones.
  627. Twitter should have a ‘hide tweet from’ option feature.
  628. Instagram should allow polls with more than two options.
  629. Golf ball tracker app. An app that gives you the location of your golf ball.
  630. An app that identifies bugs and animals that you take a picture of.
  631. Shazam for cosplayers.
  632. Tinder for roommates and house sharing. The app would match your personalities such as whether you’re a party animal or like a clean bathroom etc.
  633. Laundry service app scheduling service. Similar to Instacart but for laundry.
  634. A backpack that can be opened with fingerprint ID only.
  635. An Instagram feature where you can reply to comments directly from the notifications tab.
  636. An app that, based on GPS coordinates, will tell you about interesting historical events/facts that occurred at your current location.
  637. Bank accounts should have an option to donate your spare change to charities automatically every week. i.e If I have $123.30 in my bank, the bank will donate the $0.30 to a charity of my choice.
  638. An app for parents/students to track when their school bus is coming.
  639. Table tennis that automatically adjusts its height according to who’s playing. So for kids, it would lower to the children’s height and raise to the adult’s height.
  640. A way to gift digital ebooks — providing a choice of device type and ability to enclose inscriptions!
  641. Shazam for skin rashes
  642. A subscription service that sends me a new #iPhone cable every 2–3 months.
  643. Autocorrect for drunk text. An anti-drunk message feature that converts drunk messages into politically correct ones!
  644. Shazam for skin rashes.
  645. I wish AirPods should connect simultaneously while switching between Mac and iPhone.
  646. A water fountains/ taps finder. Users would post locations of fountains/ taps for others to visit and review.
  647. A hyperlink color that is lighter than the ‘clicked link’ color and use it to represent links/posts you’ve scrolled past, but never clicked.
  648. VSCO app for desktop.
  649. An app that’s a combination of LinkedIn and Tinder. Where you match with other people working in your field and you can connect/ network with them, get advice, bounce ideas off them, apply for jobs etc.
  650. A practical way we can reuse prescription bottles at the pharmacy instead of them regularly giving us new bottles.
  651. A Dragons Den/ Shark Tank product subscription service. Set a budget and every month you get sent a product that gets picked up on the show.
  652. GMAIL should have a GDPR tab so I could review/ unsubscribe all at once.
  653. A way to easily share dissertations and theses.
  654. A website that connects college students with host families.
  655. A manga reading service like Hulu where you pay a few $ per month to get unlimited manga.
  656. A running app for women who like to run at night. The app will connect you with other women who run at night in your area.
  657. Shazam for sneakers. Take a picture of someone’s sneakers and the app will tell you where to buy them.
  658. A cinema app where you can order food and drink to your seat.
  659. A debit card feature that could block me from buying particular items a set amount of times per day/ week/ month/ year. Example: “I’m sorry, David, you have surpassed your daily limit for coffees. Please try again tomorrow.”
  660. An app that sends you a notification when your TV show returns from a commercial break.
  661. They should have animal rescue centres in airports. Imagine your flight was delayed and you got to hang out and be bros with a sweet dog for a few hours.
  662. A box of five senses. Five objects in a box set to help sharpen your sense of taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight.
  663. An IDE or text editor with a built-in media player.
  664. A website where you can debate with people. Just type in what you want to debate about and then you get paired with someone.
  665. A shuffle button on Netflix for TV shows. Netflix would choose a random episode to start from.
  666. An app that cancels plans for you. It sends well thought out & genuine reasons why I can’t attend.
  667. Instagram/ Twitter option to leave a reason why you’re blocking someone.
  668. Twitter feature for muting a specific article.
  669. All seats on public buses should have their own bin.
  670. A library book lending period should be based on how long the book is or based on the average lending time of the reader.
  671. WhatsApp feature where you can edit your voice messages (split/ delete/ noise filters etc).
  672. An app like Tinder but for finding friends.
  673. A website that ranks events or speakers to help you decide if you should go or not.
  674. An app where you earn points for not being on your phone while driving. The points would be used to receive rewards or discounts from participating companies.
  675. A website where you could resell flights.
  676. Microwaves and pacemakers should sense each other and shut off the microwave when someone with a pacemaker is near.
  677. Apple Music AI feature where it remembers your volume settings for every song and turns it up or down accordingly. Some songs I like turned up and some I like turned down.
