Ideas 1000 – 2000

The Big List of ideas 1000 – 2000

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Ideas 1,000 – 2,000

  1. A website where people with similar (or the same) birth charts could connect.
  2. A movie theatre where all the auditoriums are unbooked. You pay to have them play any movie you want
  3. A smart fridge that you can scan food barcodes and ask to be notified a week before the food expires.
  4. A browser plugin that auto declines privacy pop-ups for websites.
  5. Collaborative art which can be forked and merged.
  6. Youtube feature where users who comment on a video your watching shows how much % of the video they watched.
  7. QR code for websites. iPhone feature that if you point the camera at a URL it opens it in your browser.
  8. Car windows that go up and down (when open) with speed — a bit like stereo volume already does.
  9. Shopping trolley with GPS built in. Scan your previous receipt and the trolley will tell the quickest route to take via built-in headphones.
  10. There should be a section in bars that say “designated drivers”
  11. The App Store/Playstore should support ordering apps by how many permissions they need.
  12. A website for whistleblowers to leak info, with rewards for the most upvoted leak of the month.
  13. A “build your own frozen yoghurt” type place but instead of dessert toppings you’re creating your own poutine…add as many cheese curds and fries and gravy etc as you want.
  14. A machine learning app which tracks the weather and the likelihood of falling sick. The app will tell you which vitamins to take to give you the best chances of preventing the likelihood of falling ill.
  15. A skill exchange website. Connect students across the world. Connect someone who is learning Physics but needs help with 3D modelling. Each time you help someone you get credits. You can use those credits to reach out to other members.
  16. Tea subscription service. Receive a certain tea based on what season it is. Ginger Chai during cold winters and maybe Green tea with lemon for the summer.
  17. Gym focused only on the elderly. The gym would focus on help in restoring mobility, functional health and reduce body pain while reducing weight through healthy eating and lifestyle changes.
  18. A smart wallet which is paired with your cell phone via Bluetooth. The wallet sends you an alert when you’re out of a set distance. “Hey Dave, just checking to see if you meant to leave me behind”
  19. An app for bloggers to help take the best photo depending on what location they are in. The app would let them know where all the sunflower fields, cute cafe’s and unique buildings are etc. (See Mockup below)
  20. A smart remote that makes a noise when you say “find remote!”
  21. A silent movie theater candy bag.
  22. An e-reader option that displays one word at a time and has a peripheral dial that lets you control the rate at which the words flash by
  23. The Escape Key should close pop-ups.
  24. A caption generator that allows you to plug in specific words and then comes up with an Instagram caption for you
  25. A dating app that connects you through your library card.
  26. Tinder should keep a counter for you of how many people you swipe left on that swiped right on you, so people can know if they need to be less picky.
  27. A Tooth Brush with a built-in toothpaste cartridge.
  28. Google map feature that shows you where you can afford to live based on your salary.
  29. When will youtube do an update where it allows you to still hear the video whilst not on the app.
  30. Scratch and sniff labels on fruit/ veg for the visually impaired.
  31. A twitter feature to tell someone why you’re unfollowing them. (See mockup)
  32. YouTube feature to change “Trending location” similar to Twitter “Trending for you”
  33. Album covers should have animated versions.
  34. A fitness application that has gamification mode, in order to compete with your gym friends.
  35. A website that allows you to filter political candidates by endorsements, so voters can get a better understanding of who to vote for.
  36. A smart email app. If someone sends you an attachment that you already have it will automatically open it up for you.
  37. An app called SweepstakeBot that aggregates sweepstakes and auto-submits entries on your behalf.
  38. An app that rates women’s clothing stores based off of how comfortable seating is for boyfriends and whether there’s wifi.
  39. Geoscience themed rock candy.
  40. Connect Google Earth with History API’s to travel in space and time.
  41. T-shirts where the graphics/ images adjust in shape as you gain/lose weight.
  42. An earthquake app that makes your phone vibrate to let you know of an approaching earthquake.
  43. Elastic tattoos that adjust in shape as you gain/ lose weight to keep their original form.
  44. Cars sold in areas with intense heat should have the option of redirecting AC to the trunk when carrying shopping bags.
  45. Wikipedia should have a “Show no pictures” button for when you’re trying to learn about something gross, but don’t want to view the imagery.
  46. Cars should have two horns, one for cars and one for pedestrians which would be a lower sound setting so that you could honk without scaring them.
  47. An iPhone feature where if you add someone’s email all of their social handles pop up and ask if you want to follow them.
  48. A way to send muted/non-alerting texts.
  49. An option on YouTube where you can look up what comments you have liked in the past.
  50. Gossip should have its own section in the news. Just like sports. It shouldn’t be mixed with the real news.
  51. Snapchat can recognise barcodes on products etc and load filters. How about the same thing on the stage area so that if you point Snapchat it shows you a message saying to enjoy the event or something fun.
  52. A cooking show that has an app where you can order what they’re cooking for delivery.
  53. High heels but you can pop off the heel and it becomes a flat shoe.
  54. An app where you can search for a reliable plug in your location.
  55. Mobile Amber Alerts should give a photo of the child and kidnapper.
  56. An app where two groups of indecisive-but-hungry friends make decisions for each other anonymously.
  57. An app which gives suggestions on how to pose for photos.
  58. Our phones should be programmed where if we lose them (in a small area), we say Marco and it responds with Polo.
  59. A Google maps feature where you enter two locations and have it figure out restaurants/places near the midpoint.
  60. Google map should have a feature for Halloween that tells you what road has the best Halloween decorations, so you know where to drive to show your kids.
  61. iPhone feature where kids have to answer a random question from a school subject every 1/2 hour in order to continue using the apps.
  62. A feature on Instagram where you can emoji react to someone’s post
  63. WhatsApp groups should have polls for easier decision making.
  64. Fitbit cat collars — track your cat’s activities.
  65. A self-cleaning gym shaker.
  66. Amber alert for cat’s. An app where your shown lost cat’s based on your GPS coordinates.
  67. An 8 ball app to help decide where you should go eat.
  68. A drone boomerang, guaranteed to always return to the thrower.
  69. TherapyCab. Uber but the drivers are certified therapists.
  70. The ability to type in bold or italics in WhatsApp.
  71. HeadSpace should give you the ability to change the voice to a female.
  72. Toilets that glow in the dark so you don’t have to turn on the light at night.
  73. Gmail feature where you can pin an email to the top so you don’t forget to reply.
  74. Porch lights that change color. I’m expecting a deliver, color changes to purple, their is an emergency my porch light changes to red (will also help the ambulance locate the house quicker.)
  75. An Instagram feature where you can delete all the photos of you and your ex on your profile. Simply enter in the persons @ username and press delete.
  76. A mobile application that helps to predict that bus delay by using machine learning.
  77. Sports bottle mouthwash.
  78. A healthy version of Applebees with a drive-through.
  79. Auto paragraphs for posts without them.
  80. Snapchat should have the option to mark snaps as NSFW.
  81. A browser extension to delay your twitter-feed to not see any spoilers.
  82. Trash Cans that can fit pizza boxes.
  83. Pokémon Snap but with Dogs you meet on the street.
  84. Speed limit signs should reward you with points for matching the speed limit. The points are recorded & redeemable at local venues.
  85. Separate lines for bus tickets at the terminal for tourists and locals.
  86. Headphones should have a rating on how much other people can hear your music.
  87. iPhones should let us set a reminder ‘Warn me when my battery has X amount of time left before it dies.
  88. An app that tells you where and when you can vote.
  89. An option on dating apps to link to our Goodreads accounts.
  90. Shazam for lipstick.
  91. Chrome extension for Youtube where the video will mute while the ad is playing and then click skip ad when you can.
  92. Google map app feature where, when you plot a journey from A to B, it highlights points of interest along the way.
  93. An iPhone setting where it automatically organizes app icons by their usage.
  94. A one-time age verification system.
  95. Food-Scented Air Fresheners to help cancer patients with no appetite.
  96. A digital learning tool/ platform to help entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life.
  97. An ice pack exchange service where people camping/driving can turn in their melted ice pack in exchange for frozen ice packs.
  98. Non-odorless tuna cans for the office.
  99. Double-clicking an elevator button should cancel it
  100. A messaging app feature that merges all the short messages into one with one notification.
  101. A podcast where two people speak to each other. One person speaks your language, the other speaks the one you are trying to learn.
  102. There should be hooks by the sinks in public washrooms to hang coats or bags on while washing and drying your hands.
  103. Instagram like counts should be displayed as a % of your followers.
  104. An app that shows you where the good trick or treating houses are.
  105. A travel card that has a strip which changes colour depending on how much money you have on it. Green means €20+, orange means between € 5–10 and red means €0
  106. A shuffle option for sitcoms on Netflix, similar to our music apps.
  107. A sticker you can affix to your mailbox to inform the postal service that you already voted, and therefore do not need any more political ads.
  108. An app that you can turn it on when walking alone at night that immediately sends your position, a series of photos and video to your next of kin when you say your unique safeword.
  109. A car alarm that you can add your name to the system. When the alarm is activated the car will loudly read out your name so you know it’s your car when in a parking lot.
  110. An app where you take a 3d scan of your arms. You can then add tattoo ideas to see if you like them.
  111. An app called CareBnB that supports those relocated by natural disasters to find shelter from those with a spare room.
  112. Instagram like counts should be displayed as a % of your followers.
  113. An app called “find my airpods”
  114. Social detox iPhone feature. When you enable this feature it moves all your icons to the last screen on your phone. You’re less likely to go looking for the app icon if it’s three screens away.
  115. Pokemon Go for LinkedIn — Linkedin Go — “Got to connect to them all!” The app will recognize other members, find them on LinkedIn and send them a connection request.
  116. A search engine where you can say “I only have X amount of money” and it will show you the foods/restaurants nearby that you can afford.
  117. Dark mode glasses. Glasses that turn any app on your phone to dark mode.
  118. An app where I post all of my free hours in blocks and people sign up for times to hang out.
  119. In case of a mugging scenario, ATMs should have a feature that if you enter 911 at the end of your PIN it alerts the police.