  678. A battery powered self-heating plate to keep your food hotter for longer.
  679. A wearable device that is equipped with a solar-powered armband that can charge it.
  680. iPhone spam caller button for all these incoming spam calls.
  681. Garden app where if I hold my phone over my plants the app will tell me which are plants and which are weeds.
  682. A microwave that turns itself off when it detects smoke.
  683. A car that adjusts the tempo of the indicator after a determined amount of time so that drivers won’t forget they’ve left them on.
  684. An app that has a list of all your clothes and shoes. Let’s you categorize them and create outfits.
  685. VR wedding videos. Film your wedding using 3d cameras for multiple perspectives. The married couple can later view their wedding via VR glasses reliving the whole day.
  686. Headlights should automatically turn on when it gets darker.
  687. SubsribeBlock. Similar to Adblock but it blocks all those annoying subscribe pop up boxes on every single website.
  688. An app that’s a mix between Twitter and Spotify where you can share a part of a song and quote your thoughts while people that follow you can share, like, and comment.
  689. They should teach kids that money doesn’t buy happiness in school.
  690. iPhone feature where you use your camera to scan WiFi credentials and it automatically connects.
  691. An audio social network. You leave audio messages, no text, and you listen to posts as running conversations in genuine voices.
  692. Cover that adjusts its thread weight depending on how hot or cold it is.
  693. Car manuals should come with an app for your phone.
  694. A site like where can generate relevant avatars to your country based on your IP.
  695. A “disable like for X amount of time” feature on Instagram so I can cruise Instagram without having to worry about liking a photo by accident.
  696. An app where you can take one video and upload it to all your social media stories.
  697. Take a picture of a business card with an iPhone and it automatically adds it as a contact.
  698. Petrol home delivery.
  699. An app to meet people at airports while you wait.
  700. Face masks for pollen protection.
  701. An app where you find out who else on the plane wants to split a cab to town or maybe going to the same hotel etc.
  702. A hitchhiking app. The app will look for a vehicle that has the same end destination as you and uses the same road as your pickup location. Then they will notify the vehicles who fulfilled these criteria and they can choose to accept or not.
  703. A messaging app where the individual characters appear in real time on the other person’s screen.
  704. An app where you enter your diet and it tells you what vitamins etc you are lacking.
  705. A Google Maps feature for cyclists that allows you to adjust your route based on the weather.
  706. A cooking app that shows you recipes based on what ingredients you have in your fridge.
  707. IMDB should have the picture of the character in the movie you’re looking for next to the actor.
  708. Instagram feature to like Instagram stories
  709. Comedy Central Roasts alarm clock app. An alarm clock where comedians insult you until you get up.
  710. An app where you take a picture of a spider or a snake and it tells you what it is and if it’s poisonous.
  711. An app where anonymous people can help you respond to texts?
  712. An Uber for lawn care.
  713. A travel bag that tells you via an app how heavy it is.
  714. Instead of “America’s next top model”, why not have “America’s next top role model” for our children.
  715. Hackathon app. Find and join upcoming hackathons in your area.
  716. Shazam for art.
  717. A board game rental service.
  718. A travel bag that tells you via an app how heavy it is.
  719. Instead of “America’s next top model”, why not have “America’s next top role model” for our children.
  720. Hackathon app. Find and join upcoming hackathons in your area.
  721. Shazam for art.
  722. Tinder for playdates for mothers who want their kids to play with other kids who also have similar interests.
  723. A board game rental service.
  724. An app for sober flat sharers.
  725. A Premiere Pro feature that scans your project files and marks things you haven’t used & automatically trashes them for you.
  726. An app that informs you when someone in your area orders food and allows you to “add-on” your order to be delivered to you.
  727. Netflix feature that compares your Netflix list with someone else’s and shows what items you have in common.
  728. A service to help people find compatible organs. Tinder but for organ donors.
  729. A status on online comments to verify if the person really read the article or merely commented based on the title.
  730. An option to bcc on WhatsApp.
  731. Tinder needs a ‘who’s your friend’ button.
  732. A way to poke someone to respond to your email.
  733. Hire temporary phones for a boarding pass.
  734. A Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter feature to “Hide this person for one month”… Give them a time out for being annoying without writing them off entirely.
  735. An app like Tinder that was just for making friends.
  736. People take smoke breaks in work, non-smokers should take mental health breaks. It’s actually healthy to get up for 15 minutes every hour to stretch the body and mind.
  737. I wish there was a way to mute commentary for all sports games.
  738. A website that lets you queue YouTube, Vimeo, and other videos.
  739. An app to connect you with people who are going to the same concert/ event as you.
  740. Uber for tuk-tuks.
  741. A drive-thru dominoes.
  742. Twitter feature to filter your DMs to put the unread ones at the top.
  743. Group therapy app. An app where you connect depressed people with people near them to chat too or meet up.
  744. Remote control scooters for parents. Control your children’s speed on the streets.
  745. Digital wedding rings that are wirelessly rechargeable and have LED lights inside them. The rings beat and glow brighter the closer the two rings are together.
  746. An app that connects you to other people when you feel an anxiety attack coming on.
  747. Shazam for candle scents.
  748. An app that compares Uber and Lyft Prices and then books you the cheaper ride so you don’t have to open both apps and enter your location!
  749. Sun cream fountains at beaches. Similar to water fountains. Pay $1 and receive
    sun cream for the days you forget.
  750. A mix between home improvement & Airbnb. Allow people from different countries
    with construction skills to stay in your house. Instead of cash payment, they fix up your house.
  751. An app ai wardrobe, linked with online retailers to suggest clothing.
  752. Bring back intermission at movies so you can go to the bathroom or buy snacks
    without missing the movie.
  753. Physical books should come with a digital copy similar to vinyl records or Blu-Rays/DVDs.
  754. Cars should come equipped with emergency lights, only to be used in an emergency. Flicking the lights would automatically alert all authorities in the proximity. This way you’d have the same caution as pulling the fire alarm and would also deter people from abusing the system.
  755. A hairdresser app that has a feature to decide if you want to have a conversation with the barber or not.
  756. A website where people can get feedback for their ideas/resumes/works, and also get viewed by investors and employers.
  757. A universal method of wearing rings to tell more people about where you stand in the dating market.
  758. A chrome extension that took long emails and paraphrased them into 2–3 bullet points.
  759. A bank app feature where you can let them know you’re on holidays so they don’t freeze your account.
  760. World Cup App idea. An app to let you call fouls via the app on players during the game. At the end of each half, you could compare a chart/ graph against real fouls/ other users called on players.
  761. Running AI app synced with your Fitbit/ google maps. The app through a mixture of voice/ music encourages you based on your goals. “Come on Dave, you’re currently 60 seconds quicker than yesterday, take a left here as the traffic lights are down up ahead *intense music* ”
  762. A website where new users get rated by the opposite sex and you only get to swipe with people within a few points.
  763. A platform that could recommend personalized diets for people with autoimmune problems.
  764. An app similar to Instagram but rather than likes, it is time viewed. The app tracks the time spent viewing a picture and under each photo, it will show how much time users have spent viewing.
  765. Clothing store where salespeople have instant mobile-based billing to avoid queues at the counter.
  766. An app that shows you how long is the security line at the airport?
  767. Night mode on speakers that detects brainwaves and shuts off music off when you fall asleep.
  768. Dockless bikes, deckles scooters… what about dockless pogo sticks.
  769. A TV screen that auto adjusts to one’s corrective lens prescription.
  770. Temporarily injured parking spots.
  771. Creche cinema service so people won’t take their young kids to rated R movies.
  772. An email feature that scans each email and categorizes them into 2 folders — formal and informal.
  773. A gym that disables your camera phone.
  774. Measuring cups should have their own weight written on them, so you can just subtract it if you forget to press the tare button on a scale.
  775. A business of renting out costume boxes to kindergartens so kids there can play dress ups
  776. Glassdoor clone where freelances rate their experience with businesses i.e stay away I had to chase for money etc
  777. A website that helps you contact your elected officials with ease.
  778. A way to poke someone to respond to an email.
  779. A Dyson style hand-dryer but for dishes.
  780. Mosquito repellent which smells nice.
  781. A browser extension that shows where I can buy an Amazon product at a local business.
  782. A Chrome extension to block any posts that contain animal cruelty on all social networks.
  783. Twitter option to create folders for your messages.
  784. Ability to filter films on Netflix by rating (G, PG, etc.)
  785. An app that will randomly set off an alarm during all hours to better prepare you for having a kid. To turn off alarm you must sing a lullaby.
  786. Book Depository should have a feature where you can chat to other users viewing the same book in real-time. Be great to talk to other people about the author or previous books you read etc.