  120. If the ice cream machine at McDonald’s isn’t working the yellow ‘M’ out the front should turn red.
  121. Add an on/off switch to filter political posts on social media apps.
  122. Somebody should make a bar of soap with an indentation for the sliver of the previous bar of soap.
  123. A dating app, that instead of pictures you only see peoples bios.
  124. A feature that silents the morning alarm if you’ve been using your phone
  125. The first step in every food recipe should be “wash hands”.
  126. An SMS app that periodically reminds you to reply to texts you haven’t responded to.
  127. Restaurants should have a takeout/delivery “for dogs” menu section.
  128. A Device that’s record everything in a meeting, then converts to text and stores in cloud
  129. A web application in office to chat with colleagues an anonymously
  130. A newspaper printed on a paper bag you can use to bag your recycling
  131. A before/after comparison slider for websites
  132. Every grocery store should have a rack next to the egg display where shoppers can place egg cartons that have broken eggs.
  133. A whole section of YouTube for videos that don’t require sound.
  134. Autocorrect should provide punctuation choices for users who type entire paragraphs without using any.
  135. A chrome extension that filters out products from any shop where the products are made in a certain country.
  136. A YouTube feature that provides recommendation videos based on your emotions. (emoji)
  137. A WhatsApp feature where you can schedule messages.
  138. T-shirts which change colours depending on your body temperature.
  139. A table with temperature control.Ability to keep my coffee at a constant set level and also my laptop cool.
  140. AI umbrella that will constantly move according to it’s environment to make sure you’re always protected.
  141. An app where I can save articles for later reading but then receive a newspaper version of all the stories I haven’t read yet in the mail at the end of each month.
  142. A ring with a compartment for perfume so that, whenever you are out and suddenly need to update yourself you can simply dab yourself.
  143. A reminder app that detects when you are leaving the house and reminds you to bring your own custom list (Keys, wallet etc)
  144. Bucket list app. An app that groups people by similar bucket lists.
  145. Twitter should tell you how many times people have tried to create an account with your username.
  146. A freeway app that sends you an alert if your job commute route has a stoppage or delay of service.
  147. An app that scans facial expressions to find the perfect gif.
  148. Fitbit should have a “making love” as a workout option.
  149. Closed Caption glasses for movie theatres so the deaf can watch movies.
  150. A phone with 2 screens. The main one has no camera and the whole side is a screen. The other side has a normal camera with a “selfie screen”.
  151. Swimming goggles that let you see underwater when it’s dark so that you can go night swimming.
  152. Shopping carts that self-park in the cart corral.
  153. A two in one travel shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.
  154. Toothpaste in a jar similar to a peanut butter jar. The toothbrush is perfect for scraping along the sides and getting every last bit out.
  155. Hardware store delivery service.
  156. MacBooks with charger ports on both sides of the laptop.
  157. A hairbrush that’s an actual waterproof microphone.
  158. A spray that turns any display panel into an anti-glare panel.
  159. A car wash that was also set up like a haunted house. Get your car washed and also keep the kids entertained.
  160. A browser extension named tl;dr where people collaborate to summarize articles and web pages.
  161. A lightsaber hedge trimmer with automatic lightsaber sounds.
  162. We have invented Waterbeds so why not Watercouches.
  163. An app that sends your musical tastes to whatever club you’re in so that the playlist automatically adjusts to the tastes of who’s in the club.
  164. An app like Uber but instead it picks you up from the gym after Leg day, with a protein shake and a foam roller.
  165. Night delivery for coffee.
  166. Machine learning weather app where I can log what I wore on a given day, the temperature on that day and if I was too hot or too cold in it because I never know how to dress for the weather.
  167. An app where you type in a quote, it tells you which writer wrote that quote, then sends a thank you tweet to them.
  168. iPhone feature for the alarm clock. Usually, I turn my phone on silent but sometimes forget to change to loud when waking up. It would be great if my phone automatically turned my phone to loud after turning off my alarm.
  169. They should have a button in cars that turns on all outside lights so you can walk around and check that none are out by yourself
  170. Public washrooms should play music so that we don’t have to hear each other shitting.
  171. Modern cars should have a standardized slot on the dashboard where people could insert whatever design of dock they would want.
  172. AI video player that learns when the loud parts of a movie come up, the volume is automatically lowered and increased after that section is over
  173. A browser extension that automatically presses “accept” or “continue” on all questions, if you allow cookies on their website.
  174. Marvel should create a CGI Stan Lee to keep the cameos going.
  175. Highlighting text and pressing caps lock should capitalize/uncapitalize that text.
  176. A code that will revert your phone to a certain premade coverup if the police force you to unlock it.
  177. IMDB scores should be integrated into Netflix.
  178. Airbnb but for house parties.
  179. Google Maps should have a safety rating for routes filter.
  180. Crunchbase should tell us how different businesses make money.
  181. An app where you move your phone around in a room and it creates a heat map of where you get the best WIFI signal.
  182. WhatsApp feature to allow the ability to trim and edit your voice messages before sending.
  183. Hold music service with caller ID that identifies you and connects to your Spotify account while you wait for the help desk to answer your call.
  184. An app where you can draw your own route for someone and they get it as GPS directions.
  185. Bus stops should have heated seats for the cold winters.
  186. A progress bar for Fitbit Bluetooth sync.
  187. Invent silent candy packaging for movie theatres.
  188. A website that connects cosplay with hospitals so they can visit sick children and cheer them up.
  189. A backpack with a light inside.
  190. An alternative to Tumblr. Perfect time to roll it out. So many displaced people and content, perfect opportunity.
  191. A dating app synced with a wearable ring. When you’re in proximity to a match your ring glows brighter the closer you get.
  192. Exercise machine with an attached sweet cabinet that won’t open until you have burnt a certain number of calories.
  193. AI bin that comes on its own when you call it.
  194. Netflix and Spotify should have a ‘Pay Now’ option on their account page.
  195. A database of resumes that got people specific jobs so you know what direction to take to get those positions.
  196. Cheese filled french fries.
  197. LinkedIn should give you the option to edit sent messages within a conversation.
  198. An app where I can enter in the errands that I have to run and it tells me the quickest order to do them in to minimize driving time.
  199. An app for girls to help other girls pick out selfies.
  200. A “nap mode” for iPhones, so whenever I’m having a quick nap it responds to texts to let people know that I’m napping and not ignoring them.
  201. An app where I can input unhealthy food I’m craving and it will give me a list of healthy food that will satisfy that craving.
  202. A reaction button to people’s stories on Snapchat.
  203. All fire alarms should have built-in cameras, a great way to prevent pranksters.
  204. An App that would sync my jogging path with the traffic lights on my route so I know when I should run quickly to get those green light.
  205. An iPhone feature that keeps track of what apps you use the least and at the end of every month it suggests if you would like to delete them.
  206. WhatsApp option to leave WhatsApp groups without everyone knowing you’ve left.
  207. You should be able to choose hotel rooms like you can choose seats on a plane.
  208. The ability to mute YouTube recommendations.
  209. An app like Tinder that connects you with people in the area that have the same food cravings as you.
  210. A light on Apple phone chargers that determined whether the charger is working or not.
  211. A coffee shop that served Nutella on toast for breakfast.
  212. Public toilets with phone chargers.
  213. An Instagram feature where how much you like a post is generated by the length of time you hold the like button.
  214. A mute button on my blender.
  215. A Facebook bot that deletes all those stupid videos with screaming orgasms, it’s not even funny.
  216. A way for Netflix to show you how many times you’ve watched something.
  217. A Snapchat/ Instagram stories filter to filter out concert videos.
  218. We had chained wallets but what about chained phone cases.
  219. Apple music feature that gives me the ability to “bookmark” where I have stopped listening to a playlist, so I could go back later after listening to other things and resume from that spot.
  220. iMessage option to mark texts as unread so I don’t forget to reply to them
  221. Traffic chat app. The ability to chat to cars in a 3-mile radius. Find out whats causing the traffic, vent, or just play games to pass the time. The app only works when you’re stationary.
  222. A Twitter feature to see if a user is online.
  223. .The ability to donate your trolley coin to charity after you’ve finished shopping. Maybe some sort of coin drop mechanism.
  224. An AR app where you can “throw bottles into the sea and let them arrive anywhere in the world.” The app only works when you’re at the beach.
  225. An app where similar to Spotify, you can take a clip of a trailer for a movie/tv show and it will recognise that and add it to a list for you to check back on later.
  226. Gym keys that sync with your lock which can tell what number your locker is on an LCD screen.
  227. An app where you can put in your location and it will tell where the closest big green field is
  228. A website where you can swap costumes with another person to save yourself money.
  229. A vegetarian/healthier version of McDonald’s.
  230. A fresh fruit drive-thru.
  231. Every device should have a QR code that translates to a link to its instruction manual.
  232. A dating app where you pick what kind of food you want and then it matches you with a restaurant and a person that wanted the same food for you to go out with.
  233. Silent message. The ability to edit the message settings for individual people where you can turn off their notifications for the message. The text will not show up until they unlock their phone.
  234. Pitybot. An Instagram bot that will like your post out of pity when you get no likes after a certain duration of time.
  235. An app where you input your diet and it tells you what vitamins etc you are lacking.
  236. Linkedin should create a feature where you put in your dream job and it tells you what you need to do and how to get it.
  237. A website where you enter your location and it gives you a list of dinosaurs that lived there.
  238. Facebook naughty corner. A feature to “Hide this person for one month” Give them a time out for being annoying without unfriending them
  239. Location-based notification.iPhone notification “theme” settings. The ability to switch notifications between “office” and it’ll silence certain notifications while allowing others. And a “home” setting to allow all.
  240. iPhone option in the calendar app that you could select ‘Do not disturb’ mode for certain appointments.
  241. Smoke breaks are acceptable in work, it should be acceptable for nonsmokers should be able to take just as many breaks.
  242. Apple music should have a GTA playlist that would contain all the music they play on the car radios from all games.
  243. Your Bin should automatically return to your driveway or designated space after being picked up by the collectors.
  244. Install emergency call boxes at or near rural bus stops, prioritising those areas where they are most likely needed first. The call boxes could tie directly to 911. Add a camera so the dispatchers can see exactly what’s going on.
  245. Dark mode glasses. Glasses that turn any app on your phone to dark mode.
  246. Spotify should have a light mode feature.
  247. Netflix option to disable auto play of previews.
  248. iPhone settings should be able to sync to your GPS so it can tell where you are and change your phone settings accordingly. For example, when I enter a bookstore/ cinema/ library or church my phone should change from loud to silent/ vibrate automatically.