  787. Karaoke app, think of it like group facetime with music and lyrics.
  788. A gym that reduces your monthly fee based on how frequent you go.
  789. Netflix should have an “I’m feeling lucky button.”
  790. A voice-activated kitchen tap.
  791. A WhatsApp feature that notifies you when someone opens your message.
  792. An app where you can color pictures with your friends.
  793. Undo delete option on iPhone Mail.
  794. An app that ranked restaurants/bars/coffee shops by how air-conditioned they are.
  795. On-demand ATM service for when you need cash.
  796. An app to diagnose vehicle engine noises.
  797. An iPhone feature where Siri screams when you drop your phone.
  798. A monthly subscription service where someone collects your makeup brushes and cleans them.
  799. An app that reminds me to respond to texts I’ve read.
  800. An Instagram feature where you can sync your desktop to live stories. Be great to share design/ programming tutorials in real-time. Think of it like SkillShare/ Udemy but for stories.
  801. A service where I can verify the price of car spare parts.
  802. iPhone feature where it will send you a notification if an app has been detected using the camera without you knowing.
  803. Twitter shows followers/ following, they should also show how many times you’ve been blocked/ reported. I feel this would make users think twice before trolling/ abusing someone. You would have the ability to toggle its public visibility on and off.
  804. YouTube edit feature that suggests music tracks to your video uploads.
  805. A heat-color changing pan handle
  806. Kids scary shampoo bottle that makes a sick noise when you squeeze it.
  807. iPhone feature where If you’re on 1% battery Siri says “help me I’m dying”.
  808. A FaceTime feature where you could turn on/ off subtitles.
  809. Twitter feature (optional): if you upload a new Twitter profile photo it will create a new tweet with the photo and the #newprofile.
  810. A non-profit that has access to fruit trees on people’s property. They would pick the fruit at the right time and then use the fruit to feed the homeless.
  811. A way to mute the Vuvuzela when watching the World Cup on TV.
  812. An option to make certain tweets private that only other users with the code could unlock to view.
  813. A Twitter feature where I could toggle retweets on and off on my timeline so that I could actually read tweets from the people I follow.
  814. Alexa skill called ‘Dress Code’. It will let you know what to wear depending on where you’re going.
  815. An app where you cough into your phone and it tells you what type of cough you have.
  816. Natural peanut butter jars should come in short, extra-wide jars to facilitate easier stirring.
  817. A trading app like Tinder where you trade items like furniture, phones, and other things.
  818. Farmer’s market drive-thru.
  819. Netflix should allow profiles to be private.
  820. A robot that would rack your weights for you.
  821. Location-based music playlists. A music app feature that would suggest different playlists depending on where I am. If I’m in the office — chill playlist, if I’m at the gym — Hip Hop/ Rock etc.
  822. Every receipt should have a QR code so you can scan it, record the transaction securely, then throw away the paper bit.
  823. Outdoor children’s games synced to their phone. The more time the kids play on the outdoor games the more time they can spend on their phone. #balance
  824. Fat cats app. A game where you play against your friend. The idea is you feed your cat with money. The more active/steps you take the more your cat feeds and the fatter it gets. You can bet money to see who has the fattest cat at the end of the week/ month/ year. The app can sync with your wearable device.
  825. Shazam for fonts.
  826. iPhone should be able to turn back on as soon as I plug it into the power outlet instead of having to wait 5 minutes.
  827. Politicians should get a small shock if they dodge a question on live TV.
  828. Alexa should only respond to children if they say “please” or “thank you”. Emergency calls override the restraints.
  829. Connect cyclists with drink drivers. The cyclist would cycle to the person’s location/ put their bike in the car and drive them home.
  830. When your hands are full ask Siri to scroll up or down by voice.
  831. Should be a “no wifi needed” category in the app store.
  832. An app that alerted you when the gym machine you’re waiting for becomes free.
  833. Shazam should have a feature that lets you know you’ve already Shazamed a song so you don’t repeat yourself.
  834. An app where you scan a photo and it lets you know what app and filters were used to edit it.
  835. iPhone feature that if another iPhone user is in the same room as you and a phone rings, your iPhone will tell you if it’s you or not “David, it’s you ringing.”
  836. On-demand service pregnant women that delivers them anything they are craving.
  837. Smart Fridge that closes itself, rather than playing a loud annoying alarm until it’s closed manually.
  838. An e-mail service that detects Out of Office status and asks if you still want to send that e-mail.
  839. Motion-activated sinks that don’t turn on until at least 5 seconds after the soap has been dispensed.
  840. Windows that quickly become opaque when detecting a bird is flying towards it.
  841. A shower device that sets the correct blend of cold and hot water for people in your house and then slowly turns on cold water when you’ve been in the shower for more than a set time.