  249. Apple Music had a dark mode.
  250. Tinder for help. An app where elderly people can post what they need to be done and the younger generation can accept or decline. For example “I need help cutting my grass” or “I need someone to take my dog to the vet”
  251. Google ad option to tell your size to all the advertisers so they only show you ads that have clothes in your size.
  252. Apple Music handoff feature.
  253. Rental units should be rated for energy usage and efficiency during the year.
  254. An alarm clock that wakes you up with motivational advice so you can always wake up in a good mood.
  255. LinkedIn chrome extension that can tell you if someone is wasting your time.
  256. An option to read podcasts with captions.
  257. A way to tip people who work in retail.
  258. VR controllers for your feet. Be great for sports games like Fifa.
  259. Edible Food Tape, made with rice paper.
  260. Vending machines should have a built-in bar that you can manually move up and down in case your item gets stuck in between the screen and the spring.
  261. Wikipedia app feature where you press a button and it works out what documentary you’re watching then gives you a list of articles you can read for more info.
  262. Dog valet. A service that minds your dog while you eat in the restaurant.
  263. Tinder alternative, instead of pictures, you swipe on descriptions. If you swipe yes, you then get to see pictures and decide whether or not to go through with it.
  264. Laughing app. The app will respond to random laughter with laughter of their own.
  265. Google Images and Instagram should have an option to show the original source of the image.
  266. AR app where you can feed ducks anywhere you want. Just point your phone and swipe to throw bread. Ducks will appear and eat the bread.
  267. Dog-friendly church.
  268. Netflix lists should have folders to separate shows and movies.
  269. An app where you can post on Snapchat and Instagram stories at the same time.
  270. A website where you can rent cinemas with others for to watch films that are out of the theater like Harry Potter or Die Hard.
  271. All Cars should have an Augmented Reality option. Open the car hood and scan a QR code that starts an augmented view of the engine compartment with all parts labeled.
  272. An app where you can enter the movies you want to see and the streaming services you have and it alerts you when the movie is available.
  273. Facebook should have a feature for ads where you can donate. For example, if I see an ad for a charity I should be able to donate to the ad to keep it up for longer.
  274. Have separate bookmarks that you create when in incognito mode on Chrome. Bookmarks only appear when you’re in incognito.
  275. An app that can identify animals by their sounds or songs for birds.
  276. Facebook or iPhone App: the game “Guess Who” but with your Facebook friends.
  277. Paracetamol bottle water. For people on the go when they have a headache.
  278. Ice cream that contains chamomile, and other sleep ingredients to help keep you calm and cool.
  279. Blood donation app that sends you a notification each time your blood save someone’s life.
  280. A playlist of your favourite gifs that you can autoplay.
  281. A study app that locks all your social apps 1 month before your exams.
  282. A feature on freelance sites where you could anonymously tell someone they are not offering nearly enough money for what they’re asking for.
  283. An app for buses and trains where you can select what stop you’re getting off at and then it could set off a ringtone when you’re close in case you nod off.
  284. Receipts at barber shops that say what the haircut was.
  285. A website where I can enter my daily calories & it will generate a week’s worth of meal plans for me?.
  286. “Unsend” option on Twitter DM like the one on Instagram
  287. Netflix for eBooks. A subscription service for ebooks.
  288. An app where I set my workout schedule and if I don’t workout my phone will lock itself until I do.
  289. An Instagram user search bar on stories.
  290. A Snapchat feature to see what name you’re saved as on other people’s Snapchats.
  291. Pancake delivery service.
  292. A hose with a small radar sensor to dynamically adjust the pressure depending on the density of the flower, bush etc.
  293. Google should attach their Google cameras to wheelchairs. Collect the data to show where handicap access is limited.
  294. Program Siri to only respond to your children’s requests when they say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’.
  295. Stickers that are geo-tagged so you can stick them on whatever and then use an app to track whatever you want.
  296. A credit card setting that only allowed me to spend money on healthy restaurants/ food items.
  297. An app where you can book trips that shows others interested in the same trips. You then have the ability to connect together and travel together.
  298. A youtube channel where 5-year-olds read out Donald Trump’s tweets.
  299. Adblock that allows you to choose sites you want to support.
  300. A bar library, where you could drink beer/ wine, read, and people watch.
  301. An app where you can search a makeup/cosmetics brand and check if its cruelty-free.
  302. A notification on my phone whenever I type a message and forget to hit send.
  303. A range of gym make up, specifically designed to be sweat proof
  304. An app to input plot predictions from movies/tv while you watch.
  305. A sliced pan that contains only the heels.
  306. Instagram feature to like Instagram stories
  307. Disposable twist-on caps for standard aluminum cans to make them resealable.
  308. Emergency reserve power as a standard for phones. If you’re battery dies, enough power is reserved to power on and make a quick call.
  309. Public toilet paper with ads printed on them.
  310. An app where skaters can link up and skate together.
  311. Petrol delivery app. Next time you run out of petrol you can order petrol and have it delivered via the app.
  312. Transcription glasses. Glasses for the visually impaired, that when activated would display subtitles when people are talking.
  313. Netflix feature where it skips the scenes where animals die.
  314. An alarm clock where the only way to turn off is by doing 10 push-ups.
  315. An app where people post one playlist of all their favourite music and you can choose if you want to be friends with them or not based on the type of music they listen to.
  316. Healing Crystals as a Service.
  317. Instagram should swap likes for time. The app can tell how long followers spend on your content and will show how long people spend viewing your content. So instead of — 140 likes/ 12 comments you would see — 4hrs 12mins/ 12 comments.
  318. A monthly subscription box that links to your Apple Music/ Spotify music and sends band merchandise that goes along with what you listen to the most. Option to select what you prefer. (i.e. shirts, keychains, hats, posters)
  319. Online retailers should have a ‘browse by clothing fabric’ filter
  320. A social network that every year deletes all your content on December 31st.
  321. Twitter should ghost any Donald Trumps tweets that mention Kim Jong Un, Donald and his immediate family can see the tweet but the rest of the world won’t. They could set up a bot to like/ RT/ Comment with fake profiles that are also ghosted.
  322. A music subscription service that combines Apple, Tidal, Spotify, and Soundcloud.
  323. Netflix should have a section called, ‘RIP’, generated on Dec 31 with all the actors who died that year.
  324. Hallmark Cards should have an ‘I’m sorry your startup failed’ section.
  325. A setting on Netflix where I could say I’m gonna be watching it all day so I don’t have to keep saying yes I’m still here after a few hours.
  326. Apple Music should show me which songs I listened to the most each month.
  327. An app where you type in the ingredients you have on hand and it generates a cocktail recipe.
  328. Netflix needs an additional app where you can see who is watching what you are so you can talk to them about it.
  329. When selecting an alarm tone on your phone you should be able to select ‘Random’ so that it changes every time.
  330. Instagram “are you sure you want to like this pic” protection option to turn on or off for accidentally liking photos.
  331. A best nine for tweets.
  332. An icon in WhatsApp that lets you know it that person is drunk or not.
  333. An app for disabled drivers where they can report people who park in handicap spots without a disabled sticker.
  334. A smoke detector that doesn’t go off when your cooking.
  335. An indoor dog park.
  336. iPhone feature built in style of tinder to delete phones.
  337. Siri should be able to tell whether your having a bad day or not and send you pick me ups if you are.
  338. New Years resolution app. An app where you post a list of your new year’s resolution, by posting them publicly you make yourself accountable and more likely to stick to them
  339. iPhone feature that tracks your Internet searches (this happens anyway) and if you search for anything suicide-related the phone will automatically find ‘Mom/ mother/Dad/ Pops’ in your contacts and message them alerting them that you’re struggling.
  340. There should be an option to send a “loud text”, one that increases the ringer on the recipient’s phone to let them know it’s an important message.
  341. Instagram feature to post pictures/ gifs in comments.
  342. An app like Shazam for dogs where you could take a picture and it pops up exactly what kind of breed it is.
  343. An app where you can say a specific part of an episode of a show and the app tells you the exact episode you are speaking about.
  344. A Wikipedia option to turn off photos, I like to read about science but I’m a sometimes don’t like the gory photos.
  345. An app which changes your screen’s white balance according to its surroundings.
  346. Fruit Gums should come with a little packet of floss or toothpicks in it.
  347. A way to block all those people on Instagram that sell weight loss tea and teeth whiteners.
  348. A delivery service for fuzzy socks.
  349. A “search emoji” feature for iMessage.
  350. Non-alcoholic clubs.
  351. Pet and child-free airline.
  352. An app to scan your prescription into an app to show you where the closest pharmacist to you has your prescription in stock.
  353. An app where you can watch the same video at the same time and have a chat to discuss it.
  354. A “clear stories” button on SnapChat.
  355. A feature on Instagram where you can show what song you’re currently listening to or a shortcut to Spotify/ Apple music player where people can listen to your playlists.
  356. Kindle feature where you can discuss the book with other readers who are reading the same book in real time.
  357. There should be an option to send a “silent text”, one that doesn’t sound the ringer on the recipient’s phone.”
  358. Gambling website where you can bet cryptocurrencies.
  359. The ability to “favourite” or “subscribe to” reviewers on sites like RottenTomatoes, GoodReads or even Amazon.
  360. Cars should have an “apology light” for when you’ve made a driving mistake and you want to say sorry to the other driver.
  361. Voice to unlock iPhone
  362. Snapchat should offer a video of all the snaps you sent throughout the year
  363. To solve forgetting passwords, there should be an app that websites could integrate with — so you could sign in via fingerprint touch.
  364. An app that I could see live stream footage of car parks.
  365. An iPhone feature that deletes all your photos and texts upon death
  366. A brand of alcohol called “Christmas Spirit”
  367. Edible stickers on fruit.
  368. An app where you can organise your screenshots into different categories. (Inspiration, recipes, funny things etc.
  369. Chronological order posts on Instagram.
  370. A way to honk at the people behind you.
  371. Twitter has a mute option, I wish there was a blind button on Instagram so you can choose not to see people’s pics without actually unfollowing them.
  372. The countdown clock should appear on your iPhone when it has 30 seconds of battery left.
  373. Bank card with GPS installed which syncs with an app. Track your card in case you lose it or it gets stolen.
  374. Read receipts on emails.
  375. Tinder app for friendships.
  376. A home security system that can use NFC so you can put a bracelet or use your phone.
  377. When asked if you like an app, there should be a “yes but I’m not rating it on the app store” option.
  378. A website that lists all current free steam games.
  379. An app where girls can exchange their party dresses.
  380. An app that shows you where all the best free samples are.
  381. Netflix feature where if there is only one profile on your account, it will stop asking you who’s watching.
  382. A heat map that shows where highly concentrated areas of stomach flu virus
  383. Christmas shopper app. Give the app a list of Christmas presents and have someone buy them and deliver them to your home.
  384. A VR game where you try to defect from North Korea to South Korea.
  385. A time hop feature for Snapchat
  386. Real-time audio description for blind and visually impaired generated through an augmented reality style headset and image processing
  387. Allow down-voting on Instagram, Twitter & Instagram
  388. An app, alike Shazam, where you sing the tune of the song that you don’t know the name of and it tells you that song.
  389. Personalised find it books where you send in some photos of yourself and friends/family members/pets etc. and they get edited into crowded pictures in a find it book.
  390. An app where you input different articles of clothing you have and shuffle it to come up with outfit ideas
  391. Virtual Running App — Set running challenges, compete with others in real time
  392. A wheelchair that is a power bank for phones and tablets, and recharges itself from the Rotational Kinetic Energy of every wheel spin.
  393. Cryptocurrencies should have undone functions for payments so if a market is hacked, the money can be brought back
  394. A search engine where you can say “I only have X amount of money” and it will show you the foods/restaurants nearby you can afford.
  395. An app where you hover your phone camera over a link on a paper, or on your laptop, and it copies the link to your clipboard.
  396. A website that tells you where you should move to and live based off of your preferences.
  397. An AR app that I can point my phone camera at a crowd and it shows their twitter handle and profile pic above their head.
  398. An app where I can give it my game library (Steam,, etc) along with some parameters for what I want to play (“3rd Person”, “<10 hours”, “Not horror”, etc) and it gives me a recommended game.
  399. An app where you can meet and befriend your fellow passengers on an upcoming flight. Everyone has a little profile saying why they’re on the flight. You can add little recommendations about the destination city too.
  400. Edible dog food wrapping paper so your dog could actually open their Christmas presents.
  401. A setting on SnapChat to block all concert SnapChat stories.
  402. Set a preference for “Quiet” or “Conversations” when booking an airplane ticket. You’re seated next to someone with the same preference.
  403. A Facebook dating site that matches you based on interest in similar page likes/ interests.
  404. GMAIL should have a feature to warn you if they try and send an email which ends with “Best retards” instead of “Best regards”
  405. A virtual pet that expects the same level of care as a real pet, but every time you have to spend money on the pet (food, vet bills, etc.), the money goes to a savings account. A good thing for people wondering if they can afford to have a pet.
  406. SMS, instant messages, and emails should have a “quiet” flag, so you can send a message to someone without waking/ disturbing them if you think they might be busy or asleep.
  407. Movie subtitles that show up on your glasses. This way people can view the same movie with or without the subtitles and everyone is happy.
  408. A GPS app that doesn’t start talking until you’re out of an area you’re familiar with.
  409. A toilet synced with an app that measures your urine and poo to determine your dietary deficiencies.
  410. A messaging app where the individual characters appear in real time on the other person’s screen.
  411. An app that alerts you in the evening if you don’t have an alarm set for the next morning.
  412. Connect your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. account to Social accounts and filter out spoiler posts.
  413. A Siri feature where if you curse, Siri will reply “David, watch your language please”
  414. Youtube feature where users who comment on a video your watching shows how much % of the video they watched.
  415. A browser extension that blocks comments until you read the article or image to draw your own opinion.
  416. A mute politics button on Twitter
  417. Create “movie routes” on Google Earth, so that I can follow the route the hero took in my favorite movie
  418. Google maps but with a slider that lets you go back in time to see things like Yugoslavia, USSR or even things like British Raj.
  419. Turning on the alarm when you leave your house should automatically turn off power to appliances that you are worried about (e.g., the oven, microwave, etc.).
  420. A site like but for music videos. Pick a year and a genre, and get a nonstop stream of music videos.
  421. Doggy meet up app. An app where you can find where your local doggy meets up is on.
  422. Google map should have a feature for Christmas that tells you where the best Christmas lights are in your city, so you know where to drive to show your kids.
  423. If you link up Shazam to your Apple music account, anything you Shazam will be placed into a new playlist called ‘Shazam’.
  424. Homemade baby food home delivery service.
  425. A cooking app where you tell the app whether people are vegan, gluten free etc. The app will give you recipes that are most practical for the group.
  426. A Twitter feature where it’ll show people when they’re using the app or away from their phone.
  427. Poorly performing movies should have their price reduced. Instead of, say, being pulled early. Just like video game prices.
  428. Tinder Roast. An app where if you match with someone you both just roast each other.
  429. A weather app where instead of giving you the actual weather, it gave you feedback from someone who has actually been outside that day. “It’s actually not too cold, maybe 55. Definitely light jacket but that’s it.”
  430. A train app that sends you an alert if your job commute route has a stoppage or delay of service.
  431. Install LED signs on the most gridlock-ridden motorways that display what speed people should be driving to prevent congestion.
  432. Shazam for Makeup. An app where you upload a picture and it will tell you what brands of makeup the person is using in the picture then purchase directly through the app.
  433. A website where you can view pictures of peoples bookshelves. Filter by occupation/ interests.
  434. A wiki for TV shows that has settings to allow you to select how far you’ve watched, showing only info from the parts you were seen.
  435. A 24-hour yoga studio.
  436. An option on Instagram to remove all your inactive followers.
  437. A like button for Instagram stories.
  438. An app that tells you where the nearest clean bathroom is.
  439. An app where you can color pictures with your friends.
  440. A button to click to let Google know I bought the item so they can stop targeting me with its ads.
  441. A setting on Snapchat where you could keep a Snapchat friend just so they can see your stories but you didn’t have to see theirs.
  442. Two-way socks!.Socks that are the same on the inside, so it doesn’t matter if they’re inside out.
  443. A retro console eg. Super Nintendo that gets an add-on that gives it network connectivity for online play.
  444. An app like Yelp, but you get to review the customer, instead of the business.
  445. Street lamp lights that change color depending on the weather.
  446. A button that u could press that would transfer strangers music in public from their headphones to your headphones so u could see what music they’re listening to.
  447. YouTube should have a “skip subscribe message” button for users who are already subscribed to the channel.
  448. A phone case that screams when its dropped.
  449. An app where people can trade gift cards.
  450. A pinky promise emoji.
  451. A “like” button for emails. We should be able to just double tap or click their response for a thumbs up.
  452. An app for coffee shops that tells you where the restrooms are and what the wifi password is so you don’t have to speak to people.
  453. 2017 wrapped for Netflix so I could see exactly how many minutes of my life I have spent watching TV shows and movies.
  454. A website where users submit a “Fashion prompt” and other users tell them what to wear
  455. A shop that sells mugs with celebrities mug shots.
  456. Somewhere to eat your lunch away from your desk when it’s raining.
  457. Products that cause significant degradation to the environment should have warnings similar to cigarette packs.
  458. An app that takes your Spotify playlists and suggests a club with similar music taste.
  459. An app for dog owners. Where you can match your dog with other dogs in your area for puppy play dates.
  460. A way to schedule text messages and WhatsApp the same way you can schedule emails.
  461. Find My Chapstick app.
  462. An app for the hearing impaired that syncs with their home phone. The app converts the audio into text.
  463. A way to poke someone to respond to an email.
  464. A button that sends a chime or ring to the person talking on the phone to let them know you want to talk or say something or just have to go.
  465. A filter for people that talk bluntly that adds words to make it sound nicer, kind of like Grammarly.
  466. A VR app where you can paint alongside a Bob Ross episode with your friends.
  467. A chrome extension for LinkedIn to block LinkedIn ‘Gurus, Influencers etc’ and also to block duplicate copy/ paste posts.
  468. An online checklist that helps you spot “red flags” if you/a loved one is in an abusive relationship.
  469. VSCO for videos.
  470. Facebook should require you to tag your post when posting a status, link or any media. That way, when you don’t want to see certain posts on your feed or from a particular person, you can select from a list of tags. Such as ‘I don’t want to see X-Factor & ______’
  471. An app for kids’ tablets where every 1/2 hour they have to answer 5 math problems to continue using it.
  472. An app where you enter the social media accounts of someone and the app tells me what to buy them for Christmas based on their likes and interests.
  473. Computer manufacturers should include EMV chip readers so you can make secure debit purchases online.
  474. Youtube should have a categorised subscription page where all of the channels that you subscribed that uploads music should be under the category Music and video games under “games” etc.
  475. A mute button on snap stories.
  476. A website where people could pitch ideas so possible investors could help them actually have a decent setup and in return, the investor would take a % of all earnings until paid back double with the option to continue investing.
  477. A digital toothbrush that syncs with your tap. When you place your toothbrush under the tap the water turns on and when you remove the brush the tap turns off. Stops water wastage.
  478. An app where I can enter any type of trees or flower & the app tells me parks/locations where to find them.
  479. Cars with an infrared sensor which measures the street temperature and warns you if below 0 deg for possible ice.
  480. An augmented reality app that lets you arrange your artwork on the wall before you hang it.
  481. An app where two people can listen to the same song at the same time.
  482. WhatsApp feature where you get asked if you want to join a group message and not just added automatically.
  483. A combination of taxi & a psychiatrist service.
  484. An app that matches you with sports facilities, when they have free slots. It can even provide with an opponent player/team to play against or with.
  485. An app where you can share and receive Christmas lists with other users.
  486. An app where teens/ children can indicate a location (street, building, town or within 1km radius) where they were abused but keep themselves anonymous. This will allow people to see specific areas where a high concentration of abuse is taking place.
  487. Option to pause a WhatsApp recording, if someone sends you an audio message while recording you can have the option to pause your recording, listen to the message and then go back to your recording.