  842. All household appliance should have a QR code which, when scanned, would lead straight to the manual download page.
  843. An app where you can type in what gym you go to and all the people who also go there pop up and you can choose your partner.
  844. An app that automatically fills airport wifi sign up with a dummy email address when you go to log in.
  845. Hazard lights that change a different color depending if you wish to signal others you’re turning left or right.
  846. Radio stations that play progressively more upbeat music as traffic conditions get worse.
  847. A site that automatically assembles videos of public events from social media and edits them into a single multicamera viewable experience.
  848. iPhone feature built in style of tinder to delete photos.
  849. An app where you can customize a voodoo doll and then interact with it.
  850. An app that tells you where the nearest McDonald’s that has a working ice cream machine.
  851. A charger that stops charging when your device is fully charged.
  852. A little lightbulb on our house keys, showing if the house is locked or not.
  853. iPhone feature where if you hold down the decline call, it gives you the option to immediately block the caller.
  854. A Tl;DR Slackbot that summarizes all messages that you missed while offline.
  855. A LinkedIn filter that auto-blocks any non-custom connection request.
  856. Dynamic jewelry that reconfigures itself to suit your location.
  857. iPhone feature that shows me how many km my fingers has swiped every day.
  858. An app that edits out sirens and horn honks in music when played in your car.
  859. A bot which reveals who everyone is subtweeting.
  860. A bathroom mirror that takes selfies for you.
  861. Hotel review site that lists verified WiFi download speeds.
  862. Save to drafts option on the Twitter desktop. Why is this not a thing, they have it on the mobile app?
  863. AR labeling points of interest, towns, etc. built into the airplane window so you know what you’re looking at with touchscreen interaction.
  864. Headphones that instantly pause the source when you remove them.
  865. Holographic children that run onto the road when the system identifies a speeding car.
  866. An Amazon feature that posts random presents to you. Select the amount of money that you would like to spend, then it randomly picks items from your cart, or a list of products, and ships it to you. Receive a lovely surprise in the post each month.
  867. WhatsApp feature to save audio messages to your phone.
  868. Amazon Alexa that can detect boredom and come up with trivia challenges for you in real time.
  869. Google search results should block sites that make you subscribe in order to see the article.
  870. The ability to donate the collective number of minutes between when a conference call is scheduled to begin and when a conference call actually begins to charity.
  871. A shower head that doubles up as a microphone. Synced via Bluetooth with an app so you can share your signing with friends.
  872. A “ Stop showing me this product” button on advertisements.
  873. A chat app for new parents out there who are awake during the late shifts.
  874. Smart directional fire sprinklers that drenches people who smoke in nonsmoking areas.
  875. An elevator that when empty will go to the floor with the most people near the button.
  876. Coupon & shopping list app that sorts items by store layout to minimize back-tracking.
  877. Windshield wipers that shake themselves to remove ice build up.
  878. Smart Pill dispenser synced with a smartphone app for the elderly. Vibrates phone when pills dispensed. Family can check status remotely.
  879. An iWatch app that understands your Sleep Cycle and shuts down the entire house (lights, tv, phone, door locks, garage door, etc.) into sleep mode when you cycle into a deep sleep! On wake, your coffee machine starts.
  880. Spray on nail varnish.
  881. A toilet that tests your pee and sends data to your phone for daily health recommendations.
  882. iMessage app that allows you to schedule messages for later.
  883. Engagement ring rental service.
  884. Color e-ink display on the reverse side of a laptop screen for digital stickers.
  885. A mobile browser that auto-clicks the tiny ‘X’ on pop-up ads.
  886. Clothing hangers with an e-ink display that tells you when the last time you wore that item of clothing. Also synced up to an app to tell you which item gets the least wear so you can give it to charity.
  887. A calendar that tells your colleagues what time slots you have free and also what time zone you’ll be in.
  888. An app where you take a picture of yourself and you receive a complete set of emojis with your face.
  889. iPhone Siri feature. A car app partnered with Siri where you can ask what the speed limit is while you’re driving or Siri will tell you to slow down.