  488. WhatsApp feature where you can add voice effects to your audio messages. Send my message as T-Pain
  489. An app on your phone where you can check if blocked calls or contacts have tried to contact you.
  490. Earphones that can sense if someones trying to talk to you. If certain words are used in a sentence the earphones vibrate and turn down. Words such as “hello” or your name etc.
  491. An app where you can upload a gif and it tells you what it’s from.
  492. An app where you input the Spotify, GooglePlayMusic or Apple Music usernames of a bunch of people in the room and it figures out how to play music that everyone likes.
  493. A Pocket feature where it stops you from adding the same article multiple times.
  494. An app where your car texts you to tell you it needs water/ oil or if there is something wrong with the mechanics.
  495. A slack feature to “follow” people on Slack or a way to mark the people you are most interested in hearing from so they don’t get lost.
  496. Netflix for newspapers where you could just pay centrally and get past the paywalls and it would be divvied out.
  497. An app where every time you unlock your phone while driving you automatically pay €2 to the Irish Road Victims Association
  498. A mystery show where you solve the crime at home, on an app
  499. A Dyson style hand-dryer but for dishes.
  500. An app where u can trade art with other artists.
  501. Snapchat feature where you could see how long someone looks at your story or if they just click through it.
  502. An app that shows you where the cheapest Christmas trees are.
  503. An app that will let me create a “shopping list” of stuff I need, then let me know when I’m near a place that sells it.
  504. An app where users can anonymously record themselves singing and rate each other’s skill/talent out of 10, and leave comments for improvement.
  505. An alarm clock app where every time you get up on time your kitten gets stronger and happier, everytime you press snooze the kitten gets weaker and unhappier.
  506. An app where, if I go to buy a movie on Amazon, it tells me if it’s on Netflix, Hulu etc.
  507. Shazam for cars. An app to diagnose vehicle engine noises.
  508. A piano app where I can take a photo of sheet music and it will play me the rhythm.
  509. An interactive map of every shopping centre, to use while shopping.
  510. A Facebook feature to “Hide this person for one month”
  511. An app that tells you what the wait time for a table is at restaurants near you, based on customer reporting.
  512. A chrome extension to block anything Christmas related.
  513. A popular page on Twitter like there is Instagram.
  514. Off Licence drive-thru.
  515. A gym that disables camera features on mobile phones.
  516. Space invaders option to close your background apps on iPhone. Instead of trying to destroy aliens you try to destroy your background apps.
  517. A website called that helps you look up pop culture references.
  518. An app where you can bet with your mates on which song is going to be bigger.
  519. WhatsApp excuse generator. A list of excuses to get you out of certain situations.
  520. A website that matches amputees with different legs so they can trade shoes.
  521. Set different message sounds to different people on iMessages.
  522. Airport drop-in gyms.
  523. An app that makes people sign an NDA before you tell them about your app idea.
  524. Tupperware that changes shape to fit exactly the amount of food you’re putting into it.
  525. An app where you can bet with your mates on which song is going to be bigger.
  526. A 360-degree camera that lives in my fridge so I know whats in my fridge. The camera will be synced with my iPhone.
  527. An app where you can book barbers or hair stylists to come do your hair at home.
  528. Twitter should add a schedule tweet feature.
  529. Mario Kart for the iPhone.
  530. Black Friday sale on gas.
  531. A phone case that doubles as a pill control dispenser (Pez dispenser) so you’re never somewhere without them.
  532. Grass soil treatment that reacts to dog poo, when poo comes into to contact with the grass it changes the colour to bright red.
  533. An app where patients can see updates of doctors diagnosis on their latest lab reports.
  534. iPhone multiple user logins. For example, if your child likes to use your phone for games you could allow them to Fingerprint login but you could hide all your apps, emails, phone, messages and also disable app store purchases.
  535. An option where you could change your SnapChat username.
  536. 24-hour library.
  537. Defibrillator Location App. An app that will tell you where the nearest AED Defibrillator is to you.
  538. Time-specific iPhone backgrounds.
  539. “Pimp my Idea” app. An app where you can share your ideas and other users can give you ways to develop them.
  540. Chrome extension spoiler blocker. Simply type in the TV/ Movies you want to block and the extension will blur any text that mentions them
  541. An app or website where you can include your own guess who characters and play with people online by sharing the link.
  542. Combat nursing home abuse by telling staff members that the building is equipped with hidden cameras but never disclose the locations.
  543. Whiteboard clock. Instead of 8:30 am you could write ‘drop kids to school’, 3 pm could be ‘coffee with Dad’
  544. Toy store AR app. Scan a toy and see it come to life on your phone. Digitally try before you buy.
  545. A hugging app. An app that allows you to hug other app users that are nearby. Sometimes all you need is a hug.
  546. Multiple volume sliders on TV when watching sports. The ability to turn down/ up the volume of the commentary or the crowd independently.
  547. An app that tells you the speed limit based on where you are?
  548. An alarm clock that puffs out the scent of freshly brewed coffee
  549. A way for me to toggle retweets on and off on my timeline so that I could actually read tweets from the people I follow
  550. VR treadmill that places you at a crime scene and you gotta run from the cops.
  551. An app where you could add your shopping items from various online stores & pay them all at once vs doing everything separately.
  552. An app where you can check how full your flight is.
  553. A setting in iOS that after locking your device do not use Face ID for x amount of minutes.
  554. A way to mark a SnapChat as unread.
  555. Edible rubber bands to wrap around sandwiches so they don’t fall apart while you eat them.
  556. An app where you could see if your friends are awake or not
  557. All movies and TV shows watched at home should have a “no scream” option that makes sure that the extra loud noises are made 50% quieter
  558. All “PULL” doors should have a handle. All “PUSH” doors should not.
  559. An app where I can warm my car up from my bed.
  560. An app where everyone in your group can put in their availability and the app tells you when is a good time to meet would be.
  561. Night Vision tech built into a car windshield for driving at night.
  562. A woman’s hair salon with wigs of various haircuts & textures so you can try on before you make any drastic decisions.
  563. An Apple feature where if you double click the home button there should be a button to close all background apps.
  564. An app that would allow you to sell multiple items on multiple platforms. Create one listing for each item and the app would post the item to ALL platforms (eBay, Amazon, Facebook groups etc).
  565. A website that makes custom seasoning for cooks. Create your own blend of seasonings.
  566. An app where you can rate peoples pets.
  567. A smoke detector that can tell the difference between a fire/ shower/ toaster /cooking etc.
  568. A website for musicians where they create a chain of videos that make a song when played together.
  569. Tea mixer tap: right for tea, left for milk.
  570. Audiobooks for people with short attention spans where the reader shouts “HEY LISTEN UP THIS PART IS IMPORTANT”
  571. An Uber-style app for actors. Where fellow actors can meet and go over lines together.
  572. Instagram should add a setting to filter out videos/ photos based on your keywords.
  573. An extendable hand that can pick your boiling hot bowl out of the microwave.
  574. A dating app but the only photo your allowed upload is your passport photo. Let’s be honest your passport photo is as real as it gets.
  575. Apple needs an update where when you look at the weather app, it gives you outfit options to wear based on the temperature.
  576. A comments section on Netflix TV shows.
  577. ATM location app which lets you know where the closest ATM is to you and also whether it’s out of service or not.
  578. MacBooks should have battery charger inputs on each side of the laptop.
  579. MyFitness Pal should have a feature that tells you if a food is gluten-free or not when you scan it in.
  580. iPhone receipt app tracker. Take a photo of your receipt and have it converted into an Excel spreadsheet.
  581. An app where you can exchange unwanted Christmas presents.
  582. Online course to help older people/technologically illiterate people learn how to use computers and avoid scams.
  583. Gym clothes that change colour in accordance with your heart rate, so it’s visible if you’re actually being active or not
  584. An app where I can plug in all my tracking numbers and label. So I know exactly where and when each item will be delivered.
  585. A ‘skip ad’ button on podcasts.
  586. A way to ‘like’ that someone ‘liked’ your tweet.
  587. Gyms should have rooms full of mirrors where people can go and take photos of themselves.
  588. YouTube feature where you can’t leave a comment on a video until you watch a certain % of the video.
  589. Hackathon app, find and join upcoming hackathons around your area.
  590. SnapChat feature to see how long someone’s SnapChat story is
  591. Twitter feature to turn off retweets on your timeline.
  592. Smartphones should have an option to report spam/soliciting calls directly to the COMREG if you are on the”Do Not Call” list
  593. A large digital picture frame that simulates paper and displays a different movie, music or art posters.
  594. Lego AR app where I point to a bunch of bricks on a table and the app generates a possible model and step by step instructions.
  595. An app where you type in your reading list & it shows you all the libraries near you that have the books & the cheapest places to buy them
  596. The LinkedIn app should have a night mode option
  597. A video game where any character can die forever.
  598. An iPhone feature where you can mute your phone while your other half rants and it will flash when the audio on her side has ended.
  599. Twitter option to mute everyone using the 280 character limit.
  600. A 2-month advent calendar.
  601. A folder for recently deleted iMessages
  602. A “report to CEO/president” button on LinkedIn for when someone gets abusive messages.
  603. A MacOS widget to show me the battery levels of all the devices in my office (e.g. iPhone, iPad etc).
  604. MyFitnessPal app should give you suggestions of foods to eat based on how many calories you have left. If you are low in one area of your macros, the app will suggest foods to get you to your daily goal.
  605. Chrome extension that sorts recommended Facebook friends by # of mutual friends.
  606. An APP where customers can scan each product before purchasing and the APP would populate if it is cruelty-free or not.
  607. A “mark as unread” for text messages
  608. Facebook feature where you say how/ where you know someone when you send a friend request, similar to LinkedIn.
  609. Cars should be built with old-school, hand-operated window rollers in addition to power windows. There should always be a key in addition to an electric clicker fob thing as well.
  610. An app where users can anonymously record themselves singing and rate each other’s skill/talent out of 10, and leave comments for improvement.
  611. An app that would allow you to alert everyone who didn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.
  612. Ability to pin a post to the top of a Patreon Page.
  613. Password to turn down my mobile phone, so in case of a quick robbery, the thief can’t power off your phone, enabling you to track it.
  614. WhatsApp should have an update where you can send voice notes without opening the app.
  615. Animoji app where you can create 15-second Animoji videos.
  616. Silent fireworks.
  617. Secret Santa app. Tell the app your budget then add the person’s social accounts. The app’s algorithm will display a list of items that the person would like based on their social activity/ likes.
  618. An easier way to update reading status with audiobooks on Goodreads.
  619. An app where students from around the country can talk about homework together.
  620. An iPhone feature where if you add someone’s number . all of their social handles pop up and ask if you want to follow them.
  621. Tinder for Amazon.
  622. An app, where you type in a movie or show and it tells you what streaming service its on.
  623. A way to make google calendar an interactive wallpaper.
  624. A way to track whether gift cards you’ve gifted have ever been used.
  625. An app like tinder where you could chat with other local artists and meet up and draw together.
  626. An app where waiting staff anonymously report if their restaurant pays them credit card tips or not.
  627. Google ads should implement a new feature where it shows positive/ motivational images instead of ads to people who are searching for words around suicide.
  628. Home Alone Virtual Reality Game. Protect your home from Marv and Harry.
  629. A GPS map for searching a specific item to buy in surrounding stores
  630. A delivery service that delivers all your items that did not pass airport boarding security back to their owner’s home.
  631. A map of local bars, filter by what sports they’re playing on their TV. Show me who’s playing the Man United match.
  632. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) should release a cookbook titled “Can you smell what the Rock is cooking” insert raised eye emoji here.
  633. An app that will randomly set off an alarm during all hours to better prepare you for having a kid. To turn off alarm you must sing “Rock a Bye Baby”
  634. Restaurants/ Cafes that disables your phones wifi so you can only receive phone calls. Put the phone down and talk to each other.
  635. An app where you can pinpoint your house on a publicly viewable map to say whether you are/aren’t doing Halloween.
  636. A way to recover old WhatsApp messages.
  637. Flu essentials delivery service. Lemsip, 7up, Chicken soup and much more delivered straight to your door.
  638. An app like Pocket but where it just automatically downloads everything my favourite writers publish.
  639. A VR Bonsai game.
  640. An option to translate private messages on Instagram.
  641. Time hop feature for Snapchat.
  642. Stairs that recognizes when your falling and turns into a slide to reduce injury
  643. Night Owls. A dating app for people who work irregular hours.
  644. Car keys that only work when you pass a breathalyser test. Blow on the key and if your ok to drive the key will pop open.
  645. A physical LCD bookcase that displays all your ebooks. Simply click on the ebook you want and it will open on your Kindle.
  646. An adult version of trick or treating where you knock and get alcohol and pizza instead of sweets.
  647. Petflix. An app where I can watch movies but it skips the bits where animals die.
  648. “I just want to see the results now” option for polls on Instagram & Twitter
  649. An Instagram feature that allowed you to hide individual photos from your family.
  650. Apple music option to “Skip skits “ on any albums that have a skits.
  651. The reverse side of DVD’s should contain the soundtrack.
  652. A barber app where there is an option to choose if you want to have a conversation or not.
  653. An option to add BCC on WhatsApp.
  654. Scented candles that smell of blown out normal candles
  655. My mobile should recognise when its close to my notebook and re-route notifications to there
  656. The ability to mute the commentator when watching sports.
  657. Freelancer reviews and recommendations of companies that they worked for. Find out which companies pay on time etc before you agree to work for them.
  658. Supermarkets should organise complimentary taxi services for the elderly living in the area who cannot drive.
  659. iPhone feature — double-click the home button and the camera app opens instantly.
  660. Soundproof public toilets or only play heavy rock music.
  661. A service where someone comes and gets your car when you’re in a hurry and can’t find a parking spot.
  662. Jigsaw (The Horror Movie) VR game. An intense game where you need to win the games to survive.
  663. Chrome Extension that applies funny SnapChat filters to any images of Donald Trump.
  664. A feature that records peoples reactions when watching your SnapChats or Instagram stories. Call it the Gogglebox feature. Ability to turn on or off on both sides.
  665. Netflix should have a deleted scene section. Watch deleted scenes from your favourite movies.
  666. An app where you judge prospective partners by their book covers.
  667. An option on Amazon to filter out “does not deliver to Ireland.”
  668. A retirement home where lonely old people are given elderly pets from animal shelters that are not wanted.
  669. An app where all links sent into a twitter thread make a playlist.
  670. A way to leave email chains you’re cc’d on like you can leave group chats.
  671. An option on Twitter to lock certain tweets.
  672. A trash can that detects when it’s full and auto ties the bag and then releases it out the side ready for you to carry.
  673. A home alarm system that instead of the generic alarm it’s a recording of a man screaming “Hey you, get the fuck out of my house”
  674. A browser extension to filter items that appear under Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” pages.
  675. An app where you post 3 selfies and people tell you which of them is the best.
  676. An app that exists where you can just list artists and songs and the app generates a playlist of those people/ that type of music?
  677. Netflix feature where it tells you when you can go pee during a movie without missing anything important.
  678. Any game that puts up text during loading screen should always have it switch text by pressing a button, not a random timer.
  679. Use drones to change lightbulbs on highways.
  680. A dating site that matches people based on marital benefits. Aimed at people who are not looking for love, but could use an advantage in their living situation.
  681. A mix of fortune cookies and scratch cards. Crack open a fortune cookie for a chance to win big money.
  682. An app where I can scan an Ikea item and get an accurate time+frustration estimate.
  683. Laptops should have a privacy switch that physically disables the microphone and camera.
  684. Group phone calls for WhatsApp.
  685. An app where I can merge multiple pictures so everyone looks good in the same shot.
  686. An app where you take a pic of all the clothes in your house and then it tells you what Halloween costumes you can make out of them.
  687. An app that shows where the good trick or treating houses are? “Check out №14 if you like Haribo.”
  688. Keyboard clean button. A button you could press that locks all your keys so you can quickly wipe/ clean your keyboard without your laptop going mental. It also puts your computer to sleep so you clean the screen.
  689. Create a VR scenario where a drunk driver knocks down and kills a mother and a child. Then force any convicted drunk driver to wear the Goggles go through the whole scenario as punishment. From bar to falling out of the car to the carnage.
  690. A VR app for socially awkward people to learn how to talk to the opposite sex.
  691. Tinder, but where you meet new mums and hang out with your babies.
  692. Colour coded stickers for your door to let people know whether your open to trick or treaters or not.
  693. iPhone battery that lasts longer than 6 hours.
  694. Batman augmented reality app where I have to catch criminals.
  695. A Cooking app where each recipe has its own music playlist that you can listen to while cooking.
  696. An app where you can send wine to people.
  697. Supermarkets should use RFID chips for their products to speed up the process at the cash.
  698. Public toilet doors that are sensored so you don’t have to touch the handles.
  699. An app where you can take a pic of your junk and it shows you what Pinterest projects you can make with it.
  700. A VR game of Where’s Waldo?
  701. Career mode for women or ability to build your own female player in FIFA
  702. An app for casting like Tinder where you could just swipe right on someone you wanted to see for a role.
  703. A machine learning shower. It learns what temperature you like and at what speed. Voice-activated so you can turn on/ off
  704. Option on Netflix to turn off the laughing track on comedies.
  705. Karaoke app, think of it like group facetime with music and lyrics.
  706. An app where I put in what I want to eat and it gives me different types of workouts/durations I have to do to burn off the calories.
  707. When you tag someone in a WhatsApp the person tagged will receive a notification on their phone. When they click the notification they are brought straight to that message.
  708. A VR jury duty game. You get to sit through a full trial viewing evidence etc.
  709. WhatsApp should have shared whiteboard where users can draw on.
  710. Coke should come with a chewing gum in the bottle cap so you can clean your teeth after your finished.
  711. 1RM app. An app for powerlifters where they post their 1RM (1 rep max) lifts.
  712. Instead of horrible lounge music why not learn a language while on hold with customer support.
  713. An app where you can input text and it automatically generates a reply when you don’t know how to respond to something.
  714. Netflix should make an original documentary about the abuse of power by powerful, corrupt producers.
  715. An app where you can check alcohol prices at restaurants
  716. An app, where you can type in the amount of macros you are wanting to eat, and it gives you options for eating out.
  717. MacBook with built in area for my computer glasses.
  718. AR Graffiti App.
  719. An app where once I’ve watched a video on Instagram, it removes it from Facebook/ Snapchat/ Twitter etc.
  720. Follow with all my accounts Instagram feature.
  721. McVities Digestives biscuits flavoured tea bags.
  722. A way to like or dislike peoples SnapChats.
  723. A shelter for lonely people where they can go and talk to each other for a few hours.
  724. Have an age limit on coffee.
  725. Gyms should have coloured bands. A green coloured band would mean you could talk to that person or ask for advice. Red would mean that person doesn’t want to be disturbed.
  726. An option on SnapChat that you could just click and it would send to your streaks.
  727. Baby advent calendar with baby tips and stuff. Also, could include baby chocolates but eating a baby might be weird — so maybe not.
  728. PS4 should have a way to individually control other people’s mic volume in your chat.
  729. Twitter should make a “why we banned/blocked ____ account”.
  730. Start a TV club where a few people watch a set amount of episodes a week of a series and get together to discuss.
  731. An app where two people come pick you up and the other person drives your car back for you so you don’t need to leave it.
  732. Tinder should add mini-games, so you can play games with your tinder match as an icebreaker.
  733. A Facebook feature to “Hide this person for one month”…
  734. An office-acceptable non-smoking reason to go outside for 10 minutes and just get some air or maybe eat an apple.
  735. Netflix should have a way to “reset” a series so I could re-watch it without every episode starting in the credits.
  736. I wish there was a website where people with similar (or the same) birth charts could connect with each other.
  737. An app where we can submit the locations of weak WIFI signal so that they can work towards improving locations based on the frequency of reporting and sizes of dead zones.
  738. Car app that allows you to record audio messages for WhatsApp.
  739. An app that tells you where the free samples are around you.
  740. An app that combines Google Maps and Alarms to wake you up earlier if the drive to work has more traffic than usual
  741. Spotter — an “Airbnb” for traveling gym goers
  742. An app to find walking partners for people with dogs or without.
  743. Restaurant menu AR app. See the food on the menu in a real-world environment before you order it.
  744. An app where you enter products you purchase all the time and it alerts you when they go on sale.
  745. An app where users can submit wifi passwords of places like restaurants, hotels and other places with free wifi.
  746. There should be an app where you push a button whenever you come down with a cold and it records the time and your location so they can track the spreading and also help prevent other people from catching a cold.