  890. An alarm app connected to GPS that could wake me up from a nap before my bus stop.
  891. Headphones earplugs should be contrasting colors to differentiate between right and left.
  892. Smart traffic lights that trigger notifications on all nearby phones when they change. “The light turned green, now is the time to put down your phone and drive.”
  893. Machine learning app that correctly adjusts your friends arrival time when they say there, “15 minutes away”
  894. Luggage that looks like giant sushi so baggage claim looks like a huge sushi revolving belt.
  895. Phones that can only be powered by the sun, a great way to get kids outside.
  896. Toilet seats that double as scales. Because they don’t lie, you KNOW you’ve been curious about your weight before and after!
  897. Bars should have an app where you can vote if the DJ should skip the trash song they’re playing, and if it reaches to 20% of the occupants at the bar they skip the song.
  898. A roommate locating service that matches based on interests.
  899. An audio-based dating app, where profiles contain no photos but just sound recordings of people describing themselves. For those of us very sensitive to sounds & words, this could be a powerful & novel way to connect people.
  900. An app for people with social anxiety that tells them where the bathroom is in a restaurant so you don’t have to bother the staff.
  901. An app like tinder but to find musicians to start bands with.
  902. An app that lets you rate your day and look for patterns that affect your mood.
  903. Convenience stores that get robbed should keep a bright colored spray can under the counter and use it like pepper spray. The bright color will help police find the culprit.
  904. Universal loyalty program as a game with levels and leaderboard with actual rewards from brands.
  905. Object recognition scanners at checkouts so that all those sticky labels on fruit & veg can be eliminated!
  906. Bras should have pockets.
  907. Build children’s playgrounds on the land of Nursing homes.
  908. Uber for suitcases so you don’t have to stumble around town with bags. Instead have them picked up and delivered to the airport for later.
  909. VR Treadmill for open world games. A passive mode that lets you wander the wastelands of Fallout, or walk the streets of Los Santos in GTA 5 uninterrupted.
  910. Podcasts should have a searchable speech to text to go with them. Will make it a lot easy to find all podcasts related to a specific topic I want to search for!
  911. TL;DR versions of long text, should be put at the top of the article instead of at the bottom.
  912. A clothes dryer that automatically folds your clothes when they are dry.
  913. An AI that goes back over all my emails, finds chains about meetings I’ve forgotten to organise and adds a time in my diary.
  914. An AI dishwasher that tells me when I’m spending more time loading an item than it would take to wash it.
  915. Banana stickers with a live countdown of optimal ripeness.
  916. A tv that will pause what you’re watching if the sound in the room is suddenly loud.
  917. A toilet that evaluates if you’ve had enough water and nutrients each use.
  918. FaceTime should let you leave a Video-Voice Mail if the person you’re trying to reach can’t answer.
  919. An app that notifies when someone has an email reply in draft so you don’t have to bug them.
  920. An AI-powered app that tells you when to ignore Waze advice.
  921. Option to set the voice speed of any automated customer support. Press #2 if you want to listen at x2 speed etc.
  922. Headphones that display whether someone can interrupt you or not. You can set to busy, on call, available etc
  923. Coffee Thermos with a magnetic bottom in case you leave it on top of your car.
  924. Conference calls where everyone is given a set amount of time after their time is up they are cut off.
  925. Coffee /Teacup that changes color to show the coffee/ tea temperature.
  926. A noise-canceling toilet.
  927. A way to tell the car in front of you that it wasn’t you who honked at them.
  928. Option to set the voice speed of any automated customer support. “Press #2 if you want to listen at x2 speed etc.”
  929. Headphones that display whether someone can interrupt you or not. You can set to busy, on call, available etc
  930. Conference calls where everyone is given a set amount of time after their time is up they are cut off.
  931. A toilet that evaluates if you’ve had enough water and nutrients each use.
  932. An alarm app connected to GPS that could wake me up from a nap before my bus stop.
  933. An app that uses geolocation and voice recording to create guided tours and log oral history.
  934. An app that lets you mark off who completed a chore and over time see who does that chore what percentage of the time.
  935. Make boycotting easier. Barcode scanning app that tells you the true owner of the brand of product you want to purchase.
  936. Deodorant labels should all be scratch-and-sniff.
  937. Ovens that tell you when they last opened in case you forget to set a timer.
  938. Car keys should have a beeper that sounds when your car alarm does.
  939. A browser extension that would censor/remove based on keywords. Trump, Kardashian etc.
  940. Start over button on all social networks. Delete all your content, friends, comments, likes etc and start fresh.
  941. Self-cleaning car windows.
  942. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter option that hides your likes and follower count.