  747. An app where you submit a photo and people give you caption ideas for it.
  748. An alarm clock that wakes you up by saying a list of your favourite sayings.
  749. An Airbnb app where you can find haunted houses to sleep
  750. Underpants that have a filter built in for eliminating fart smells.
  751. Gyms should connect their treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, bikes, to a generator to power their building for free.
  752. An app where people can share their leftovers with anyone willing to come and take it.
  753. A Poker AR game. Players can see the other players, head and hand movements (Such as throwing chips on the table).
  754. An app called “Airport Chats” where you can find people in your terminal to drink with.
  755. A browser extension specifically for downloading Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter images at their highest resolution.
  756. An app that’s like Find My Friends but it shows you where the people are that owe you money, we’ll call it Find My Money.
  757. Trucks that can raise themselves to allow cars to pass through on the motorway when necessary.
  758. Instagram videos should show how long each video is.
  759. Documentaries should include “reenactment”, “simulated”, etc. at the bottom of the frame to let me know footage has been manipulated in some way.
  760. iPhone should build an App Graveyard feature, a place where you can see all the apps you deleted from your phone. Reinstall by clicking on the app icon. The app icon is a just shortcut to the store so it doesn’t take up memory on your phone.
  761. Uber for Piggybacks. Need a piggyback to your dinner date? Order a PiggyBack. Cheaper than a taxi.(Million dollar idea )
  762. A gym that reduces your monthly fee based on how frequent you go.
  763. eBooks should include environment noises while you read the book to add atmosphere. Imagine reading a thriller about a woman running through the woods and as you turn a page you can hear wind whistling, heavy breathing and branches breaking.
  764. iPhone should have a feature that changes the photo of your lock screen every week.
  765. All trucks should have a screen on front and back. The screen on the front shows whats happening behind the truck and the back the opposite. Will help with overtaking and also turning.
  766. YouTube should have a feature for your favourite channels which shows the amount of money you’ve raised for them by watching ads.
  767. An app or a website where you can exchange gift cards for other gift cards.
  768. Gloves that vibrate when you get a message or a phone call.
  769. A progress bar on GIFs.
  770. A Tinder-like app that will match you with your music/film/ books/T.V series soulmate. Where you could talk about your favourites, recommendations, or invite them to go out to watch gigs/movies.
  771. Banksy App. A geolocation map which shows you if you’re near any Banksy Graffiti based on your location.
  772. Auto applies job app. Upload your CV, Cover Letter, and personal details. The app scrapes all jobs in your industry and auto applies to any new relevant jobs.
  773. The volume of your car increases the harder you press on the horn.
  774. Gym mirrors should have built-in tech that allows the user to see their data — heart rate, calories burned etc. Could sync up with a Fitbit.
  775. App store should have options to filter apps in order of the number of downloads and also an option to filter in size of MB.
  776. Why hasn’t anyone created an alternative to Vine?
  777. App for Google Glass that replaces sad faces of people you pass by on the street with the happy ones.
  778. A location-based app that credits your Travel card fare based on length of delay you experience.
  779. TV that is connected to your Fitbit. If the Fitbit recognised that you have fallen asleep then it will turn the TV off, if you left it on.
  780. An app which preserves languages which are about to extinct and also lists its native speakers.
  781. Convenient food delivery service for vegans.
  782. When someone rings you in a nightclub/ concert rather than answering the phone and shouting down the line. An iPhone feature where your phone can tell you’re in a noisy environment and give you an automated message response to let the person know you can’ t talk and will ring them later.
  783. A Twitter App where you can write as many characters as you want. The app takes your text and posts it on a thread.
  784. An “undo” button on the keyboard.
  785. An airport cinema.
  786. Movie theaters should come with apple airports. Be nice to have an option to block out noisy people
  787. Instagram feature to be able to share other users stories as your own story.
  788. Facebook dating app, get paired with other users with similar profiles, friends, likes, interest etc.
  789. An app that shows you where the bathrooms are in different stores.
  790. An app where you can upload a picture of sheet music and it plays it for you so you know what your part sounds like
  791. Uber for phone chargers. Low battery? No problem. ChargeU will drop a portable straight to you. Will pick up at a later date.
  792. Netflix should have an “I’m feeling lucky button.”
  793. Twitter should ban Trump’s account. Twitter’s rules apparently don’t apply to Trump.
  794. Autopause on Netflix when my Fitbit says I’ve fallen asleep.
  795. An app where you upload a reference picture & it tells you what colour the paints you need are.
  796. Twitter feature to curate the content on my feed. Like, I could only get tweets from the people I want tweets from.
  797. Chrome extension that turns all the negative emojis into positive ones.
  798. A shelf fixed to the ceiling that can be lowered to access its items
  799. Sometimes I accidentally delete apps, it would be great if iPhone had a feature to show me the last 3 apps I deleted.
  800. An app called ‘Dinder’ where couples find other couples nearby to have dinner with.
  801. A toggle on Dribbble to show/ hide 100-day UI challenges.
  802. A chrome extension that reveals the pricing plans of any site you’re on.
  803. YouTube feature where if someone ‘dislikes’ a video a pop-up asks them why. There dislike won’t process until they give their reason.
  804. VR Sports-based video game where you play as the camera operator
  805. McDonald’s app where you can search for a location and see if their ice cream machine is broken.
  806. A site that gives you gifts recommendations for your friends based on their social media likes and dislikes.
  807. Bike friendly professional clothing line.
  808. Buses should have a blinker light that tells customers they have 60 seconds until the bus leaves the stop.
  809. A browser extension that mines crypto-currencies for you.
  810. YouTube feature where if someone ‘dislikes’ a video, any comments they make on the video will have smaller text and greyed out a bit, so that future video watchers can maybe parse out why they dislike the video.
  811. A food app where you can order food from different takeaways and get them delivered. I want Whopper meal & dominos cookies.
  812. Online shoe store for amputees.
  813. YouTube should have a playlist for all your new subscription feed videos.
  814. Augmented Reality Subbuteo game.
  815. Mayo & ketchup squirt bottles that have nozzles on both ends.
  816. Play and pause buttons on YouTube browser tab.
  817. Apple should have a feature that Siri counts down from 20 when your battery is about to die on your iPhone or MacBook. “David your phone will die in 20,19,18…”
  818. Netflix lists should have folders to separate shows and movies.
  819. Clothes dryers should have a bedsheets setting.
  820. A Twitter feature where it autocorrects certain words to be shortened & understandable & take some punctuation out so it can fit a tweet.
  821. Movie theaters should sell merchandise for the movies they are playing.
  822. A feature on SnapChat where you can emoji react to someone’s story.
  823. A “please no radio” feature in the Uber app.
  824. A search bar to see who viewed your Snapchat story instead of going through the whole list.
  825. A Twitter/ Facebook filter to hide the same shared image/ tweet that keeps appearing on your newsfeed. I only want/ need to see it once and not multiple times.
  826. Twitter should introduce stories.
  827. AR dating app. If your match is on the app they will have a heart above their head. Fire virtual love arrows at potential love matches. Think Pokemon go for dating.
  828. Once a month the lottery should be played charitable organisations only and the public cannot play.
  829. Mobile phones should automatically switch from 3G to WiFi.
  830. An app for GTA where if you get a call in the game, you have to pick it up on your phone.
  831. An app where people who can’t sleep get connected with people who love to read out loud.
  832. Solar powered bike lanes. It’s easy to separate a bike lane from the road during the day as its colour coded but less at night. What if you installed solar powered lights that would light up at night.
  833. Spoiler free trailers.
  834. A website where you could find documentaries based on what animal you search for. IMDB for animals documentaries.
  835. YouTube “Watch later “ feature.
  836. A chrome extension that automatically updates bookmarks to where you last closed the page on that bookmark.
  837. VR car simulator for learner drivers.
  838. Toilet paper holder with built-in phone charger, charge your phone while you poo.
  839. Ice cream truck app. The ice cream music plays on your phone when the truck is near your road.
  840. Facebook posts should have a fake Button feature in addition to share, like etc.
  841. A microwave barcode feature that lets you scan the packaging to begin cooking the food for the perfect amount of time and power level.
  842. An app where you find out who else on the plane wants to split a cab to town or maybe going to the same hotel etc
  843. Traffic lights should have sounds so that people looking at their phones know when the light turns green.
  844. A sensor door that lights up when someone knocks on it, be useful for deaf/ elderly people. A light box can be placed in rooms where the person spends most of their day.
  845. A site that I could pay to watch movies that are currently in theaters.
  846. An option on iPhone to have everything after the first page of your home screen ordered by usage.
  847. WhatsApp calls to landlines
  848. A Protein-shake & Smoothie Food Truck
  849. Undo delete button for WhatsApp audio message.
  850. A computer AI network that generates new episodes of TV shows by analysing and compiling all the other episodes.
  851. An App that would suggest music based on the notes, keys and chord progressions of your favourite songs.
  852. An app where it turns your pictures into emojis.
  853. An app where grumpy people stuck in traffic on the way home from work is able to order food and have them delivered by drones.
  854. An app where you list all your favourite artists, you get auto updates sent to your phone about tour dates, new music etc. all in one place
  855. An app where you take a picture of your baking ingredients and it gives you a dessert recipe
  856. Group messaging feature on SnapChat.
  857. A chrome extension to mute youtube ads and automatically clicks the skip ad button.
  858. Report trolling/ bully button on Facebook. When pressed the bully/ troll will be sent 100,000 messages on his profile every hour until he/ she deletes their account.
  859. A TV that automatically adjusts its brightness according to the light in my room.
  860. A SnapChat story devoted solely to dogs.
  861. A forehead slap emoji.
  862. A children’s school lunch delivery service.
  863. New iPhone x should have a feature where you can pull a face and it turns it into an emoji.
  864. A pancake drive-thru.
  865. Privately like a photo on Facebook, the user sees that you liked it but nobody else can.
  866. An iMessage nudge button for when people are taking too long to reply.
  867. Snapchat face recognition for dogs and cats with their own set of face filters. Human filters for dogs.
  868. An app where you can pull music from different streaming services to make a playlist.
  869. A Twitter feature where when you got into an argument with someone you could switch it to audio.
  870. AR app where I point my phone at someone speaking and it displays the voice/speech in text for the hearing impaired.
  871. An app where you announce when you’re going to leave a library seat so those looking for seats can switch out with you.
  872. A restaurant that only does birthday parties.
  873. A web/mobile app that allows users to join a room, and add music to the queue.
  874. A trading app like Tinder where you trade items like furniture, phones, and other things.
  875. A service that purchases, tracks, and syncs an eBook & its audiobook, so you can effortlessly transition to reading and listening to your book.
  876. Fly sensored windows. A double window pane that allows the fly exit your house. When a fly lands on the window the inner pane of your glass opens forcing the fly to the next window pane. The inner pane closes as the outer pane opens.
  877. Credit card with a pullout pen tip to write with.
  878. Netflix pilot season, Netflix showcase new pilots and the most popular pilots get their own series
  879. Facebook should have an optional ‘seen’ feature which hides posts that you have looked at or marked as uninteresting.
  880. Image zoom in on all images on all social networks.
  881. Bank Cards should use a QR Code to store information. The current contacts of the chip get damaged easily
  882. An app where you can enter a persons license plate and complain about their driving.
  883. An option when online shopping where it shows a model the same size and build as you wearing the item of clothing.
  884. A way to mute quote tweets
  885. An app where small youtube creators can connect/support each other.
  886. An option on twitter to block a certain community on twitter.
  887. A way to tell advertisers that I already use their product so I could stop seeing/hearing their ad.
  888. A way to “like” emails. That way people know I received them, but they also know I’m too lazy to respond.
  889. Milkshake delivery service.
  890. Women’s sports magazine, covers women’s football, rugby etc
  891. A TCM Netflix-style service just for old movies.
  892. A service that delivered coffee every morning.
  893. An alarm clock that turns your lights on so you can’t fall back asleep.
  894. A button in Google results that would say “Never show me this website ever again”.
  895. A twitter function to block/mute a thread, but not the actual people involved.
  896. Voicemail for WhatsApp
  897. Twitter feature to “hide my tweets from” option.
  898. Expressions of emotions through your keyboard. The harder you press on the keys the larger the letters.
  899. Twitter should have a save draft feature.
  900. Airport locker storage for items you can’t bring on a plane but don’t want to throw away. Option to pay on collect on way back.
  901. A way to reply to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram messages on one platform.
  902. A way to like or dislike TV ads via your remote. Some advertisers need to know how bad their ads are.
  903. A way of knowing which of your twitter followers muted you, so that you can unfollow them.
  904. A way to custom the “you are blocked because <reason>” message.
  905. WhatsApp should have filters like SnapChat
  906. A way to block automated messages being sent to me on Twitter.
  907. Banks should send a confirmation notification to the sender that money has been received.
  908. Bluetooth heated socks. Socks that you can heat via your phones Bluetooth for those winter nights.
  909. Bath mode for your iPhone. Block calls and texts so you don’t get any frights and drop your phone. The mode still allows access to wifi for browsing.
  910. A machine that automatically unracks your weights for you.
  911. Netflix feature where you can talk to people who are currently watching the same show as you.
  912. Twitter should allow you view poll results without having to vote.
  913. An Air BnB feature which allows users in disaster areas to offer their homes to stay in for free.
  914. Direction tag on fitted bed sheet.
  915. A drive thru that sells candy.
  916. Incognito mode for Netflix so i could secretly watch embarrassing awful things.
  917. Add a button to alarm clock apps for “tomorrow is my day off”
  918. Actors should share what film scripts they get and ask their fans “should I act in this”
  919. A completely unbiased news channel that is publicly funded.
  920. A 24 hour Christmas TV channel. Plays all the classics 24/7
  921. Adobe should have a shared feature where people can work on Illustrator or Photoshop together.
  922. Make an option on Netflix similar to the kid’s area, but for seniors. Have it stocked with old westerns. The design layout could be simplified with increased font size etc.
  923. Apple Music feature to tell you how many people are listening to the track your listening to.
  924. A monthly subscription box for candles.
  925. A way to ‘retweet’ photos on Instagram and not on a third party app.
  926. An edit button on Instagram where you could edit your pictures and change the order of them.
  927. To celebrate Australia day google should flip all search results text upside down.
  928. Find my iPhone app clone for my glasses.
  929. Facebook should limit the number of likes each person gets per month. That way when you get a like from a friend it will mean so much more.
  930. Facebook should implement a feature for missing children that when a child goes missing in your area then there missing person poster will be pinned to your newsfeed.
  931. Apparently, people with Alzheimer’s respond well when they’re put into environments that mirror certain earlier decades with which they were familiar when, like the 1930’s, 1940’s or 1950’s. Create a VR app where people with Alzheimer’s can be transported back to an environment that they are familiar with.
  932. A chrome extension that finds the source of articles so you don’t have to go searching when the author doesn’t share it.
  933. iMessage feature to search messages for keywords.
  934. A chrome extension that replaces Donald Trumps face with ? emoji.
  935. An app where you type in an artist name and it gives you a list of every song ever made/featured on in chronological order
  936. A book club app. Each week your given a book to read and review. The review will be done in a group message chat.
  937. An app where it lets you know all the sales around you based on your location.
  938. FaceTime feature to let me leave a video message if the person doesn’t answer the phone.
  939. An app where you can buy and sell unused space in nearby wheelie bins.
  940. iPhone should hire David Attenborough as the new voice of Siri.
  941. An app where you can rate airplane food called snacks on a plane.
  942. When you click a Google search result it should take you to the words you searched for.
  943. An app that allows you to see when charity shop donations are needed. For example, Age Action Ireland in Camden Street needs donations.
  944. When you buy a paper version of a book on Amazon (or the kindle version), the kindle version (or the book) can be bought at a reduced price.
  945. An app where people sign up to show up at dirty Airbnb rooms and leave it cleaned up in exchange for staying free.
  946. “Shits and Giggles” app. An app that downloads content throughout the day, so you can browse while on the toilet even if you don’t have WIFI.
  947. An Instagram like app but only for newly bought clothes where you can only publish if you also scan the barcode with your camera. Then people give points so that you choose the best outfit.
  948. Google Maps should display how long the drive through is at McDonald’s.
  949. Automatically separate bookmarks in the browser by topics
  950. An app where you input the weather you want, and it shows the nearest locations where the forecast matches your weather needs.
  951. An option to make certain tweets private.
  952. A smart belt that can charge your phone.
  953. Develop jacket with airbags for protecting elderly people when falling.
  954. A restaurant that use AR to transport its customers to other parts of the world and create a completely immersive experience.
  955. WhatsApp feature to allow you to forward a whole conversation rather than individual messages.
  956. An IOS app for prioritising notifications and showing them based on time and day.
  957. A smart television that is smart enough to recognise that kids are watching too close and turns itself off
  958. An app where I input foods that I like and it tells me where I should eat for lunch based on my location.
  959. A camera app that gives you a subtle vibrate feel when the phone is perfectly level
  960. Shazam should have a feature that lets you know you’ve already Shazamed a song so you don’t repeat yourself.
  961. AR glasses that shows peoples social handles floating above their head. Connect with people who seem interesting.
  962. Social network for Gaeilgeoiri (Irish speakers).
  963. Milk bottle cap that changes colour when the milk starts to go off.
  964. A silent coffee machine.
  965. An app that lets people who speak different languages communicate using images instead of words.
  966. Youtube “play this video next” button on each of the related videos.
  967. Toilet and bathroom lights that will be dimmed during the night.
  968. Facial recognition camera to start the car
  969. Mini space probes individuals can launch into space. Receive pics & info on your own space probe!
  970. Sun lotion dispensers and/or hand lotion dispensers in public and private bathrooms
  971. Smart physical wallet that knows whats inside it and connects it to your budget file on your computer automatically
  972. A laundry basket that compacts your clothes into a small cube to toss in the wash.
  973. Wireless headphones that store playlists so no need to bring the phone on a jog/to the gym.
  974. A Marco Polo type app that can respond to voice commands to help me find my phone.
  975. Spectacles that change glass colour according to the person’s mood sensed by spec frame.
  976. Access all your social media in one simple to use app that shows how much time you spend each day on social media.
  977. Smart car that recognises your mood when you get in and selects the right music for the moment.
  978. An identification app that shows the users age with the scan of a fingerprint, to curb underage drinking.
  979. An app where you can point your phone’s camera at any logo and have it tell you who designed the logo and any previous versions.
  980. Car windscreen that prevents full power headlights from blinding drivers.
  981. A news site that is as unbiased as possible. Merges articles from multiple sources.
  982. Netflix should group movie series like TV shows. That way, it’s a lot easier to binge a movie series.
  983. Dog food that has wild flower seeds in it, for those owners who refuse to pick up.
  984. Material for inside a mug, which doesn’t allow for tea/coffee to leave circle lines.
  985. Swimming pool sensor to prevent drownings. It can float in the water and alert if a child / person is underwater too long.
  986. Object recognition scanners at checkouts so that all those sticky labels on fruit & veg can be eliminated!
  987. A site where your family stores videos/ photos of family members describing themselves. Then your descendants can view videos of their ancestors in the future.
  988. An app that allows you to order drinks at the bar and alerts you when it’s ready. No more yelling at the barman.
  989. An app that instantly takes screenshots of Donald Trumps tweets before he deletes them.
  990. AI city guide with routes, navigation, voice guidance and AR for tourism and sale.
  991. Self-floating umbrella to avoid sun burns while swimming in the sea.
  992. Google Maps should send me a push notification if I get close to a place I added on my “Want to go” list.
  993. A wine glass with a mechanism to instantly chill a wine and keep it cold (liquid nitrogen in the stem).
  994. A browser extension that automatically resets Facebook feed to “Most Recent”.
  995. A social network where users benefit financially from the information being shared about them with marketers.
  996. A sharing and rating platform for events.
  997. A clothes dryer that automatically folds your clothes when they are dried.
  998. Plant pots that change color when they are dry.
  999. Bulbs that change color when there about to stop working.
  1000. Solar car roof activates Air Con when a car reaches 95 degrees. Great way to save both human and animal lives.