  943. Allow people to buy the whole TV show on Amazon Prime instead of just each season separately.
  944. A pill that reduces your need to sleep by 50%.
  945. Traffic lights that won’t give you a green light if your on your phone.
  946. Automatic salt dispensing winter boots.
  947. An app where you input your address and your friend’s address, and it maps out shops and restaurants that are halfway between your addresses.
  948. An app called “Gym Friends” where you match up with a local friend who will motivate you to go to the gym with them.
  949. Make cell phone cameras shoot in landscape mode when held in the vertical position on the back camera.
  950. Ben & Jerry’s drive thru.
  951. A candle that smelled like the smell of candles when you blow them out.
  952. A way to flag text messages
  953. AR app where you enter a book title or author that you like, then aim the phone camera at a bookshelf in a store and the app highlights the books you may be interested in.
  954. Add “parkour” to Google map routes..
  955. A way to buy a paper book and get the Kindle version for a nominal extra charge.
  956. Netflix should invent wearable glasses that will track your eye activity and when it senses your eyes are closed for more than 2 mins (asleep) it will pause and turn of your device.
  957. AR app where you point your phone camera at an apartment building and it tells you if any are for sale.
  958. A different firefighter siren for when they have to drive on the opposite lane.
  959. An app that alerts you when your favorite wines are on sale? And where they are sold.
  960. A ‘I went to a concert” section for snap stories that way i know not to look at them.
  961. A dislike button on Twitter.
  962. An AR app that lets you arrange your artwork on the wall before you commit to hanging it.
  963. Irish driver’s licenses should list your blood type.
  964. Scratch & sniff deodorant labels.
  965. Car keys should have a beeper that sounds when your car alarm does.
  966. A candle that smelled like the smell of candles when you blow them out.
  967. AR app where you enter a book title or author that you like, then aim the phone camera at a bookshelf in a store and the app highlights the books you may be interested in.
  968. An on-demand manicure service.
  969. An app that alerts you when your favorite wines are on sale. And where they are sold.
  970. An app that would tell me when to leave to pick up someone at the airport based on their flight status.
  971. Artist Radio that shows you what your favourite musician is listening to.
  972. Twitter should recommend tweets based on the posts you liked.
  973. Wearable Glass App where you could have staring competitions with random people. First one to blink loses. Compete against your friends in a leaderboard.
  974. Wearable glasses that act as an alternative to hearing aids. The glasses translate voice into AR captions/ subtitles.
  975. Microwave that automatically opens the door once the time has elapsed.
  976. Mandatory rock music in all public bathrooms!
  977. An app where i point my phone at a sign or graphic and it automatically tells me what it means.
  978. An app where you can insert someone’s face and it blocks it from showing up on all of your social media.
  979. Netflix should have a shuffle option.
  980. A melody/beats search where you input a song and get results of other songs with similar melodies and beats.
  981. Twitter feature that unfollows people your following if they follow Trump.
  982. Coffee shops should have markers to put on the table when you’re alone to let other people know you don’t mind them sitting and talking with you.
  983. A VR game where you play as the opposite gender for a day.
  984. LEGO should partner up with IKEA where LEGO makes instructions for IKEA furniture.
  985. A website filled with ads to help people test if their adblocker works.
  986. An app where you get the users to choose the best photo between two options.
  987. A travel website where I can find the cheapest flights by only inputting length of the trip.
  988. Traffic lights with progress bars until the next color change.
  989. An app that records meetings, then converts them into notes, and adds a tl;dr version.
  990. Add an option to Yelp where employees can rate their experiences with their employer.
  991. An app where you can create collaborative playlists.
  992. Anti-social phone. A phone for kids where they can’t download any social network apps.
  993. An app where you input a movie and it tells you when is the best time to go to the toilet or buy drinks/ food.
  994. A fridge that locks you out after a certain time.
  995. An app where you can input a TV or movie title and it will tell you if the TV/ movie is on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Amazon Streaming for purchase.
  996. An app where I can take a picture of a sheet of music and it will play it back for you.
  997. An app where you can debate with another user over a chosen subject, but you can only respond to an argument 24 hours later so you can formulate the best possible reply.
  998. A Netflix feature to create a playlist queue similar to YouTube.
  999. Glassdoor for government contracts.
  1000. A way to individually control other people’s mic volume in your online gaming chat.